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 Grogor's walkthrought (full version)

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Night Guardian

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PostSubject: Grogor's walkthrought (full version)   Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:09 pm

1. Castle of Silence
2. Lizardman Shop
3. Underking's Castle
4. Guild of the Undead
5. Underking's Villa
6. Low Mountain Range
7. Peasant Village
8. Monk Community
9. Place where you should go with Van Helsing, does not work
10. Centaur Fortress
11. Secret place (Zoo is here after the death of the Underking)
12. Church of Incantations
13. Cape Spine
14. Rahan Shop
15. Mosquito Swamp
16. Frog Community
17. Swamp you have to go on quest for frog community
18. Old Shack
19. Ruins of Salisvaan
20. Nova's Den
21. Tressure house
22. Kranko
23. Giants Fortress
24. Rulza-Vana's Shrine (God of Predators)
25. Secret Shop
26. Headquarter
27. Eva Saint (A powerful foe)
28. Metrolian Woods
29. Abandoned Castle
30. Crypt of the 7000 Skulls
31. Secret place (There is a trial for Sarah here)
32. Airport of Metrolia
33. Metrolia
34. Old Shack
35. Drachknor's Lair
36. Ancient Dwarven Cave
37. Guild of Fire
38. Pirates Coast
39. Eastern Pirate Coast
40. Old Lab of the Dark Order
41. Slime Nest
42. Assassin's Den
43. Thieves' Den
44. Silver Shop
45. Prison of Desa
46. Yveen's Shrine
47. Ore Lab
48. Zurabor's House (Demon)
49. Tribal Village
50. Terror Woods
51. Zacky Counter
52. Ronan Shop
53. Breakable Rock (with Batabog)
54. Elliott Darikaar's Home
55. Ant Nest
56. Zombie Drake Lair
57. Modern Sciences Shop
58. Modern Sciences Institute
59. Anderson Guard
60. Zombie House ??
61. Aglae-Terra
62. Mountain Path to Aglae-Terra
63. Algae Dracosphere's Lair (Contains Long Lost Memories Book)
64. Kriir Gymnasium
65. Witch Shack
66. Amabranda
67. Darguur Shop
68. Flower Shop
69. Babo'Komo
70. Coliseum
71. Gargael Mountains (Enter/Exit)
72. Calambro
73. Village were jewel thief is, only get there by boat
74. Dark Order Shrine
75. Secret cave where Wendala can get some good stuff.
76. Pets Shop
77. Tongo-Boga
78. House of Pain
79. Guild of the Dragon
80. Orc Gymnasium
81. Merlin's Art
82. Zchevar Shop
83. House of Pleasure
84. Cult of Evil
85. Nash's Finished Lair (you find a Fire Ring)
86. Woods of Shiron
87. Nash's Lair
88. Feared Castle of Kjeldar
89. Lucida Tower
90. Armanis Coast
91. Angelic Shrine
92. Lantin
93. Cave (Ore hidden here, Azura I think)
94. Baluul
95. Ramon's House
96. Ice Dragon's Den
97. Galofaro Tree
98. Deserted Forgery
99. Secret Place (Rosa is hidden here)
100. Home of Lombardo and Meteorina
101. Assassin Castle
102. Riga
103. Home of Vaarkis, Ancient Lich
104. Traveling Market (One of the locations)
105. Den of the Gerrard's Band (Music group)
106. Home of Karl Ludenborg, Iron Man
107. Muzzil (Teleporter)
108. Lalyula (inn)
109. Legendary Place of Vinyuando
110. Secret place (Two Dragon Mushrooms are hidden here)
111. Southern Checkpoint
112. Home of Artorius, King of Betruska
113. Love Temple
114. Evil Drake's Lair
115. Crystal Palace
116. Aldzarun's Glorious Shop
117. Palambo
118. Razor Mouth's Lair (Contains the Light Sword)
119. Gargael Mountains (Enter/Exit)
120. Ogre Guard
121. Salesman of coconut
122. The Best Fishes from the Ocean
123. Horde of Ants Nest
124. Yveen's Lost Shrine
125. Lucas d'Angelo
126. Glass Rod of Adam
127. Terror of the Sea's Den
128. Gonda Tower
129. Yveen's Shack[/url]

1. Royal Castle
2. Fighter's Guild
3. Mage Guild
4. The Silver Eagle (First Headquarter to you)
5. Guild of the Unknown
6. Soldiers' Headquarters
7. Museum of Arts and Nature
8. Marquis de Rubalski's Castle
9. Soldiers' Headquarters (Another)
10. Nothing at all
11. Xeltour Castle
12. Berkillast Manor
13. Lansdowne Leynefeeld Manor
14. Bazizka Tower
15. Nothing at all
16. Ronald's Home
17. Alban the Fisherman
18. Lord Zarmon's House
19. The Wise Explorer
20. The Strong Helmet
21. Home of Sandra, Cesar and Cerina
22. Crystal Ball
23. Paul & Cerise Smith
24. Sylvia's Home (+ Mister Teddybear ^_^)
25. Landshire Manor
26. Christabelle's Home
27. Atelier
28. Home of Rachel and Alben
29. Home of Kate and Larry
30. Home of John, Cynthia and Jeena
31. The Strong Man
32. The Family's Joy
33. Duke Van Kerb's Home
34. Souvenirs from Metrolia
35. The Traveler's Sack
36. Home of Sylvenia and Ivan
37. Mc Babbengeld's Amors
38. Macenbo's Home
39. The Cave of The 100 Ingredients
40. Kaleidos World Associate
41. Floyd's Home
42. Yanna's Home
43. Manatar's Home
44. 101 Ingredients
45. Church Under Repairs
46. Home of Rufus and Lynn
47. The Great Treasure
48. Theater
49. Empty House
50. Our Beloved Pets
51. Gods' Smithy
52. Sandour Inn
53. Meal of the 7 Seas
54. Nothing at all
55. Home of Melanie and her 8 sons
56. Nothing at all
57. AKD Studios (Music Recording)
58. Women Armors
59. Lucia Evania, Translator
60. Nothing at all
61. Baretta's Artifacts
62. Evan Evyl, Feather Collector
63. Drembacher Tournament
64. Sariis Dedicated Shrine
65. Teddy's Home (+ his Minotaur buddy)
66. Pets Tournament (in the basement)
67. The Tavern of the Wolf
68. Home of Freddie, Chuck the Peasant and Case
69. Home of Gordon, Reiner and Sam
70. Dan's Tasty Bread
71. Bob's Tasty Bread
72. Home of Reinhart and Glawdys
73. Home of Anna, Morac and Vincent
74. Exit of the city
75. Lone's Home
76. Inn of Bridge-Wall
77. Home of Lansfester, Mina and Papyn
78. Grimbor's Home
79. Home of Frank, Julia, Kirsty and Larry
80. Home of Astea, Malthus, Colin the Peasant and Jesus the Peasant
81. The Hunter's Essential Stuff
82. Baron Anvirs' Home (+Alexandre, Randigard and Ethelia)
83. Jens Bower, Sculptor
84. Yveen Shrine
85. Ancient Treasures
86. Warzel the arm-wrestler's Home (+ Lindsay and Yarus)
87. Gontran's Home
88. Home of Pieter the Peasant, Judith and Thea
89. Bashku's Home
90. Lucinda's Home
91. Adon's Home
92. Yasmina's Home
93. Home of Rupert and Joanne
94. Home of Alison and Darren
95. The Sharp Blades
96. Women's Essential Stuff
97. The Sorcerers to the Frontline!
98. Yveen's Brotherhood
99. Home of Rosa, Hampton, Betty and Sammy
100. Inn of Benediction
101. Big Bazar
102. Ring Shop
103. The Royal Clothes
104. Inn of the Golden Falcon
105. Nothing at all
106. Casino
107. Home of Duke, Courtney, Kirsten, Ronnie and Herc
108. Nothing at all
109. Home of Erika Stafford, Duchess of Verdoux and her son Davy
A. Crystal Street
B. Duncan I Grand Avenue
C. Place Andre I
D. Fantassin Street
E. Tyrine Street
F. River Street
G. Henrik V Street
H. <-- Tavern of the Wolf

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Night Guardian
Night Guardian

Number of posts : 917
Age : 29
Location : The Town of Roses
I\'m : Unstable
Registration date : 2007-08-15

Character sheet
Creature: 1/4 elf; bitten by vampire
Class: Night wielder
Element: Thunder/Dark

PostSubject: Re: Grogor's walkthrought (full version)   Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:22 pm

Laxius Power 3 Walkthrough By Grogor

Offical Laxius Power Site

This walkthrough is based on my imported game, non-imports will have some different quests. You don't have to do every sidequest in the same order as i wrote them, or same characters as me, i'm just recording it as i play, most people will do it differently.

One last thing, if you get trapped inside a building by a npc blocking the exit, simply open the dreambook to reset them to their normal location.

Thursday August 18, 2005 00:01

Day 0 - The Arrival

-The Inn-
Random starts in his room, wondering where Sarah is. Get TeAndal from behind you and a set of Tyrine gear and Power Guard from the chest. Save. Now go upstairs and take the Dreambook. Then go east and open the chest, it should have the money you had in LP1. Go upstairs once more and open the chest on the west side of the room to obtain your items from previous quests, then change your diamonds to pp with Marianne. On top of the cabinet you'll see a bag that random can't reach, keep it in mind for later. Go back down to the floor your room is on and go east to a balcony, get the bag from the table containing 525pp. Now go downstairs and meet Sarah/Sylvenia. After they join you, go upstairs and check on Luciana in her room.

Day 1 - An Obscure Cult?

After she joins, leave the inn and follow the instructions to the castle. Save in the castle, and go north into the next room, the art museum. On the right side of the room you'll see 2 pictures, check in between those pictures for a secret room containing the Ten Sacred Rules Painting. Go back one room and into the first door on the left, you should see 4 npcs, Lady Xileen wants Lady Deen's Diary which was obtained in LP2, unfortunately as of now(pre-patch) this quest is uncompleteable. The historian on the right will be give useful information much later in the game, so keep him in the back of your mind. Leave the room and go south to the wall, walk west and you should find a chest hidden there containing 3654pp, then go west and upstairs. Enter the first southern room and check all the bookcases for a Savior Page and Black Cloud Book. Exit, continue east and go south down the hallway.

Talk to the banker and deposit 80% of your pp(this is just imo), which will very quickly gain interest. Go upstairs, west or east it doesn't matter, and into the throne room. Talk to the king, exorcise a baron, take on a quest, typical hero stuff. After that's done, talk to the queen for a Yveen's Kiss , then egress and leave the castle, you'll end up at the inn. Go to Randoms spell screen and at Coryool to the party, go upstairs to the top floor of the inn and knock that bag off the shelf for 3681pp. Leave the inn, and prepare for some exploration.

**The Numbers are from DragonHunter's Metrolia map, which can now be found on my site above, so full credit to him for that massive load of work.** Most of these are in no specific order, just do them as you see fit. Do Not go to the Guild of Unknown yet or you can potentialy get yourself stuck. (if the mage ids the bag before the black dagger, he'll never id the black dagger leaving you stuck)

-Side Looting and Quest(s)-
Enter Paul & Cerise Smith's house(23) buy one Indinera Dress from Cerise and get the Grokrls Amulet from the chest.

Enter 24 to get Benediction and Blackcloud Books from the chests.

Enter 18 and get the Reign Key and Trout from the barrel. Go downstairs with Wendala in your party and open the chest, this place ends a sidequest later.

