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 Rare Items List

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PostSubject: Rare Items List   Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:49 am

thanks to tiniponi for supplying this list Very Happy

1.Diamond fists-Win arm-wrestling contest
2.Royal Harpoon-chest on Orful's ship deck
3.Missionary Landcoat-Evil Tower,treasury
4.Gargaryan rapier-Evil Tower,in the girls' jail (the one [and only] you
have to get in by using the switch)
5.Royal crown-Pit of fire,the real pit.
6.Queen Carola's jewel-Evil Tower,Feleonor's chest (ET lord)
7.Golden wave armor-Upper west,kill Noble Guardian of Lone Beach
8.Korka Hammer-Kill Dorado
9.Tartarus sickle-dropped randomly from green demons (balthus cave
10.Ice cave sword-Tangar mt,area where the girl asks you to watch not
stepping on her flowers,get in the well.
11.Dwarven Mace-House next to Capul
12.Snow storm cape-rillian mt,from lake with sword in the middle,go north.
13.Dark kiatana-Dropped randomly from red socks ninja(Granit tower)
14.Rapzadus sword-Dropped randomly from rapzadus (ganjle proud)
15.Minotaur braciers-Dropped randomly from minotaur ministers(ganjle proud)
16.Metal scimtar-Sankt valley , on the road to sankt.
17.Rush ring-Tezandrus
18.Great bow-buy it from Knight's essential tools after ET quest is over
19.Calmness robe-???
20.Platinum trident-randomly dropped from cupidons (outside of ET)
21.Giant spear-from orc lords (ET)
22.Back slash-ET,mechroom (the room with 3 switches)
23.Sorcerer barrier-ET,room that has two exits leading to necromancer's
room and treasury, in an open chest.
24.Sorcerer mind staff-a)ET,room across the first lord's / b)after
killing Nomagum
25.Thalist ring-ET,from area where you free the big dragon,take the
ladder up.
26.Domination whip-ET,in a chest where you find the guards.
27.Flash rapier-secret admirer's chest
28.Loukross gauntlet-secret admirer's chest
29.Jungle raider's bow-secret admirer's chest
30.Self will belt-Balthus caves,chest below Kirai
31.Dark rapier-get from athor's fights but not the last.It's a random
drop from emerald dabradus (look like warriors of the dust but are green).
32.Golem shield-kill Raynald Athors
33.Love's Amulet-present from Lise after bringing both packages to upper
34.Celest cursed ring-Balthus caves,laboratory
35.Lord Cutlass-buy from Knight's essential tools after ET quest is over
36.Scaled fur-win animal fight at Sankt
37.Sequoia bow-Sankt inn,take the ladder up next to Coryool's
room,during Lion crisis (that's the only time you can use that ladder)
38.Comrade helmet-Orful's ship,room where you get to save before
fighting him in a chest that you unlock with Orful's key
39.Raw scaloid-balthus golem
40.Mthril-beat Aethyne (the nymph at Tangar mt that offers a fight)
-Gudar church
-Gudar sepultura -Merthuns cave
41.Chrysalis-Gudar sepultura
42.Azura-Indinera God worm nest -ET,room with the two swithes -Lone
sister islands,area where you get to fight dragons and whales (before
entering "sister Miskaduur" go right through the water)
43.Tezandrus clutch-kill Tezandrus
44.Bromium-from dawn hunters (the big birds)
45.Xarisman tusk-kill Carix Xarisman (in Granit Tower,small porch with
grass before entering room with darkenezzears)
46.Diamond jewel-Merthuns cave
47.Rainbow diamond
48.Nature diamond
49.Lycose pearl-randomly dropped from queen lycoses
50.Sky diamond
51.Aurora diamond
52.Zapoo diamond-from Zapoos (Lone sister islands)

All diamonds except for the Zapoo ones can be bought from the gem dealer.
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Rare Items List
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