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 The Bazizka Tower Walkthrough by Cyborg

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PostSubject: The Bazizka Tower Walkthrough by Cyborg   Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:33 am

THE BAZIZKA TOWER WALKTHORUGH( Laxius Power 3 The final Terror)

Ok guys I will try to be as detailed as possible but I may have missed a few things nonetheless so if you fiind anything which is missing in this walkthrough then please notify me.

Ok Bazizka is not really that easy so I advice you not to haste things up. So let's first try and give you some serious equipment before attempting it. First go to the House of Pain( You have to take Doghmaar with Coryool to open the gates so make sure you do it be4 you take him to the inn of Benidiction!), he is given to you as a comrade by the Guild of the Dragon for a QUEST! There's some great loot there including evil claws! and a few more things. And make sure you buy 99 of appricots from the mage guild and 99 whales from your HQ! And now you are ready though you can give The tower of Gonda a shot too and obtain the box of hell and earn valuable exp.( And yeah do visit The Feared Castle Of Kielder if you have'ent done it yet!!!) which is according to me one of the best Artifacts present in he entire LP series. But you may enter it now if your party's 38lvl up!

The Bazizka Tower!
My Party( It's a bit awkward so I suggest you think hard be4 attempting with this and sandy is really handy at Bazizka so you may include her. And remember this walkthrough is made according to my game you can do it entirely different.)

Random : Weapon- Evair Dagger( It's good!), Shield- Burning Shield, Armor- Devine Armor, Head- Tarush Helm, Ring- WIZZO ring!
Luba- Weapons- Gandhis, Dragor Rod( attacks all of em!), Armor- Luba's outfit, Head- Laura Corwn, Ring- Love amulet( it halves Mp drainage while casting spells).
Sarah- Weapon- Tanker Bow or Sword of Scrolls, Shield- Diamond Shield( only with sword of Scrolls), Armor- Black Lady( Awesome), Head- Urania Crown, Other- Angelic High Cape.
Wendala- Weapon- Punisher Razor, Shield-Warlord Shield, Dress- Wendala's Corset(Use this at all cost!), Bracelet- Magdelena Bracelet( gives her a boost). To get most of wendy's equipment goto her past master Lord Zarmon's Tomb and retrieve the chest key and then goto The Home of Lord Zarmon Near the Inn(Right of Soldier's Head Quarter's past the small bridge and open the chest and get the loot including a Ocean Love.)

Ok guys now we are ready to kick some serious monster butt! First we will get the loot then we will proceed with the Goal.

Bazizka Tower - Part One.( The Random Raider!)

Enter Bazizka and head north(There's Rianeva the Elf Lord just ahead,deny her offer for now!) then at the split head either ways and go to the top and enter main entrane(*) of Bazizka! Save and enter. Head north to the 4 splits. Take the Northwest one first(ohh there's an empty chest ahead!)Head north and enter the stairs.Head east kill the two hell things(Just use melee attacks on them.Gives you 206exp and some pp).then south and again eastwards( you will encounter a few soul slashers who are weak to melee attacks and will give you 85exp's and 55pp, when you reach the path with two roads north and south.Take the north one first and head east, then south to the next screen. Head Straight south and open the chest with a Dana Elvalleyr( Equip it with Luba).Then Backtrack to the path with two roads and continue south.When you get to the east split take it and kill the Barong and two head rots.( Use a few powerful spells to kill the Barong and Saint Trondor once for the head rots).Head to the big room and a bit north to the chest to get a heart of the town.Here you enter a new enemy called the Infernal Wyrm who can be easily numbed and is also weak to melee attacks and gives 140 exp's on bitting the dust.Then head further northeast towards another chest for a rare Diamond Of Zerox.Then Head southeast to the path and take it.When you reach the place where you see the monsters kill em and dun bother taking the stairs. Go north a little and then westwards and kill the enemies outta fun!get 434 exp's and 28pp.Now egress back to the starting.Now let's get some more loot!.

[Bazizka Tower Part Two( Loot's the beauty of Nature!)

This time out of the 4 splits take the Northeast one and to the next screen you go. Take the path killing a few badies along the way and when you reach the split take it and you reach a room with hell things and a chest with a Magdalena's Crown( Equip it wisely!).Then backtrack to the point where you took the split and now go south and LO you encounter a Wyrmonlon which is weak to DEATH spells!. On the split to the west is a dead end with a few enemies so it's upto you to visit or not.Continue south, then east then north and take the split and head down when you reach the room and east is a chest with a Crzyalis. Get out to the main path again and continue North and kill the baddies and take the first split and north is chest with a map showing the location of the Yveen Memorium, which you record(Yveen Memorium: East of Metrolia, Near Gonda Tower. Leave the room and continue north and then east to the next screen. Head way south to a chest with a Traped Yveen Tear! Ok now that pretty much ends our looting spree. Egress and then out of the Main Entrance(*) to the next screen. Take Heraisia in your party and save and enter again.

Bazizka Tower Part 3( The Deserving learns the TRUTH!)