Enter 20, get the Wizardess Crown from a crate.

Enter 19 and let one of the guys go to your HQ.

Enter 91, check the fireplace for 1738pp and 3 O'Donnell Skulls.

Enter the fighters guild(2), and join at the npc by entrance(200pp). Then go to the counter and accept both of the quests there, talk to linda the woman west of the counter and let her enter your HQ. Check the south barrels for 215pp. Next go all the way east and south into the last room and get the training quest. After that go back towards the counter and enter the north doorway, go north past the stairs and get the rank quest, go east and get the bounty quest(wolves).

Exit the guild and enter Yveen's Brotherhood(9. Talk to the right npc, accept the quest and exit the building.

Enter 97 and buy 99 Mp Replenish.

Go north and enter the Traveler's Sack(35), buy 99 trout, some phoenix downs, medicates, antidotes, and egress certificates. Don't worry about tonic teas.

Go to the building north of that, Metrolia's Souviniers(34) and talk to the man on the left, let him in your HQ.

Go to Duke Van Kerb's home(33) and check the cabinets for a Al' Azayer Scroll.

Enter the Big Bazaar(101) and check the pots for 81pp, a Tonic Tea and a Royal Pirahna.

Enter The Royal Clothes(103), go downstairs and check the folded cloth for 186pp.

Enter 43 give the man 5pp, then continue being the thief you are and take 125pp from his barrel.

Enter the Mage Guild(3) and become a member at the entrance(500pp), go north and get the rank quest, then exit.

Enter 82 and talk to anvirs to get your fighter guild rank quest, or talk to his daughter to soften him up. Get a Fierce Card in the lower left corner.

Enter 89, check the barrel for a Flower of Aquapanga and talk to the orc, give him a book of thalbu for an Oak Slayer Axe.

Enter 83 and get a sidequest.

Enter 85 and you can sell the Ten Sacred Rules painting for 45k, i'm not sure if it has any other use. He also offers to buy the Crown of Celestine, but Do Not sell that...yet. If you have neither, or sold both, he'll offer to sell you 3 accesories.

Enter 109 and get 5 Trout and Moonfish from the pot. Enter 55 and rob this poor family of 65pp in the barrel. Then get a sidequest from the mother.

Enter 52 and let the woman on the left enter your HQ.

Enter 51 and get a Lycose Pearl from a barrel on the left.

Enter 50 and buy the small bird for 50pp. Buy 99 pet food and 1 savage ring.

Enter 49 and get a Cursed Ring hidden behind a wall, there's a hidden passage left of that chest that contains Orc Blood.

Enter 59 and you can get a book from lp1 translated into some blacksmith recipes(which are on the forum anyway so don't bother).

Enter 62, have Herasia talk to the cat here, it's another sidequest. Save your cockatrix feathers for another collector.

Enter 64 and get the Gates of Diamond Book from the cabinet.

Enter 65 and get the chest containing a Xarisman Tusk then check the barrels for a Crystal Ball and Raw Scaloide.

Enter 40 and buy a Kaleidos Wall.

Enter 46 and get a Tonic Tea from a pot.

Save, then enter 42 at your own risk, the npc is a tough demon. Upon killing it you get Demon Horns, a good helm, and the chest behind it contains Sister Ulla, a not so good staff.

Enter 66 and get an Apricotfrom the basket. Downstairs you can find a Mithril Coat in a barrel and the pet tournament.

Enter 68 and check a pot for Potatoes.

Enter 69, talk to the left npc, give him a spot in hq. Talk to the middle npc, if your leanada is geo he'll give her a River Dress.

Enter 80 and check a pot for Potatoes and 2 Ananas.

Enter 70 and get Dan's Bread and Succulent Bread from the pot.

Enter 77 and get the chest for an Indinera Rapier, then check the barrel for a Dandelion Bloom and 8pp.

Enter 76 and talk to the woman with kids, let her in the hq for free.
-End Side-Looting-

----Main Quest----
And finally, back to the main quest. Enter Lansdowne Leynefeeld Manor(13) and talk to the man at the middle top, after that return and talk to the king, enter the left room, search the table for the Black Dagger. Take the dagger, tell the king, and go to the mage guild. Have the dagger identified by the mage in the right room, then return and tell the king. You'll be sent to the swamp to find the cultist/thief. As you leave the castle, night is falling, return to the Silver Eagle Inn and this long day of stealing from the rich/poor and giving to yourself ends.

Day 2 - Yveen Shall Light The Way

You can join the Guild of the Unknown now if you have the crown of celestine. For the record, my Leanda is a Dark Thaumaturgist and my Sarah is Arts.

My party: Random, Luciana, Chaz, Leanada

You wake up in the inn, head towards the exit and you'll see a letter from sandy. Downstairs you'll see another letter, this one is from Meenoba the fairy, she sent you a Fairy Wing. Talk to Linda, meet Vision.

Enter 92 and get a quest for missing armor. Go to the fighters guild and get the new important quest to save the duchess. Start to leave town and you'll be ambushed by Vakarular. He's simple enough, continue outside.

-Pre-Swamp Sidequests, Optional-
This is the order i did things, you may do them differently. Follow the road NW to a cave in the mountains, enter it and find your HQ. Pre-patch, go into the right staircase and buy whales from the shop keeper here, which you should have gotten in metrolia. Buy as many whales as you can from him. Before you leave, pick up Linda from the main room, she'll heal you of some status ailments(call her on randoms spell screen, i think each one has a price.) Now you can leave.

-Metrolian Woods-
Enter the metrolian woods, just SE of the hq. Talk to Yveen, continue north. When you reach a split, take the west path. Open the chest for Armor of Gershynia, then backtrack east and go down the east path, on this screen find the yellow Dragon Mushroom to the sw, then backtrack west. Get the Double Axe from the chest behind the tree, and take the nw path for a Dragon Mushroom. Backtrack south, of the 2 paths in the ne corner take the east one. On this map there's a chest behind the southern tree containing the Large Lance. Take the first north path(the west of the two) and get a Dragon Mushroom on this map, then backtrack south and go down the south path. Take the Dragon Mushroom and the chest with a Cockatrix Feather. Egress.

Enter the Silver Shop south of the forest, buy 1 potatoe, go downstairs and check the bucket for the Diamond Rod, then leave. Go east past a small forest and take a south turn at the lake, add Sarah to the party and enter the small abnormal grass on the map by the mountains. Talk to the Drake/Dragon and he'll join you after seeing sarah(Nash from lp2).

-Giant's Fortress-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Nash, Coryool
Save at hq or metrolia, then add Nash and Coryool to your party and follow the road far west to the giants fortress. Use Nash's psycho bomb on the weak guards then save again at the chair. go down the east path, check the top left barrle for 1028pp. Kill the guard if you want and continue north. After you enter the door, Do Not be caught by the guards, these ones are significantly harder. If you do get caught reloading is your best option, or use this: Random Golden Attack, Luciana Razor Sun, Nash mass crush/psycho bomb, coryool heavy punch or healing items. After a fight use 1 whale to heal.

Run past the guards, work your way north to find a chest along the eastern wall, open it to find the Left Room Key. Run west and find the locked door down one of the halls, go into it and save. Check the chest for the Triple Shield and 13781pp, and the top barrel for a Pine Apple, then get the lever to the south. Go back north, save again, and run far north into the large doorway. Save again to your left, then kill the 3 guards in the center and the 1 after that. Run far north even faster and rescue the Duchess + Sandy. Save again, as you exit to the south take either the left or right side to avoid walking right into a giant, and run out of the fortress.

-Misc Stuff-
Note: Some time after you save sandy, Guld, sandy's nearly rabid dog, will show up at the inn and join you.
After your out sandy joins you, add her to your party now and go north to a small graveyard, enter it and talk to the bard. Try picking up his coins and sandy will stop you, yveen will give sandy a bonus for this. She can get a second bonus by picking up the coins to the right and giving them to the bard. Now head SW of the giants fortress to 2 buildings, enter the first one and get 179pp on the left, talk to the mushroom and he'll add a building on your map. Open the chest for the Sunset Love Book, then add herasia to your party and the female cat will be returned, rewarding you the Cat Berry.

Enter the next building and buy 1 sparkling claws, 2 dragon skins and a shark jaws. Talk to the dog with herasia for a later quest. Downstairs you'll find many rats that respawn, one of the best if not the best spots to level Sandy's Slayers. Leave and follow the road back eastward, take the first southern road you see.

Enter the Modern Science Institute and go into the center door. Buy a teleport location from one of the npcs, and 99 teleport amulets from another. You can get a picture if sarah is in your party. Next enter the left room and get the Solid Gun from a chest under the west wall. (This is my BOOMSTICK) Equip it on sandy and talk to the npcs here, buy both of the items and accept the iq feature for dreambook (and the test if you want, maybe you get a reward for answering them all correct). Leave there and teleport back to metrolia.
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Night Guardian
Night Guardian

Number of posts : 917
Age : 29
Location : The Town of Roses
I\'m : Unstable
Registration date : 2007-08-15

Character sheet
Creature: 1/4 elf; bitten by vampire
Class: Night wielder
Element: Thunder/Dark

PostSubject: Re: Grogor's walkthrought (full version)   Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:24 pm

-Assassin's Den-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Sandy, Chaz
Go to the fighters guild and get 44k for the duchess quest. Buy healing items as neccesary, get more money from bank if needed. Enter the castle with Sandy and talk to the duchess on the left, she'll give sandy +10 attack. Leave metrolia(you can egress to the entrance), and enter the nearby assassins den. Lava wall or the Solid Gun pretty much wipes them out, on the second wave of them check the eastern wall for a chest containing Milk Of The Brave. Continue north into the next room, the 2 chests in the upper left contain a Trout and Bronze Key, the right chests contain the Silver Key, 2 Trout and 1 Moonfish. Enter the lower right door and get 128pp from the first chest, and the Lord Drammer Helmet and a Pine Apple from the other two chests. Backtrack and enter the lower left door. Take the 666 Scroll and Ebonite Key from the chests. Return to the main room and enter the north door. The left chest contains the Ice Axe, the top right side of the room has a hidden passage by the barrel, enter it and get the Cloud Piercer, 2 Royal Pirahna, 3755pp and 5206pp. Now go back and enter the final room to the north. Kill the easy boss, take the Leniggan Vase and sit on the throne for a heal, then egress.

-Slime Nest-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Sandy, Guanidia(I won't include the crystal gems as it's obvious where they are, but they can be sold for a small price later on.)
Next enter the Slime Nest right next to the assassins den. Check a crack in the east wall for a Cryzalis then continue south. Save and jump into the southern hole. Jump into the southern hole again. And Again. Now fight your way north to a slime throne, check it and kill the King Slime. One Razor sun and Ark Flares work well. Egress out and return to metrolia, enter the fighters guild and get your rewards. Stock up if needed.
-Thieve's Den-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Chaz, Leanda (chaz and leanda need the speed from this training quest, chaz also gets slayers)
Enter the Thieves Den south of Metrolia. The first chest contains the very useful Wolf Shield, the second and third chests contain an Indinera Rapier, 737pp, and the Platinym Sword. The first chest in the next room contains 3 Trouts. Go east and get the pile of pp from the ground. Go down the ne path and get a Raw Scaloide from the chest. Go back down the sw path, get the chest containing (not sure, missed the message) from the south room, continue west and south into the next room. Get 1850pp from the first chest and 1633pp from the second. Kill the lone Killing Machine down the first stairs and then the other 3 enemies down the next stairs, and take the 78pp. Go back and take the se path to the final room. One thunder crush killed the 12 killing machines. The last 2 chests contain Platinia Armor, Kayzr Slayer Helmet, and a Tonic Tea. Upon clearing all the enemies you get +10 speed.

