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 Relics List

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PostSubject: Relics List   Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:40 am

thanks to tiniponi who assembled this list Very Happy

1.Yveen's Pendants-...HQ
2.Barilic Talisman-Evil Tower, Red chest in Herasia's area
3.Antic sword-Chanterless temple,"not so dead" skeleton
4.Dahlos de Loo-Chanterless fields, secret area on tree stump
5.Gudar sword-Torahl's lair (the dragon in the Maze)
6.Magnus fists-Upper west, chest near Charlie the Sludge
7.Aygaryan rapier-Gudar's church,enter the right door of those three in
a row,go up,right,down and enter the first room on the left.Kill the
8.Lady Mariah bracelet-Tangar Mt, go north climbing up three ladders,
click on pot just before bridge with sign "North Sankt-South Rillia"
9.Gudar spear-Gudar sepultura (that's in Gudar manor)
10.Lady Diane's 1st bow-Tangar Mt near Lady Diane's tomb (from the
waterfall area, climb down the long vine,follow the tunnels,exit to a
ledge and enter the other cave.Continue west and go south at the first
11.Gurkl helmet-Hydra's cave in Rillian Mt
12.Medusa shield-Hydra's cave in Rillian Mt
13.Ogulmb shield-Tangar Mt,cross Kevin's bridge climb up the cliff on
the right and fight the dwarf.
14.Vankov scepter-Vankov shrine (that was hard,wasn't it?)
15.Orfuls warlord axe-Chest on Orful's ship deck that opens with Orful's
16.Orfuls Fur cape-Kill Orfuls
17.Battog Assault Mace-Evil tower,orc dormitory. Get the Yam'Ghib key
from the envelope in the top left room then enter the lower left room
and the one past it.
18.Lisbeth ring-Random drop after battle in Lazandra's Library
19.Admira crown-SankT castle Throne room,first room on the left.
21.Azur constellation-After winning Blazers' tournament with all
chars,talk to man near the plaque.
22.Red apricot tree-Isabella's felicity after buying caleidos walls from
the girl next to her.
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Relics List
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