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 Little things that can save your life by mindestroyer

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PostSubject: Little things that can save your life by mindestroyer   Thu Aug 16, 2007 1:50 pm

1. During the speech with Luba, characters will give important information on the parties (for example: Coryool, Batabog and Nash say that they want to go on Luba's 3D, and Sandy on Luci's) so be careful to what they say!

2. Most enemies have a weak point that isn't so easy to notice: for example the venom spiders(those in Yveen church) are very strong, have very high HP, but they are pitifully weak to death spells. The Sour Angels, Sainberle (the guy with Anxu's key), the Cuisinarts and many other enemies (including Rixian!!) can be PARALYSED, SHOCKED or NUMBED!!! So using Nymph's Para could be a good choice, especially at the beginning of the battle.

3. Almost all enemies, including Rixian, Rixian II, and the Chaos Eye are VERY VERY WEAK to STATUS DECREASE!!! So using skills like Heavenmore Bomb, Lord of the Dance, or Glue, especially at the beginning of the battle can save your life!!!

4. Be careful when exploring dungeons: save right outside, because most of the roads in dungeons lead to a dead end with very powerful enemies.

5. You can avoid doing all the way to Metrolian Castle every time by using Luciana's Beacon spell right outside the castle. You can't use the Beacon inside.

6. CAREFUL FOR THE "TRICK EQUIPMENT"!!! The Trick Equipments are weapons and/or protections that may increase stats, but they would weaken the character slightly. An example is at the end of the game:
You may be tempted to equip Random with the legendary Inverness Sword to defeat the Chaos Eye because the Inverness Sword gets Random's power to 999 and requires only one hand, so you can increase Random's defense. This is a trick equipment because, no matter what, you can't do more than 999 damage in one single blow, and the Inveness Sword, although it causes every time 999 damage, DOESN'T HAVE THE DOUBLE HIT! So the Ulm warrior is way much more useful.

7. When you're at a good level with Random, and have acquired his best weapon, the Ulm Warrior, just use Slash up or Silver Amulet on him to have him doing 999 with every hit! If this doesn't happen, try to use the Lord of the Dance spell or the Al'Azayer scroll to weaken enemy's defense.

8. Remember that some characters, as Sarah, Rosa and Luciana have got INFINITE MP: if for some reason their MP goes low, just use Nymph's Para or Eye of the Cyclone: most of the times, the recovery is way much higher than the cost of the spell.
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Little things that can save your life by mindestroyer
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