-Crypt of 7000 Skulls-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash (i started bringing nash and wendala along from here on since they had some of the most important slayers)
Enter the Crypt of 7000 skulls, north of metrolia, east of your HQ. The first room contains 2 empty chests, go north. In this room start by checking the middle left pillar with the eye on it. Then the top right pillar. Top Left. Bottom Left. Middle Right. and finally the Bottom Right. The chest in the northern side of the room contains a Necroleech. The top left room now has a lever since you killed all the eyes, pull it and get the chest hidden behind the pillar, containing the Psycho Staff. The middle left room contains a teaser chest(as far as i know). The bottom left room is empty. The bottom right room is empty. The middle right room contains a ghost which you can only help much later in the game(day13). The top right room contains a chest with a Antidote.

In the main room, a black pentagram appeared when you pulled the lever, enter it and save. Now go south and east, check the head facing the wrong way and enter the door. The chest contains a MP Replenish. Continue north, and you will be teleported to the middle right room, the skull's eyes are no longer red now, allowing you to pass. Go back to the door that teleported you and enter it. In the east room you'll find a chest containing the Savage Ring. The north room is empty except for some spiders. Go back to the hall of heads and go west this time. Enter the door and get 1008pp from the chest, continue north and you'll be teleported again. Walk back and you can enter. Save and enter the west room, check the statue for a mini-boss. He hits pretty hard, razor sun and laser spells in general are effective, since he's humanoid. After he's dead, go back east and save. The chest contains 520pp, go north and pull the lever. Behind the right column is a chest containing a Trout.

Return to the main room, the one with the save point in the center, and go north through the now opened gate. The north chest contains a Zombie Lance, the east chest contains Bromium. Go downstairs and go upstairs on either the east or west side, either works. I took the west path so i'll be writing based on that. Under the wall at the northen edge you'll find a hidden chest with a Moon Fish in it, just above that is another chest with 2 Red Bones. Right next to this chest you can see a head in the wall, check it for a fairly tough miniboss. Have Luciana cast paralysis on it, Or use a death effect spell(which surprisingly works, shocker, thunder crush, death, any of them work). Upon death you'll get a Talysma Roots.

Now walk east and you'll run into a massive group of spiders, walk south along the wall where the spiders used to be and get a Paralysis Scroll from the chest. Now continue east and get a chest containing an Egress Certificate. Now go to the final room, to the north. The left chests contain a Metal Scimitar and 2261pp, the right chests contain a Swamp Keeper Shield and 1608pp. Check the eye pillar and kill the final boss, who drops a Black Lady Dress, which is quite nice and check the chest south of you for the Gloomer Staff. That's the end of the crypt for now.

-Prison of Desa-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Guanidia, Nash
Make sure you have a pet with you, you'll need one to complete this. Enter the Prison of Desa, se of the silver shop. Note: the beezsz are weak to death spells, especialy thunder crush. Start by going west and north up the first path to a chest, containing 10 Medicates. Then go north up the 2nd path to the west, on this screen you should see a crack in the wall, check it and whichever pet you have will enter it. Check the table for the Red Potion and the quest is complete, making this by far the hardest quest in the game.

Now to loot the rest of the prison, exit where your pet entered. Go back west a little and north up the narrow path, pick up the Desa #02 Key and go back to the hole. Save by the stairs then go up them. The first chest you see contains 520pp. The east path is empty, so go west. The first south path is empty, and the first north path is for later, so continue farther west. The second southern path has a chest with a Egress Certificate in it, the north path has a chest with a Trout in it. Now go back up the first northern path we passed a few seconds ago, go downstairs when you reach the end. To the east is a chest with 3 fists for coryool, Salamander Fists, Basilisk Fists, and Zombie Fists. West is a dead end, so kill the mini-boss at the door. The door is locked but we already got the potion, so egress to the entrance.

Now take the second path on the east side, on the next screen you'll see a chest to the west which contains 1007pp. Continue north and upstairs. Take the south path to find a chest with 2202pp, go upstairs again. East is a dead end, so go west and open the first cell door with the key found earlier, the chest inside has a Noble Dress. Continue west to the 3rd cell blocked by a web, tear through it. The chest contains 3 Phoenix Feathers. Backtrack east to the first cell, in the lower right corner you'll see another web, tear through it and go south/east. The last chest contains the Heart Devourer. That's all of the prison.

Take the potion back to the rank master of the mage guild to get rank 1 (your previous rank was 0). You can now buy apricots upstairs, which are extremely useful and powerful. You can also get the Centaur Fortress training quest upstairs and a escort sidequest downstairs, near the entrance. The person you are to escore is in the Golden Falcon Inn and he needs to get to the Modern Science Institute. Both of these are on the maps by dragonhunter, which i uploaded today, so just use those.

-Bounty Hunting, Wolves-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash
At this point you should get the Wolf Ivory Tooth for the bounty at the fighters guild(before we forget), after you finish the swamp quest the bounty changes. Search the forests around metrolia, perferably south since there's no roll beetles. The tooth randomly drops off Lash Wolves. The wolves are random too, so bounty hunting can quickly become tedious.

By the way, if you haven't met him already, there will be a blonde assasin in the fighter guild walking towards you to attack, the giants sent him. You can also get another training quest, the Metal Guards, if you haven't already.

-Pirate Coast-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash
Follow the road east of metrolia to the Pirate's Coast, but before we enter we need to sidetrack for a strong item. Head south to the lucida tower and enter it. Check behind the statue for a chest containing the Silver Amulet, now go back and enter the pirates coast. Go north on the first screen, go north again on the second and third screens. You should see a chest hidden behind a tree on the left, open it for 516pp and the Thief Key. Go back south then west to a screen with a Varando and 2 Minotaurs. Use death on the Varando. Now attack the 2 Minotaurs and their Two-Headed Machine. Thunder crush can kill the minotaurs, the machine can be confused and numbed. The chest behind them contains 11502pp and the Hammer of Nature. Inside the building is 104pp.

Egress back to the entrance and go south. Before you exit this screen to the se, walk behind the cliff, in the water, to a secret area. Found here is 63pp, 7995pp in a chest, and Astrobalt on the ground in the water. Now go back and continue normaly, to the sw. Keep going sw on the next screen and you'll end up at a sign that says Thieves Coast. Go west and check under the tree for 213pp, then check the chest in the se building for another 286pp. Don't kill the minotaur walking here, he's friendly. The middle and left buildings are empty but 129pp is outside the left one and 409pp west of that. NW there is a chest behind some cactus, it contains Shark Jaws.
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PostSubject: Re: Grogor's walkthrought (full version)   Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:24 pm

Go south and push the crate out of the way. Go down and unlock the door with the thief key. You'll be ambushed multiple times in this area so stay healed. The first east and west paths contain nothing so go south to where the 2 ninjas are. The second west path has nothing, the second east path has a chest with 1081pp. Go south again and save. The southeast path has a trapped chest with 1505pp. Go back to the save point and head west take the chest containing 4 Trout then take the southwest path. Heal up before walking south into a trap, then heal up again before an ambush, then heal up again before the ninjas. The ninjas drop the Golden Sand Key and the east chest contains 5 Trout.

Backtrack to the savepoint and go south with the key. You'll be ambushed, then the chest on the left contains a Whale Lance, Obsidian Jaws, 4 Phoenix Feathers, and 1898pp. The far east chest contains 3521pp, the chest west of that contains 2 Diamonds and 11 Tonic Teas. Upon killing the Metal Master you get an Ocean Conch. Walk out of the hideout and take the east path to exit the coast. You should see the Metal Guard to the south, but pass that for now and enter the Guild of Fire. Join this guild, buy a teleport location from a npc on the right, and get two quests. One is to find a tomb, which is in the ant hill west of the Science Institute. The other involves the pit of fire in which a much higher level is needed. Teleport to metrolia or walk through the pirates coast for the next quest.

-Centaur Fortress-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Sarah, Nash
Enter the Centaur Fortress, north of the pirate coast. The centaurs here are slow drunkards, most are easily avoidable Though at this point they may hit too hard for you, if so you can come back later. The centaurs are easily slain by the death effect. Go west down the hall and north to a chest containing the Dragon Slayer. The chest east of that contains the Mighty Sword. Now go north through the door. In this room take the west path. South has a empty chest and a npc that is bugged(as of january 15th). The second southern room and the northern room contain nothing, so go back east. Now take the east path. In this room take the southern hall and you should meet a medical npc, and a chest containing a Tonic Tea and Medicate. Go back and up the north hall, in the west chest you'll find the Mighty Axe. Continue north to the next screen, and then to the next. The chest contains the Mountains Of Nevermore Book, head back to the main room(the one with all the barrels).

Now head north upstairs and into the east or west path, they both lead to the same spot. The chest on this screen contains 3515pp, return to the stair room and you may want to save in the first room before trying to pass the blockade, if 3 captains cast before you it may kill the party. Save before the king too, his hurricane spin can wipe out the party also. Paralyze the king and use ark flare a few times, fight is over. Upon killing the king he drops the Ground Spear and you get +8HP from the training quest. The chest behind him contains 15 Antidotes and 1809pp. There's a tortured npc to the east, i'm not sure what effect the choices have, so i'd suggest just not talking to him for now. Now go back to the medical npc you met earlier and invite him to your HQ. That ends the Centaur Fortress.

-Metal Guard-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Coryool, Nash (coryool gets slayers and resists the boss spells)
Start by teleporting to the Guild of Fire, then enter the Metal Guard. These guys give great xp, and are weak to lavawall/numb. Go north past the first room, save on the left, continue north. At the moment there's nothing down the east and west paths, so continue farther north. At the divide take the NE path first and throw the lever. Then get the 2 chests, one contains 1725pp, the other contains Carisman Armor.

Now take the NW path at the divide, work your way around to the south, the north room contains nothing so go upstairs. Once upstairs take the west path and get 2008pp from the chest. Then go east and work your way up, you'll encounter 6 metal masters past the doorway who throw you into a small arena. Kill the Bone Leecher, who can be surprisingly hard. If your able to lower it's speed, then it's attack/mp. After you kill Beastie the 6 metal masters will attack you. Take the east path and pull the southern lever. The chest on the west path contains a Metal Circle which is a pretty nice shield.

Heal up completely, hp/mp wise before you enter the door. Kill the 6 guards in the way, and meet the boss of the fortress to the north. He'll send his pet to attack you, use Soul Sucker on her to put her to sleep. Silver attack does 999, you may want luci to cast Shield to cut down the ice damage. After she's dead work your way towards Zander. Zander is fast and has the deadly Hyper Flare, but it only takes a Numb and a little damage to kill him. Upon killing him he drops the Cell Key, and you get +12(?)defense for the training quest. Egress back to the entrance and go north to the second screen. Save, and check the west path for a Ogre Blood in the chest. You can unlock a cell on the east path but the tortured metal master has nothing useful to say. That ends the Metal Guard.

