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 Imported LP1/LP2 Itens List

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PostSubject: Imported LP1/LP2 Itens List   Tue Dec 06, 2016 7:59 am

*:possible only with the addonsObs:I won't add obvious factors,such as the heroes starting equipment i.e TeAndal(if you are interented in knowing it,just start a non-import LP3 game)Also the list is(or may be) imcomplete or have a few mistakes
Barandos DaMuhl,Metallist,Clash Cutlass,Empyrion,Metal Scimitar,
Minotaur Antic Claws,,Glass Rod of Aron,Diamond Fists,Rerurren Multi Bow,Gargaryan Rapier,Scaled Fur(both),Missionary Landcoat,Wendala Lust-Cut,Darcheville Helm,Magdalena's Crown(may be buggy;)),Love Amulet,Celest Cursed Ring,Grokhl Amulet,Tamara Ring,Bariilk Talisman,Isold Pendant,Holy Pendant,Jewel of the Ices,Omniastu Lacostia,Ritan Wars,Box of Moanings,All Yveen related healing itens,Tyrean Dried Tulip,Flower of Aquapanga,Necrotear,Necroleech,all Ores,Mayuca Winter,Ocean Love,Apricot,Pink Apricot,July Blood,Kaleidos Wall,Zapoo Diamond,*Gottwick scepter,*Lady Deen Diary,Crown of Celestine,The Legend of Thalbu,Admira Crpwn,Diamond Jewel,Cockatrix Pendant,
Spells ported to LP3(thanks to Geazar for finding and sharing;))
Random:Anti Tek,Soul Protection,Ulm Overcraft(Overbolt is bug)
Sarah:G-Wave,Death,Razor Sun,Love Me
Luciana:Egress,G-Wave,Ark Freeze,Anti Tek,Phoenix Shine,Death,Necromogon,Ulm Overcraft,Razor Sun(Overbolt bug again...)
Coryool:Too dumb:D
Guanidia:Carnivor Water,Meltdown(He learns BOTH on LP3 by levelling up,so i suggest you teach C.Water to Wendala)
Herasia:Master Mind,Air Boomer
Leanda:Only Air Boomer(which I personally recommend for her)
Wendala:Carnivor Water,Femme Fatale,Death,Love Me
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Imported LP1/LP2 Itens List
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