Ok We will sharpen our weapons later first head southwest to the next screen. Kill the evil ones explore the room and rid it off the monsters and then take the stairs. Just a bit northwest is a chest with a Heaven Cries Scroll. Go east to the Big gate which is Locked from the inside. Click at it and Luba will say that a Small animal can open it from the other side. That's where Heraisia comes into the picture. Meowww... He opens the gate! and gains 400 exp. Now before you go any further I highly recomend you to get back to the start and change Heraisia from your Party and take a Strong Spellcaster( Wendy was my choice). After you do it return to the room. Now let's explore it first before entering the gate. Head south then north and then east and get to the room with a chest containing a Saint Holmes. Backtrack all the way to the start again( leave the two splits for now). Head north kill the retards and continue. The first split is a dead end with nothing so avoid and continue north. You reach a room with three ways which has a Wyrmonlon and Infernal wyrm each take the straight north one kill the baddies and get to the chest with a Yveen Spear.( A good weapon for Luba). Backtrack to the entrance. Now time to enter the gate. Head east, then south through the gate. Move along the long path fraggin any obstacles along the way. Now you get to a Massive room. Head east first then south to a room and you will meet the beautiful Yveen. She lends you a hand by offering all party members +5 mp.( The generous goddess she is). Now backtrack to the entrance i.e of the room. And head west and then north. Ignore the split and continue north. Northeast in the room is a chest with a Heaven Cries scroll. Now leave the room and take the split you ignored. And enter the next screen i.e and well carpetted room. Kill the Infernal wrym and head straight south to the two chests. The west one contains a Yveen ring and the east one a Aurora Tear. Now backtrack to the entrance again. And head staright up and east and thorugh the secret path and then north kill the enemies and continue north. And Ignore all of the three splits and continue north. Kill the wyrm and head west and then kill another one and enter the next screen. There's nothing there but worth the effort!!!. Now backtrack to the first of the three splits and enter it . Get a saint Holmes from the chest and continue north and take the west split( Remember i am talking about the west splits not the east ones!) then head to the next screen and get the Yveen's Circle( the best Shield I have got so far) from the chest. Now backtrack to the main room and continue north. Then again there's another split take it too and kill the baddies and get to the chest with a awesome and the only Bazizka Amulet in the entire game!!! Backtrack to the main room. Now take the third and final west split and kill the baddies and get to a precious save point if you have not got sandy i.e. Coninue north. The westmost end have a chest with a Meruilis(Sword) And the middle north way has a semi powerful trap so heal up before trying to go to the stairs. NOW first real threat in Bazizka. Heal Up completely check equipment and then engage in battle. She's a evil Angel named Munola d' Albeyn. A very wicked one so watch out. Her compannions are two Reiirs.Well luba can cast Saint Trondor or Lamynet and Sarah Van Fang or Angel Slughter wendy can heal and use Alpha knight and Random strike. They can be confused easily. So if you are prepared enough then you should have no problems beating them. On bittin the dust they give you a good 1389 XP and 1564pp and The Yveen Lowcut Dress( The best for female chars maybe in the entire game!!!).Enjoy the fireworks and continue along the stairs. Enter the next screen and watch a semi long cutscene. Then save and continue north to the next screen. Watch the long cutscene and learn a few facts.( Beware heal up completely before entering here ok).

After the cutscene you will immediately engage in battle with the three cendemons( Eliza will join them after two turns). To beat them you have to first cast stats building spells like shield up and over mag defence. Then let luba cast shushukoom on each of em. And then lamyent on Eliza and let rest Traget a single one at a time. First Eliza and then The Assasin and last the drake. If you use your common sense then it's a lot easier battle then the previous battle with Munola. They will Give you good exp and good PP. And drop a Anthirurhir(The best for ZOO! and good for Random too). Enjoy the fireworks and the cutscene. And enter the door ahead. Continue along the path. Take the split north. And then enjoy a Cutscene again and you are now gonna know if Rixian is destroyed or you are a bit closer to total failure. Enter the room again and visit the east and west ends to find two chest each containing a Ocean Love and a Mithril. Exit the room and continue either way to the place you fought the three cendemons. Then head straight north. Talk To Marcuss and after all you have done you deserve the learn the TRUTH! Talk to Semphoros to learn the truth. Collect the Yveen Nectar each from the west and east Chests. Well that Pretty much ends Bazizka. I tried my best to let you on all secrets but If you find anything which is missing here do notify me. Thank you for reading this walkthrough and hope you got the required help by reading this. Grab the Teleport at the uppermost part and get to the exit. Save and EXIT.

WALKTHROUGH made By Debabrata Nath A.K.A CYBORG.
Credits- None yet but if anyone finds any thing new at Bazizka his name will be added here.
Copyrights- You can use it for free as long as you do not change anything included here and give full credits to me.
Special Thanks- My cousin for Re checking it.
Contact- If you need additional help about anything regarding Bazizka please email me at or send me a private message here at LP forums.
How to use- Open this using Word Pad for the better result.( Avoid Notepad)

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The Bazizka Tower Walkthrough by Cyborg
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