----Main Quest----

--Mosquito Swamp--
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Sandy, Herasia (Sandys solid gun is very useful here, and herasia gets slayers)
This one will be hard to describe, i'll try to use landmarks such as savepoints and fairys to let you know your in the right spot.
Start by stocking up on every medicine you can and get roughly an extra 50k to carry with you into the swamp. Enter the swamp, just NW of the Crypt of 7000 Skulls. Save on the first screen and go SW. Talk to the human npc and buy the Hat Of Truth, then go west along the top path. On this screen go south and get the chest containing a Phoenix Feather, then continue west. Check the scare-crow for a mini-boss, the Skull Collector. Kill him and he'll drop a Marlin Egg. Backtrack to the hat npc and take the SW path, the SE path is a dead end so don't worry about it. Continue south to the next screen, you should find a unreadable sign. Continue until you reach a split, the path north of the well is a dead end, so continue west past the well. On this screen you'll reach another split, the eastern north path is a dead end(actually it leads to a tomb, perhaps there's a tomb quest later on), so take the western north path. On this screen you should run into a save point, go west to the next screen and west again to another, darker screen. On this screen you should see a lot of mosquitos and the Third Monument. Touch it and return to the screen where the paths split, the one before the save point.

Now we're back at the split with the 3 flower monsters, the west and south paths are dead ends, backtrack east once more. Go south to the save point then south to the next screen. Here, take the east path to the next screen and you should meet 3 Uglish, kill them and get the Purple Haze from the chest behind the tree. The path north leads to a healing fairy, use her if neccesary then backtrack west. Now take the south path to the next screen. To the west you'll see a human npc, who's selling a poor hand drawn map of the swamp, but it does give a rough location of the vital areas, spend 10k on it if you want. The chest to the east contains 2653pp, 2 Antidotes, and a Jungle Jump Scroll. Continue south to the next screen. From here go west to the next screen. The lower west path has a save point, the upper west path is to get a Kryon Helmet from a chest. Backtrack then go south. You should find another unreadable sign if your on the right path, continue along it to the next screen. Continue south on this screen.

You'll end up at another split here, first take the south path. On this screen the SE path leads to a dead end, though there is a Blank Book there for a later quest. Go SW along the path and use the save point, then continue south to the next screen. Go through the straight-forward path and get a Ocean Love from the chest at the end. Backtrack to the screen where the path split and go west to a cave, enter it. Talk to the spider and she will give you a quest for later. Continue west to the next screen, go up the north path and get the St Chris Journey Book from the chest, then continue north. Circle around to the north and take the west exit to the next screen. On this screen take the north path, past the flower blocking you. Here you should see an unreachable save point, the east path leads to 2 healing fairys, but other then that it's a dead end, take the west path.

Save and continue west, slightly north you'll save a cave you can rest in, do that then take the south path. Going south you should encounter 3 Underking Messengers, have they gone mad or has the underking intended for them to attack you? Before you go west take the western north path to a sword stuck in the ground, Random needs to be level19(as someone pointed out to me, i'll add your name when LP forums come back up) to pull the sword, which is a Sword of Ages. It's a decent weapon, but it takes mp each swing. Now go west and a fat mini-boss will attack you. Upon killing it, it will drop a Raw Scaloide. Now continue west to the next screen. On this screen, walk into the cliff to the south to find a secret area, it has 2 healing fairys, and a chest containing the Frozen Rod, Cryzalis, and Fairy Herb. Now continue west to a cave, the fairy's home, one of them will send you on a quest to kill a evil fairy.
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PostSubject: Re: Grogor's walkthrought (full version)   Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:26 pm

After that go NW to a path split, take the NE path past the flower. On this screen buy the Pine Apple from the npc, then continue east to the next screen. Continue following the path to the next screen. Do so once more. You'll encounter a split on this screen, first take the north path to the next screen. You should see a savepoint here, take the east path past the 3 flowers. Continue east, using the southern road, to the next screen. Continue east, on the way you should see a chest that contains the Lakes of Blood Book, then go east to the next screen. Keep going south and you'll eventually meet the fairy duchess, who will remove the crystal blocking the second monument.

Now backtrack all the way back to the save point, and take the north path to the next screen. Note, on this screen you can randomly encounter King Abaecus' which give Nash 3 slayer points, so if you want this slayers up early this is a good spot. Anyway, continue north. You should see a sign and the Anicent Save Spot, continue east to the next screen. Take the top road east to reach a chest containing a Mayuca's Winter . Then backtrack and take the bottom road east to reach the Second Monument. Touch it and backtrack to the savepoint(not the ancient one, the one before that). At the save point, go south one screen to the split, at the split, take the west path past the dead tree. After the windy path, you'll end up exiting to the next screen to the north. From here follow the path to the next screen. You'll come to another split, take the north path to the next screen. The chest contains 3 MP Replenish and a Sphere, then backtrack and take the west path. Keep going west to the next screen and take the north path.

You should see many Stone Heads in the wall, go west past those. Keep heading west and you should see a save point, then continue west to the next screen. On this screen head all the way west, you should see some deep ground, try walking over it into a secret western exit. Yveen will give you a +4HP bonus for finding her, now go back outside and head north. Cross the bridge and go west to a chest containing the Medecine Book and 1653pp under the tree. Go east to the next screen. Keep going east, and save at the save point, then go east to the final monument. Walk far east across the bridge and touch the First Monument, then quickly run back west across the swarm catches you.

Now, head back to the fairy cave. Take the NW path to the Inn of No Return. Before entering talk to the guy on the left, he'll sell you the fog bandana. After your done in the inn, go west. This screen has 2 underking messengers, go west again. West some more. West. Finally, go down the south path. Kill Mazurine the evil fairy, she'll drop 6528pp and a Fruit of Mist. An unreadble tomb is on the west path, backtrack north. Go west instead of south this time. From here on just follow the straight forward path to a save point, then continue south. This map would be pitch black but we already lighted the monuments. Now work your way west/north behind the trees, to the Unknown Temple. Talk to the wounded man as he dies. Thus ends Day 2 and the Mosquito Swamp
Day 3 - You Shall Know Fear...

----Main Quest----
--Unknown Temple--

My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Sarah, Coryool/Nash
Enter the temple and walk north to a save point. The chest on the right is empty, the pot in the upper left has a Red Bone. Start by going down the SW hall, and downstairs at the end. Go east and then south. The first and second west paths are dead ends, the third has 2 chests containing an Apricot and 2 Toad Legs. Backtrack to the stairs and go north, jump down the hole.

Go north up the path and then go west. A southern pot holds 751pp, a chest north of that has a Light Ring. Take the east path next and save by the stairs, don't try opening that chest it's trap is too strong at this point. Go upstairs twice and get the Wind Cutter Claws from the chest. Go back down to the cross section, and this time take the north path. The right room has a chest with 822pp and a Mithril. Continue north and east, don't step on the pentagram yet, continue east and get a Tonic Stone from the jar. Now step on the pentagram and you'll end up back at the entrance.

This time go east and downstairs. Now go north and get the chest by the dino skull, the chest contains a Medicate and 2 Trout. Now open the dino skull and enter it for a secret room with a save point and a chest containing a Zombie Eye, Necroleech, and Dabaki Pepper. Exit the skull and continue north. Go north past the stairs and get 2 Jungle Jump Scrolls from the chest, then go up the stairs. The chest here contains a Flower of Aquapanga. Return to the other staircase(south), the npc to the west gives no useful info so continue south to another staircase, and go down. Go west and fight the 4 enemies blocking the north room, open the chest from the east or west, it's trapped on the south side, it contains the Venom Bow and a Yveen's Nectar. Continue west/north, the first west path is a dead end with traps, so continue north. The second west path leads to a lever(walk in the mouths to avoid dagger traps), activate it and go back to the intersection. The lower/first east path is also a dead end. Go down the second east path and save. Check the pots for 212pp. Continue east/north and get the Azura from the chest. Do Not open the gate, it will freeze you at the moment. Egress back to the entrance and go north.

The gate is now opened because of the lever pulled downstairs. Kill the 3 enemies and check the 3 chests for an Ebony Lance, Silvereen Bow, Royal Pirahna, Swamp Keeper Shield and 2 Antidotes. Activate the two levers go down the sw path, the gate is now open near the stairs, go north through it. Defeat Lucius Maledoni and he'll drop a Horizon Ring. Save, continue north despite his warning of course and meet your first real boss, Dagayel'rr. My strategy was:

Dagayel'rr Battle
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Grand Protection twice, then Lord of the Dance
Wendala - Luciens Smile twice, then Angel Wars
Nash - Mass Crush once, then Heavy Slash

After he 'dies' he'll drop a Bromium. The party will find a Lansdowne Member Card and put 2 and 2 together. Heal up completely with items, and time to finish the temple. As you leave the room you'll see the mage again, he'll disapear leaving the Azkaard Armor behind. Go back to the entrance savepoint, and go down the SE path. Enter the opened gateway and kill the monsters blocking you. Activate the lever, and then hug the right or left wall, going up the exact center will freeze you from a trap bug. Kill the 5 gargoyles and continue north, the chest contains the Shell of the Swamp, Sun Chaser Bow, and 3 Antidotes. Go south and downstairs again. Go back to the gate that i said would freeze you earlier, now that the boss is dead it can be opened, so pull the lever. Don't touch the 2 dino skulls, it sends you back to the entrance, follow the path and activate the lever. Backtrack to the save point, go west of it and then north. Take the West path first, and go upstairs for 4 chests containing a Mist Ring, 4151pp, Cockatrix Fists, Boka Boka Root, and Bamboo Staff. Backtrack and continue north. The west side has 313pp and a chest with 701pp, 3 Moon Fish, and 5 Trout. The east side has 1385pp in the chest. Kill the mini-boss and get 405pp to the right. That's all of the temple, you can now egress.

Leave the temple and night has fallen, cast egress but the new thicker fog is blocking the spell. So start walking out, towards the Inn of No Return. At the inn, you may notice everyone has been slaughtered, go upstairs using the left staircase, then go down using the right one. In this room you'll encounter Dagayel'rr once again.

Dagayel'rr Battle, Version 2 --- We can rebuild him, Stronger, Faster, Eviler.
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Lord of the Dance once, Razor Sun once, then Hyper Flare
Wendala - Luciens Smile once, then Angel Wars
Nash - Mass Crush once, then Heavy Slash
If he melees you you'll probably need to phoenix down.

After he kicks the bucket a chest containing the Sparkling Jaws and 8 Medicates appears. Leave the inn and continue the walk out of the swamp. Soon you'll meet:

Anthroryon --- My granny, what a large tail you have.
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Lord of the Dance once, Razor Sun once, then Hyper Flare
Wendala - Luciens Smile once, then Angel Wars
Nash - Mass Crush once, then Hell Breath

If you brought Sandy, she'll be shocked.
You can now egress again, so do that and head north to the exit, save and heal up again before leaving, because of:

Dagayel'rr Battle, Version 3 --- We can rebuild him again, Strongest, Fastest, Evilist. and lowest hp.
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Razor Sun, Hyper Flares
Wendala - Silver Amulet item, then normal attacks
Nash - Mass Crush, Heavy Slash

And as he ahem, dies, the sun rises and Day 3 ends.

Day 4 - Pain Reveals It's Face.

My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash.
Baretta's shop has opened, so be sure to stop by there and buy at least one of everything she has, Every day. Stop by your HQ to heal and save.Enter Metrolia and Luciana will have another vision. Enter your inn and an old friend from LP1 will be there, Lisa the sankt leona guardian. Upstairs in Random's room will be a letter from Jezzie, another friend from LP1. Go to the top floor and check the west side of the room for a fly:

Dagayel'rr Battle, Version 4 ---He should have came back as a cockroach, since he NEVER FREAKIN' DIES
Random - Defend
Luciana - Razor Sun
Wendala - Angel Wars
Nash - Defend

He'll cast the powerful Holocaust immediately, wendala will take no damage though and luciana will take very little(because of Love's Amulet in my case). When he dies he'll drop a Pet Food. That's all for the inn, now i'd suggest stopping by the fighter guild and getting the raptor scale bounty quest. Then head to baretta's shop and buy a shield or 2, talk to her behind the counter and she'll offer to join you, for 100k which is a bargain.

