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 laxius power 1 saves

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PostSubject: laxius power 1 saves   Mon Feb 24, 2014 4:33 am

umm where should i start ? i have downloaded the first one the second and the third laxius power . and in none of them like in the windows xp versions do they keep the save files separate from the game being how can i put it confined without being able to find it so how do i take the save from the sage tower to the second , and i have not tried the second one yet so how do i get them to get there unless it just hit me to do search for lp save or what ever its called , if someone could tell the save file names i would try that before just giving up on taking the first to the third save and by the way thanks for letting me join this site  Very Happy 
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laxius power 1 saves
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