My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash.

Bounty Hunting, Raptor Scale
Raptors are found in the terror woods far sw of metrolia, a sign will tell you your there. Kill raptors, get scale, return to fighter guild. Terror woods gives good xp and slayers as well.

-Shrine of Yveen-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Sarah, Coryool/Geo Leanda
Enter the Shrine of Yveen, NW of the Prison of Desa. Save, then go north to about 14 strong and fast venom lycoses. Thunder Crush, Femme Fatale, Death, and the box of moanings are the best things you can use on them, they have a very large hp. Go into the north through the door, and ignore the chest, it's a empty lycose trap. Continue through the NE door and open the chest on your left for a Heaven Cries Scroll, then continue east. Pull the lever in the first room, the chest in the second room contains Obsidian Armor, then pull the lever in the third room and get the chest behind the cross, holding a Milk Of The Brave.

Go back to the trap chest room and take the NW path. The top right door shows the boss, but he's unreachable from there so continue west. The west drawer in the first south room contains an Ancient Sand. Save to the east, then continue west to the second south room. The chest here is trapped, but contains the Evangile Armor. If the blast was too powerful reload from the east save point and come back later with coryool. Now go up the left northern path. The first east room has 516pp in a drawer, the second has a chest with Alchemy Recipe #3 and the cabinet contains a Tonic Tea and Phoenix Feather. Continue north around the bend to a chest containing 3313pp.

Return to the save point(save) and take the first north path. Jump down the hole into a pit of 13 venom lycoses. The NE chest contains 2 Death Scrolls, and there's another save point to use SW. Go north, check the odd spot in the wall for an Egress Certificate, and continue to the boss. The east chest contains the Eyes Over The Sky Book, and there's a hidden passage south of the piano(you have to check the wall, you can't just walk into it). In the hidden room there's 4 Heaven Cries Scrolls and a Warrior Nectar in the first 2 chests. Don't bother trying to open the south one, even with coryool, it has a massive blast and contains only around 20kpp, so just come back for it much later. Return to the boss room and begin:

Sour Angels x2
These two can be tough. Make sure everyone has one piece of holy element armor on.
Random - Silver Attack the right one until dead.
Luciana - Paralysis the left one, then Lord of the Dance. (can do grand protection twice also if you want, but your characters are likely to die even with it on.
Wendala - Luciens Smile once, then shocker on the right one until dead
Nash - Mass Crush them both, right one first.

I had to use a couple of Royal Pirahnas to keep characters alive, but then the right angel ran out of mp and it was pretty much over. Upon killing them a Lycose Pearl is dropped. Now put the vase on the table, quest complete. You can return to the brotherhood in metrolia now if you want, but there's nothing special there.

-Tomb in the Ant's Nest-
Go west of the Science Institute and enter the Ant Hill. Once inside, take the east path and go south to the next screen. Continue east/south to a small hole, hop in it and quickly run south to the next screen, try to dodge some of the ants. Continue south and you should end up at the Tomb, take it egress out and teleport to the Guild of Fire to return it and get a new quest.

-Dragon Lairs, 1 through 3-
Save somewhere, then enter the first cave east of Metrolia. Drachknor is in this cave:

My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash.
He uses 666 alot so wear one piece of dark gear on everyone.
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Grand Protection twice, Lord of the Dance
Wendala - Luciens Smile once, Love Me
Nash - Mass Crush, Psycho Bomb
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Character sheet
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PostSubject: Re: Grogor's walkthrought (full version)   Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:27 pm

Use Phoenix Downs and Apricots as needed. Upon death he'll drop an Antary's Apple and leave a chest with a Raw Scaloide.

The hardest one is out of the way, now go NW of the Science Institue to the Zombie Drake's lair. Paralyze/fire/holy and he drops a Necrotear there's also a Red Bone in the top left of his lair.

Now go to the third dragon, north of the Giants Fortress. Just pound on him, and he'll drop a Fairy Wings. That's all of the dragons for now, 3 of 8.

-Giant's Fortress Revisited
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Sarah, Baretta(at a low-mid 20's level)
This part is completely optional, it's just to make things alot easier later on.

Before entering here's a few tips: Most giants are weak to the laser element. Cuisinarts can be paralyzed and clashed, but the success rate isn't very high, lava wall them for high damage at a minimal cost.Head Cutters can be blinded. Man 'N Potato have the most hp(i think, maybe it's cuisinarts though), can be silenced and are weak vs mind spells, Five Men Slain have the lowest hp.

Re-enter the Giant's Fortress. Take the west path to the next screen then follow the west wall north to a chest containing a 666 scroll and 2 Mayuca's Winters. Along the east wall you'll find a chest with the Arkandos. Enter the right room, check the empty shelves for a Savior Page. Continue along the path and kill the 3 guards, then get the chests behind them containing Metal Fists, Warlord Shield, and 9560pp.

Backtrack out of the room and go north, to the screen where you saved Sandy. Save and go north, you should see a big guy standing still next to the wall on the west side, talk to him to fight a mini-boss:

He does massive damage on melee swings, and moderate damage with his Atom Core spell(nash takes no damage from it).
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Razor Sun until he's blind, Lord of the Dance, then Razor Sun for damage
Wendala - Lucien's Smile, Love Me
Nash - Mass Crush, Psycho Bomb

Upon death he drops the Gigas Axe. Continue north to the spot where you saved Sandy, the west hall has a lever you need to pull, the east hall has a chest containing a Paralysis Scroll and 2 Jungle Jump Scrolls. Go back and save, heal up, then go upstairs using the west path, past the 3 guards. On this screen, enter the north room to meet the giants sorcerer:

He's resistant to most if not all spell elements, uses a few fire spells, atom core, and g-wave.
Random - Silver Attack
Luciana - Lord of the Dance
Wendala - Lucien's Smile, Shell
Nash - Mass Crush, Heavy Slash

Upon death he drops a Persilea. In the left cabinet you can get a Lakes Of Blood Book. The chest is a infinite trap, don't bother opening it, even if you survive the blast it just resets. Exit to the south and then there's 2 ways to proceed, the hard way, which is fighting those 3 giants to the south. and the easy way, taking the secret passage. To find the secret passage, line up with west cabinet and walk south into the wall. The chest behind the giants contains the Eagle Spear, continue south.

On this screen, don't pull the lever to the west, it seals off part of the upper floor. Ignore the first east path for now, and take the second east hall, a npc in the first south room explains the giants name, in the second south room get 755pp from the drawer, and 2356pp from the chest, the last room is empty so backtrack to the mainhall and go down the second west path. The first south room has a N-Bomb in the drawer. The second and third south rooms are empty, so go back to the main hall and continue farther south. Take the third west path, the first south room contains a save point. The second south room has a chest with the Lost Shores Book. The third south room has a chest with Divine Armor and Torpedo Spear. Go back to the hall south and east are empty, so backtrack north to the first east hall and go upstairs.

Save, and go follow the path west, the small west path has 325pp and 2 chests in a room containing Ga-R' Gylion Fists and 1007pp. Backtrack a little then go south. Take the west path, and enter the south room, pull the 3 levers and enter the north room, the chest contains a Sky Diamond. Now go back and take the east path, then south, check the barrel for 5 Whales and continue south. Check the chest to your left for an Aurora Diamond and 3 Whales. Apparently the giants are excellent fishermen, continue south to the treasure room. First, 2 notes. Note1: My Nash was level28 with 555hp, the last trap left him at around 90hp. Note2: There's currently a bug with the last chest, Baretta can disarm it infinitely if she's high enough, gaining xp and both the items every time, if you open it without her it will work normaly.

The first chest is trapped and contains the Destroyer Axe. The second chest is also trapped and contains Wardom Armor. The third chest is not trapped and contains the Giant Helmet and Heavy Platinum Ring. The fourth chest is not trapped and contains a Mayuca's Winter and Flower Of Aquapanga. The fifth chest is trapped and contains the Orb Of The Underground. The sixth and final chest has the worst trap, it contains the Ozur Bracelet and Magdalena Bracelet. Equip the Magdalena Bracelet on Wendala for a bonus boost to her hp.

Return to the main hall and go south/west, get the chest containing 3 Tonic Teas and continue south along the path. The chest on your right contains a Yveen's Kiss and Flower Of Aquapanga. Continue a little farther south to a save point and lever, pull the lever and save. If you want xp, or an even easier time when you return here later, go upstairs and kill the "small" amount of giants guarding the metal gate, right now that gate isn't openable, you'll know when it is. The lever you pulled by the save point opened the wine room, on the floor below, go in fight through the rats and one of the barrels contains a Yveen's Kiss. That's all of the Giants Fortress for now.

I forgot to mention this earlier, but occasionly check west of the Giants Fortress for traveling nomads, you'll know if they're there by the new building. Inside you can get many things for a price and 81pp under a tree. Buy all the 'rare' items (except the scrolls), there's also a blank book here. Later on, you can find a Phial Of Mantis(water) here in the pile of bottles, but ONLY after you have the quest from the mage guild and before you found the 'other' Phial.

----Main Quest----
My Party: Random, Wendala/Sandy, Nash/Guanidia, Baretta. (i changed to sandy and guanidia before the upcoming castle, guanidia gets a bonus and i brought sandy for the vision spell, so i could save anywhere in the castle) Suggested Party: Random, Baretta, Guanidia, Anyone
That's all of the sidequests i can think of at the moment, so on with the main quest. Remove all of Lucianas gear, since she's about to leave the party...Forever! Not really, but she does leave to do some research. Talk to the king in Metrolia. He'll join you to confront the baron. Upon leaving the castle the sky will grow dark and a large figure, a Drake/Dragon will fly overhead. You'll be automaticly taken to the manor and find it empty, except for some demon doors.

After the talk you end up at the castle, choose your party and go to the small path north of metrolia, Cape Spine, very close to the swamp. Save and go north to the next screen, kill Ratarazzi easily, he'll drop Grey Leaves, and a cutscene happens.

A mystery creature starts to fly through space towards what i assume to be the Deport. Then it cuts to some demons you saw earlier in Lucianas dream, now ask yourself, is rixian the creature in space? If so who was the eye we saw earlier. Day 4 ends on that note, don't you just love a cliff hanger?

Day 5 - A Shady Deal

Enter the Underking's Castle, then leave, just to get the Gloomy Lands teleport location, check out the shop to the south if you want, you can sell crystal gems and cockatrix feathers to a npc there. Then teleport(use a teleport amulet you bought earlier if you don't have the spell) to metrolia to stop by Baretta's shop. Buy at least one Magical Sword and Lonfa Ring. As you exit the screen she'll offer you the Awesome Damnation Ring for a low price, it boosts speed and attack drasticly at the price of defense and mind. Bring some extra money with you to the Underking's Castle, 50-100k is alright.(you should have plenty since the bank has been raising as you quested)

----Main Quest----
Enter the Underking's Castle. Talk to Vaszanka and get permission to enter. The npc in the center of the room here really will make a teleport to the underking for 500k, but this can lead to a bug later on. Besides, why would you want to miss all the loot. Continue north, pull the lever. The east path is a dead end, the west path leads slowly to the underking, and the north path has loot. But first, take the teleport stars next to the north path and get the chest containing Hammermark Armor and 4560pp. Egress, then take the north path. Save, in the NE corner a chest contains the Bra' Shim Bow.

Go upstairs and go west, the first south room has a Necroleech, the second room is empty. Continue west and SW, the SW stairs lead to a dead end, so continue east. Follow the path to another stairway and go up them. Go straight north to a room with a vampire, check the cabinets for the Demon Ring and the Necroleech in the chest. Go south and east a little bit and enter the small room, inside the drawer is a Red Bone, leave the small room and backtrack SW.

From the stairs, go east and get the chest containing a 666 Scroll. Enter the north room and get the very useful Snore Pendant from the chest. Continue east and go south into a larger room, pull the lever. South through the metal door you'll find a terrace, you can randomly encounter a very powerful butterfly here, that gives decent xp and 3 slayer points to Sarah. I'd suggest not attempting it right now. We're done with the north path, so work your way backwards to the main room.

Enter the west path. The first drawer you see has a Cockatrix Feather, the south door is a dead end, continue west. The north room has 2 chests, the first contains a Bariilk's Talisman and the second has Nothing. Continue west along the path, you should be at a npc called Barac if your in the right spot, continue south. Pull only the left lever and continue north across the buttons. You should see a vampire eating a meal here, talk to him and Guanidia will gain +3hp. Continue north to a split(a picture is on the wall), a drawer to the east has 4 Tonic Teas, now take the northern path and go east. At the next split, with the blue rug, take the southern path and go east. Follow it north past some glass tiles, and you should see a armor room to the south, go into it and east and get 126pp from the ground and 4718pp from under the wall.

Go back and continue east. You should see some stairs, go up them. Go west, and this is hard to explain, if you don't have baretta check the wall, right next to the first candles against the north wall. When your in the hidden path, take the first north path to a chest hidden behind the pillar, containing Pike Armor, take the second north path for 2783pp, and the third northern path for a Boka Boka Root and Antidote. Exit the hidden passage and continue west, the south room contains a Dark Ring. Backtrack to the stairs and go down them(the east path upstairs is a dead end).

Once downstairs continue east. Take the first south path and get 656pp from the drawer. Right after the drawers you'll see another split, take the east path and go south to a white room, you opened the gate to this room with the lever on the north path earlier. The cabinet contains a Fierce Card, 114pp, Thunder Force Book, and 8 666 Scrolls. Continue sw and follow the path east past the art glass. Continue north and you should see a blue carpet room with a vampire pacing back and forth, continue north past that and follow the path east. Get the 4 Phoenix Feathers in the bag. Take the third, open, path to the south and pull the lever. Take the second path and pull another lever, but continue south after that and get another lever to the east. Take the first path and pull the slightly hidden lever under the wall. Get the chest with a Necrotear and 202pp, to the south then continue SE, don't pull the lever you see here, it locks the gate. Continue south past the lever, you should see 2 statues with a glass floor to your left, continue south past that.
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PostSubject: Re: Grogor's walkthrought (full version)   Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:29 pm

Don't bother pulling the lever to the east, the hole in the cell contains nothing. Continue west down a long hall to a save point and stairway, save and go upstairs. The human npc here will give you some minor info for 2k, continue north past him. Check the cabinets for a Savior Page, take the west path of the split first, you should see a room to the south with alot of cabinets to search. You'll find a Cockatrix Feather and 2 Savior Pages. Continue west and get the second Sword Of Ages from the chest. Go NW past the chest and get another with a Necrotear, and another west of that with 2323pp. Now go south of the sword chest and downstairs. A little to the right is the Wave Of Purity Book, now go west. In the cabinet is a Diamond, continue east and north quite a ways, check the 2 cabinets on the way for a Heaven Cries Scroll. Continue north into the doorway, a chest behind the right tree contains Azura, the waterfall to the north heals you completely but poisons you. Leave the room and continue east to a save point.

The second doorway is the treasury but every chest is locked. Continue east and get 273pp and Necroleech from the chest. Continue all the way east and you should be at another lord, take the west path of the split first and go south. The chest has another Necroleech and a Redheaded Kid(Slappa). Go back and take the east path, the chest by the door contains a Crusader Sword and 77pp. Enter the doorway to the beholder den. Take the NW path first and get a Tonic Teafrom the pot in the north room, continue SW and get a O Donnel Skull from the west pot. Continue north east and south and you'll end up near the entrance, go east further and get the Bull Skull from the pot.

Leave the den and continue east. Pull the lever and go south to pull the lever under the wall, then go north and pull that lever. If you have baretta you already noticed the secret passage, if you don't have her walk 6 tiles west of the lever(the north one) and enter the north wall. The chest here contains the Fairy Dress and Yveen gives you +4MP. Go back to the south room and get the chest containing the Blood Blower Staff.

Backtrack all the way to the split where you took the left doorway. Now take the right path of the split. At the second split take the left path, the right path is a dead end, you should end up at stairs on the left path, go up them. Follow the path, get the chest to your left for a 666 Scroll. At the split take the east path and go south down the blue carpet. Continue south past the east path and get 1778pp from the chest, then take the east path. Get the chest from the north room for Bromium, then go east, past a south path and into a doorway. This is the shop, later on you can buy a undead card here for 800k, but right now just buy enough necrotears to get your total to 97(you'll see why), 99 mp replenish and a few demon horns.

Leave the shop and take the south path to a stairway, go down it. Follow the path, get 173pp from a bag on the table, a Necrotear from the chest north of that and a Black Lady Dress north of that. Backtrack to the blue carpet, where you went south, this time go east. Get 489pp from the bag on the floor and continue west to a stairway. Go up it and buy the Armies Of Ninjas Book from the human npc.

Go back downstairs and continue west. Go north through the doorway and take the east path, follow it to a chest containing a NecroTear. Finally, go back south and take the west path, go north into the Teleporters. Follow the path to the throne room, save on the way. In the throne room, do not step on the teleporter. Talk to the Underking and he'll send you on a quest with Zoo's help. So ends Day 5.
Day 6 - An Unlikely Ally

Important Note: Don't do the pet tournament while you have Zoo, there's a bug that causes you to only have random and luciana in your party when you finish it. You cannot re-add Zoo.

Go south to the teleporter and exit the castle. Stop by Baretta's shop and buy the Stories Of Warrior Book. Go to the fighter's guild and get 3 new quests.

--Side Quests--

-Rat Quest-
Enter house 29 in Metrolia(check the map again). Having your sound on helps in this quest, check the table next to the washing pool and you'll hear a roar. Check the green case where the woman is and you'll hear another roar. Go between the beds and check the north wall, the rat will run out. Kill it to end this painfully hard quest.

-Lost Child Quest-
He's in the crypt of 7000 skulls, here's the quick directions to him. Go north on to the teleport, then north through the door downstairs, go south and take the east path. Quest done.

-Ore Lab-
Now that you have the snore pendant this is a little safer. Sandy's Vision spell can save you alot of time here. Save before entering. Kill the 2 Silver Guards at the entrance, silver guards can drop the Silver Tower Shield. Silence them so they don't hurricane spin you, i used shocker to silence them and necotears to revive. Sometimes clash works on them. If you didn't get the fighters guild rank, this should have done it after you talk to Anvirs in Metrolia. Moving on, the chest in the left room has a Soul Ore.

Avoid the orange guys(Slaughterers, Extremely buff) if possible, it make take you some time but it is possible to time it and run past every single one of them in here. If you do get caught, use the Snore Pendant on them, the weaken effect always hits them making them unable to hurricane spin and hit very weakly and less often. Slaughterers can randomly drop the Heaven Javelin which is quite powerful at this point. On the next screen check the indent to the south for an Astrobalt, then go all the way west for an Bromium. The Ugly Groumchorms can be paralyzed and deathed, they look like dragons. Go down the staircase then run east and up.

On this screen, notice the Slaughterers are patroling and not chasing, go up the north path to the next screen. Go east and get the trapped chest containing Bromium(have coryool or nash). Go back to the screen with the patrol and take the second south path for the Ore Sceptre. Now go west to the next screen. Hide in the crevice to avoid the patrol, then run west. As you walk past the cages a trap will go off and open all the doors, the chest in the first south cell is a trick(or a bug) so don't bother going back to it.

The next patrolers are more tricky, you'd expect the first one to not see if you, if you walk along the south wall right? well he does, so time it, walk by him as he walks by you. The next two are trickier, follow the top one east, but don't bump into him. Time it so you walk by the lower one as he's moving. Once you reach the end of the hall quickly run south while the top one has it's back turned to you. Now go west and north to the next patroler, i don't think you can use the "run by as he's walking" tactic on this one, but there is a crevice at the north end of the hall so stay behind him, enter the crevice, and let him walk south past you, then go to the next screen.

On this screen go east and then north to a chest, get the Weapon Smith Books #2 and 3 from the chest. Go south and east, you'll have to fight 3 Silver Guards, hope they don't hurricane spin. Go east and get a Cryzalis from the chest, then go north to a slaughterer, he can be lured south, behind the barrel. On the next screen go north and kill the ugly, try to lure all the slaughterers to the NW corner. Go down the east path and run north very quickly while dodging the slaughterers. In this room watch out for the mine on the floor, get the Soul Ore, 3 Lycose Pearls, Raw Scaloide and Azura from the chests and Muura Gem from the refiner.

A smart person would egress out at this point, but we still have 3 chests left to get and a horde of slaughterers waiting for us outside... so go outside dodge them the best you can, get the Diamond of Zerox and Zapoo Diamond from the chest then find the chest hidden under the wall on the SE square wall, it contains a Ocean Love. Now go south to the next screen. The Ugly and Guard here are avoidable, go to the next screen, kill the ugly, continue along the path to the chest and get the Heart Of The Town and Weapon Smith Book #4. Now you can egress, but we'll be back here for one or two sidequests later. Note: Do not give the Muura gem to the Mage Guild yet, we have potential things we can do with it, i'm going to list the possible things you can blacksmith with the muura gem, if any, when i get to the blacksmith later on.
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PostSubject: Re: Grogor's walkthrought (full version)   Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:30 pm

-Zurabor's House-
On the world map this house is #48, it only appears if you talked to the mushroom in Zacky Counter(51). Inside the house you'll find 675pp and Zurabor who changes into a demon. At this point he's easy to kill, you could do him days earlier if you wanted. He drops nothing.

-Tribal Village-
The gates opened yesterday, day 5, but since there was no other sidequests i just included it here. There's 315pp laying around. Bring Herasia along and talk to the women of the village, one of them will be the one the dog was looking for, return to Ronan's shop(52) and talk to the dog again, take him to the woman, talk to him once more and the quest is complete.

Also, the owner of the Silver Shop, south of Metrolia, has returned and has new wares.

----Main Quest----
Enter the Ancient Dwarven Cave east of Metrolia(36). Go north to the second screen, take the npc on your right to hq. Continue north to a 3-way split, the north path is empty, the west path has a save point and a cave only reachable later on, that leads to the blacksmith. Go down the east path, you'll eventually see a path leading north, go up it and get a Apricot.

Continue east and get the 108pp chest just south of you. Go east/north to another chest containing a Cockatrix Pendant. Continue north to a lake, NE has a save point, save if you want then continue west. The O will come out of the lake and attack you at a certain point. He's simple, continue west to the next screen. The the chest holds an Astrobalt. Follow the path south/west to a split, the SE path is empty, the south path contains a chest with 213pp and 3 Indinera Conkers, the north path is empty, the NW path has a Melopi Wand.

Now go down the west path and get the World Of Ice Book from the chest, then climb the ladder. The north path is empty, save and go east. Zoo will break down the rusty gate(about time someone busted a door), go north and pull the lever, the chest has 2 Tonic Teas and 718pp. Now go farther east and take the next north path for a chest containing a Royal Pirahna and 957pp. Go east to the last room and slaughter some thieves. The chest on the right contains a War Of The Best Scroll and 2100pp. Kill Bari, quest completed. Check the pot for 615pp. Talk to the vampire to end Day 6.

Day 7 - Open Sesame?

Go down the ladder and egress out. Stop by Barettas shop and buy 4 Evair Daggers and one or more Dogura Helm. Go to the inn and enter randoms room, check the chest for a Pine Apple. Get another bounty from the fighters guild, this time for branchus hearts.

----Main Quest----
Teleport to the gloomy lands and enter the castle. Unequip Zoo and take the new teleporter in the second room directly to the Underking. Talk to him and Zoo leaves the party. Teleport to metrolia and enter the castle library, talk to Luciana. Leave the castle, go towards the manor and Luciana will rejoin the party outside.

-The Manor-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Baretta, Anyone
Enter and go get ambushed, kill the ambusher(who's numbable), then go into the east doorway. Kill the door which drops Lava Obsianite and continue. Go north, pull the lever then get the chest with the Bird Birdana in the south room. Go Upstairs, get the Platinum Crown from the north room and continue south. Take the westh path and get the chest under the wall containing 6208pp and Lanthinia Armor.

Go downstairs back to the tavern and take the west doorway. Let the old man stay at the inn and continue north and pull the lever. The south room has 618pp, go upstairs. The north room contains the Lore Book. Go south, at the split the east and south paths are dead ends, go west and upstairs. The north room has a sword in the ground, i couldn't pull it at 29, the chest contains 5 Trouts.

Go back downstairs and east, the chest has a Phoenix Down, if you don't have Baretta, pull the out of place candle holder, it's a secret lever. Go south and pull the first candle holder you see, it opens another door in the west room. Go into the west room, the first chest contains the Red Apricot Bow and Tyrano Shield, the second chest contains a Melopi Wand, Hypno Rod, and Noble Eagle Feather. Go back east and continue down the south path, the chest holds 1305pp. Go east past the stairs and get the Bear Armor. Go Downstairs and west down the path, the chest contains a Yveen's Kiss and Potatoe. Continue north and go downstairs. Go north, the chest has a Dabaki Pepper and 4 Spider Horns. Go up the right staircase and pull the lever.

Continue north and downstairs, a save point is east. Go all the way west and take the last south path to pull a lever. Go back to the split and go south, try to avoid the ghosts, one of them takes alot of kills. Go south through the door then west to a chest with a Mithril Sword. Backtrack east to the savepoint then go south, if you haven't already you'll meet the most annoying enemy in the game down here, Evil Bubbles, hard to run from, very fast, and drain your mp. Try to get luciana and one other character to 400ish speed, you might go first and kill them off with lord of the dance + other spell.

Continue west and pull the lever to deactivate it, then go west/south/east to a door and small room. Push the button at the end of the hall and save in the small room, the chest contains 7 Tonic Teas. Heal up and read the letter on the table. Kill the baron, fire works well, and he drops a Bromium and Tonic Stone. Egress out and report to the king.

Remove all of Luciana's gear again, and just leave a Cockatrix Pendant on her. Return to the Underking and he'll send you on another quest. The party will return to metrolia first, and Luciana will have another dream. You'll probably recognize the npc in the dream, which spoils the surprise. Cast grand protection twice, razor sun and then hyper flare until it's dead, it will drop a Dabaki Pepper. If Luciana wasn't immune to basic elements his spells would be very strong. Luciana awakes and Day 7 ends.

Day 8 - Footsteps

Buy the Mad Man's Sun from Baretta.

----Main Quest----
Go to the old shack(1 west of the underking's castle. Talk to the Beholder inside twice, then push the barrel out of the way and enter the parasite basement. Fire does excellent on enemies down here, the Evair Daggers you bought earlier do more then teandal with 2 swings. Check the various containers for a Necrotear and the chest for a Zapoo Diamond, Bull Skull and 771pp. Go downstairs and check the pots for Grey Leaves and go downstairs again. Enter the door to the left and get the Ozor Bandana from the chest before confronting the parasite. Light the parasite up and it will drop a Soul Ore, then get the baloon.

There's a Blank Book and some traps in the shrine to the south, other then that it's empty. Fly northwest to the Castle of Silence.


-Bounty Hunting, Branchu's Heart-
The forest around the castle of silence contains green branchus, which drop the branchu heart. They're numbable, paralyzable and weak to fire. Kill them until you get the heart, which could be a while.

----Main Quest----
Enter the Castle of Silence. Save to the right, go north to the next screen. Enter the firsth south path on the left and pull the lever(#1). Get a Trout from the west chest and continue east and down the second south path. Pull the lever(#2) and go back west, pull lever #1 again to deactivate it and go west down the second path and upstairs. The right chest contains a Whale Lance continue north and upstairs. The brown chest to the south contains a Tyrano Shield. Go back downstairs and take the east path, the chest on the left holds 4 Pet Foods. Continue west and go upstairs, work your way to the lever and pull it(#3).

Go all the way downstairs and take the first south path to the east, kill the npc who drops a Yveen's Nectar and go upstairs. Go upstairs again and take the east path, the chest to the south shows the location of the Guild of Undead. Now take the west path, the chest at the end of the hall contains a Necroleech. Go downstairs and downstairs once more, you should see a blankbook in the middle, and a save point south of that, save and walk south past the point to a secret switch. Enter the east door (the west door is trapped), and pull the lever under the wall(#4).

This is going to be very confusing, but before talking to the boss we need to get a few chests, since lever #4 is pulled now. Go back to the second room of the castle, deactivate levers #2 and #1, then go upstairs twice and get the Diamond Of Zerox from the chest. Activate levers 1 and 2 again,deactivate lever 1 after lever 2 is activated. Then go up the west stairs, then the south stairs and get the chest containing Gate Of Diamond Book and the Isaran Helmet. I haven't found a way to the third locked room chest, in the north stair room, maybe it's a teaser.

The boss is pretty easy, the minion is weak to claw(Heavy Slash) and the lord seems weak to fire. When they die a Bull Skull, the Slasher Rapier, and the Drake drop. Fight off the Drake and he'll escape. Day 8 Ends.

Day 9 - Random's Spiral Into Madness.

Random decides the party needs a rest, and goes directly to the inn. Luciana is waiting for you here, and enhances the plot with the cenodemon information. She rejoins. Now check out Baretta's shop and buy Baretta's Box.

----Main Quest----
My Party: Random, Luciana, Baretta, Guanidia

Buy every medicine you can find, and make sure you save in a new slot, and don't save over it. Talk to the Underking. He'll join your party! Then he'll try to eat you, in true spider killing style like any undead demon king would:

The Underking:
If your using my party and have guanidia and baretta low level like i did, this will be extra tough. He'll Terra Freeze and Shrine Of Yveen you.
Random: Legend Slayer does 999
Luciana: Grand Protection twice, then Hyper Flare does 999
Guanidia: Mind Jaws(to slow him down), Glue, or Meltdown if you had the laz add-on in lp1(i didn't when i imported to 2)
Baretta: Healing items and limitless support items(like the silver amulet)

He'll die and drop the Underking Villa Key. As he dies he sets off a trap, convinently placed under your feet. Enter The Hole...

Ghosts Of Christmas Past:
You'll land in the Hall Of Madness. Make sure everyone has terrain resistant gear on(except guanidia, i didn't seem to have any for him), the blood hurts. Don't use healing items, step north once then south. Here's the list of the ghosts you'll encounter: Torahl, Gudar, Barandos The Red, Balthus Golem, Kirai, empty? (maybe i missed one in lp1...), Orfuls, Mogol, Randhaart, Pelleas, Xarix Carisman, Try to equip 1 suction and water element armor on each member for the Blackhole Worm(Very Strong, actually killed me when i went in unprepared), Dark Souls Guardian, try to equip earth gear before the Gargaryan Beast who drops a Diamond Of Zerox instead of medicines like the others, another empty one(starting to think i used the wrong lp1 save), and finally equip fire gear for the Guardian of the Hall.
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PostSubject: Re: Grogor's walkthrought (full version)   Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:30 pm

Check the left and right cages for a sample of the enemies you'll be facing, then walk onto the save point. Talk to yveen for 30 apricots and medicates. Save and go north. The Underking and Dagayel'rr will ambush you. Kill UK first, Dag is harmless. When they die the UK will drop his spare key, and Dag will drop another Bromium, which i assume he craped after seeing you again. Continue north to the next screen.

The metal beacon will heal you, the nw chest contains the XP Sphere. As you continue north a Doom Eye abducts Luciana. Before you chase after them, let random kill those flying bird things for +1ATK/HP each. Now continue north and take the west path. Go south, check the left door for +1ATK, the right door is a trap, left door2 has nothing, right door2 has +10 non-perm mp(it heals 10mp), left door3 is +1280 xp, right door3 is another trap. Continue west and south for a Shadow Ring, then backtrack east. Continue north and save.

Take the west path. Go south and west to meet Life, who fully heals you, west to meet Pain, who hurts you, and north/west to meet Death, who kills you if you bother her. As far as i know the 2 doors by death are just trap teasers. Go down the west hall, and pull only the second lever. Go back east to where the bull things were and get the Basilisk Ring.

Exit east and then take the east path(save first). Follow the path, check the east door for +375xp. Continue west, in the north room you'll see 5 small control panels, turn the other 4 on with the top on and then:

Choose your Bonus: The NW panel is +2MP. The NE panel is +1 Level(You Have Chosen Wisely, Indy). The SW panel is Fresh Wave taught to your current party members(cool and crappy at the same time). The SE panel is Berserk status(You Have Chosen Poorly). I took the perm 2mp, levels will come in time and fresh wave isn't that useful when you have so many medicines.

Continue west and get a Horizon Ring then go north, the door is empty, the chest contains the Aluminum Gear Helmet. South east of that is the Shra-Kem which is very important for the Guild of Unknown if you didn't have the Crown of Celestine, like me.

Backtrack to the save point. Go north to the next screen, the metal beacons heal you but each one causes a status ailment, the farther you go the worse the ailment. The computers right next to the illusions are slightly hidden enemies. Go east into the room and kill the computer, do the same with the west room. Go back to the illusion room and fight by the illusion of your choice, i did Wendala.

Save and go north to the Path of the Damned. The blood on the path isn't like the blood we seen before, it's very powerful. Heal after each step once you've entered the path. If the screen goes dark, stand still. If your lucky you'll land on a Full Recovery Beacon. Check the right door at the top middle of the path for a Tonic Stone. On one of the tiles in the path is a Tonic Stone a screenshot of where it is, is HERE. Once your past the path a creature will spawn behind you, don't try to kill it it keep going like a energyzer bunny. The save point is a trap, you can save on it, but it is a trap. Use it at your own risk, if you do use it:

The Torture Maker
Numb effects him rarely, and Madness is much more effective.
Unfortunately for me i don't have love me this time(madness side effect). So here's what i did almost on pure luck.
Random - Over Magnet Defense twice, then res sword as needed, then legend slayer.
Guanidia - Mind Jaws multiple times to slow him down. (if you have meltdown it probably works wonders)
Baretta - Died a few times, used silver amulet on random when not dieing.

I used a good amount of Necrotears on this battle. Continue north, the chest contains the Morph Shield, go north kill the wannabe vampire and go to the next screen. Save immediately, and avoid walking through the gates unless you feel like exploring risky areas with possibly no return. Walk around the gates. The 3 west rooms are empty, the top room of the eat 3 has a secret passage, but don't enter it yet. Go north, you should see a small hole in the wall west of the doorway, enter it with Guanidia.

The chests contain 25722pp, Zapoo Diamond, Pyro Ring, and Heaven Javelin. Go west to the last door, enter it, save, and go down the right staircase. You should see a black box that says mystery sword, wait about 10-20 seconds, the screen will turn green and the Sword Of Scrolls will drop from the sky! Equip it on Baretta. Note: at the moment there's a bug that can allow people to get 2 sword of scrolls, you weren't intended to have 2 though, normaly the sword would only drop for players who didn't get it in LP1. Go back outside and enter the center door. Check the southern cabinets against the walls for 4 Yveen Tears.There's also a hidden passage next to the left cabinet. Enter it and get this loot from the chest, Moskaa Apple, Ocean Love, 93612pp, Mind Leecher, Rainbow Dress, Pinnacle Ring! Now talk to Magdalena. Luciana will attack you, defend and heal until she snaps out of it.

Magdalena will poorly attempt to finish the job, kill her(the sword of scrolls rules her, even on baretta) and she'll drop about 22Kpp(i'm not sure if this was with find gold or not), and a Diamond Of Zerox. Luciana is freed from the trance before going to the Outer World with Magdalena. Go south past the scorpions, and now go back into the west door. Save, and kill Ozur, he'll drop a Soul Ore. Save, don't open the chest it's a trap and i don't think it's disarmable by Baretta. Now go to the east door and enter, you'll find a Ogre Blood under the left wall. Kill Drachknor, but don't step south after that. Go north into his back room, get the Inferno Scroll and Red Bone and save. This next part will take practice, get the inferno chest and run south out of the room. If you hit the Shocker trap, it's too late, just start again. If you do it exactly right, you'll hit the hyper flare trap when the clock in on 1, hold south and you may or may not escape, depending on how close you were. The chest contains 3 Gloomy Mushrooms and a Necrotear by the way.

Go south and save.(don't enter the gates) Go to the third room on the east side, in here is a secret passage in the north wall, and then the east wall(save point here), then the south wall. On this screen there's two entrances, one is west, by the south wall, the other entrance is 2 north of that and west. Take the one that is 2 north, then go all the way west and south to King Duncan the II:

Conciousness, Dead Mind x9
Dead Minds use Defense and Rainbow Tsunami. Conciousness uses a variety of mind and mp sucking spells. This will probably be the longest battle you fight. Very Important: Guanidia's Carnivor Water can shock the dead minds, the conciousness can be clashed but don't worry about him.

Random -Teandal Glory, Silver or normal attack the first dead mind every round.
Guanidia - Meltdown if you have it, glue if you don't, then Carnivor Water every round.
Baretta - Baretta's Box twice, normal attack the first dead mind every round.
Luciana - Lord of the Dance when you can, healing items, unlimited items like silver amulet.

After the dead bodies are dead it should be easy. Use apricots and necrotears as neccesary.

Upon death they Give 25000 Exp, 11Kpp (not sure if i used double or not), and an Aurora Diamond. On top of that you get +20 Mind. Random ends the encounter, with the quote everyone is thinking.

You can now save again and leave using that blue teleporter, killing the 3 gods unsealed it. This part is hard to explain, read the slab. Once you start up these stairs you can't stop for more then a split second or you'll be teleported to a endless staircase. About halfway up the screen will change, don't worry just keep going, you should see a floating Sarah(ignore it) and a chest on the right. Start going up the staircase, on the 2nd tile from the right, you should bump directly into the chest, open it and quickly run right/up. It may take quite a few tries but the Yux Shield is worth it(thanks Omarlobo). If you did it right you'll eventually reach the top. It should take you 3 minutes max.

Zoo and Mirabelle will be waiting for you, they'll drop the Demon Ring. Work your way out of the castle backwards, you got all the items already so all you have to do is walk out, through a horde of angry minions wanting revenge. Restock on necrotears since your by the shop, also. Luciana will bust down in door in the way, except the orange gate bug, but if you followed this guide that won't happen to you.

When you get back to the main room, north of the entrance, there's a bug you can use to avoid a fight with Orghandi Assassin the cenodemon, use the teleporter to reach the dungeon where you found the hammermark armor, and egress out, behind the assassin(Note: i'm not sure if this fight is required, i never skipped him). The assassin will drop a Necroleech when he escapes.

Return to the king in metrolia, Rigaldo will enter mid-conversation. Random and Sarah will meet in the royal garden after that, where Sarah will be abducted by Royal Lawn Gnomes and taken to the evil tower. The madness ends with Day 9.

Day 10 - Choose Your Destiny.

Buy the Striking Amulet, another great speed item from Baretta.

-Side Quests and Misc Stuff-
Go to the inn, on the second floor talk to the minotaur(it's not neccesary though, as Seether pointed out to me). There's also a giant in the se corner of the second floor. Remember to restock on items. Join the Guild of the Unknown if you haven't already(the Shra-Kem) and get their quests. As you exit the town you'll see Jezzie, a friend you saved in Rillia in LP1(You Did save her right?).

Outside Metrolia Rigaldo will tell you how to reach the southern lands. First go to the Pirates Coast, and go north one screen then west onto Batabog's ship. He'll join you and bring 55155pp, Warrior Nectar, and a Heavy Astronium Axe. Pass the rocks, add Herasia to your party and enter the shop to the right. Colossus helmets are fairly nice, there's a Blank Book in the right doorway, go north through the left doorway and let Herasia catch the racoon for a quest. Add Wendala to your party and enter Merlin's Art, just south of the shop, ask him to paint you and he'll do it for free if you have Wendala with you.

Enter the house of pleasure, a little NE of where you are, talk to Natasha and you'll get a sidequest. Check the chest for 118pp and go to the next screen. Get some more pp from under the plant, and talk to Isabelle, she's willing to pose for the sculptor, so you can return her to him in metrolia anytime to finish that quest. Get an Arabian Jewel from the chest and leave.

Enter the house to the east, check the north wall, north of the right piano for a chest containing a Zekaf'l Rahomion Book. Now go SW to the Dragon Guild. Talk to Iris, she'll say you need a recommendation.

Go south to Tongo-Boga. Talk to the east npc and let him in your HQ. The house north of the sign has about 70pp. Talk to the man blocking the north path and he'll let you pass(you should have the boar quest from the fighter's guild). Go north, kill the boar, quest complete. Teleport to Metrolia and get Baron rank in the fighters guild, talk to the rank npc again and he'll recommend you to the Dragon Guild.

Return to the dragon guild and join, talk to the right npc to get 3 Crusader Swords. Talk to the bottom left npc and he'll give you a training quest(it's not the orc gym north of here), talk to the lord and you'll be asked to clear out the minotaur coast, next to lucida tower, talk to the npc east of him and you'll get a quest to kill the Dark Knight, who's near the Shrine of Yveen that had venom lycoses in it. If you sleep at the dragon guild inn luciana will have another dream. Your party will be empty after the dream to remember to re-add members.

Go west to a cave in the mountains, Rigaldo mentions a dangerous dragon has settled in it, which is true. Enter and go up the waterfall to a chest containing the Long Lost Memories Book. Then attack the dragon:

Algae Dracosphere
You'll be numbed for a few rounds at the start. Mostly he'll use moderate attack spells.
Random - over magnet defense, legend slayer
Luciana - grand protection twice, shield herself, nash and wendala
Nash - usually clashed from the necro spell, mass crush, savior nail, heavy slash
Wendala - luciens smile twice, metal slash
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PostSubject: Re: Grogor's walkthrought (full version)   Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:31 pm

Algae Dracolich
His second, more dangerous form, his name will stay dracosphere but dracolich seemed more appropriate. He'll use Life Annhilation, Brain Destruction. (this is what lucianas shield was for) He's weak to fire, even nashs firestorm and wendalas alpha night done 999. He's Shockable.Upon death he drops a Red Bone. This is dragon #4 of the 8 cave ones.

Go south of the cave and follow the road west to another dragon's nest:

Djelgardian Rock
He's easier then the previous dragon, sorta. He normal attacks, bites, and uses some powerful spell(usually, he didn't use it on me this time so i can't tell you what it is).
Random - legend slayer
Luciana - lord of the dance, razor sun, hyper flare
Nash - mass crush, heavy slash
Wendala - metal slash

You should crank out enough damage to not even need defensive spells. Now enter the tree by the dragon cave. The small cave down the stairs contains a Yveen's Tear. Go west to get a Red Headed Kid(Ace). Continue along the path and you'll be out. Don't enter Algae-Terra yet, that's the main quest.

-Armanis(Minotaur) Coast-
My Party: Random, Luciana, Wendala, Nash. Suggested Party: Random, Luciana, Batabog, Anyone(actually batabogs slayers are so useless i can't even recommend bringing him, unless you want his slayers for the coliseum)
Enter the coast, next to lucida tower. Kill every minotaur you see, the one who acts innocent is lieing to get the element of surprise. Minotaurs are numbable and deathable, use ice. The southeast chest holds 7221pp(?). Work your way into the cave, kill Argodus and he'll drop a Xarisman Tusk.

-The Black Knight
Enter the tree next to yveen's shrine, on the east screen get some pp under the tree(once again missed it, bad day for pp heh), farther east get 342pp. Follow the path and get a Dragon Mushroom behind the knight. Attack the knight:

Arazom d' Avaren
He's a toughie, quite an arsenal and fast.
Plan A:
Random - over magnet defense, legend slayer
Luciana - shield everyone but random, grand protection twice
Nash - Mass Crush, Savior Nail
Wendala - Luciens Smile, Melee up a few times, Metal Slash

Plan B: is Plan A without the protections, Arazom has low hp so it's possible to kill quickly him instead of protecting up. Upon death he drops about 15Kpp and Valancia.

Return to the dragon guild to complete those 2 quests and get 2 new ones.

----Main Quest----
Save in a new slot, then go to Algae-Terra. The top right house contains Lava Obsianite and Ocean Conch. The middle house is a shop/inn, go downstairs and let the guy by the wall into your hq. Go backupstairs and shop for 4 drakon belts, 2 elven shoes, 1 acid sword(maybe), and 2 or 3 wormcoats, and 1 or more salcerium armor. Check the medicines she sells and as your leaving she'll offer a Yveen's Nectar for 12k.

Enter the left house, go downstairs before talking anyone and get a Legendary Scroll, Talysma Roots, Luba's Outfit, and Cryzalis. Go back upstairs and talk to Luba. Long conversation, everyone chimes in(except guld? he doesn't even think to himself as Herasia does). Cut to the cenodemons, a traitor is keeping a eye on the party, unfortunately it's already obvious who mr magic man is.

====3 -Dazer Begins, choose your partys====
My parties were as followed:
Random - Sarah, Wendal, Leanda(Dark)
Luciana - Sandy, Nash, Baretta (these 3 play roles in Lucianas quest, they weren't randomly chosen)
Luba - Guanidia(Meltdown), Coryool, Jezzie

Guld is a reasonable replacement for Baretta since you'll find all(i think) the secrets on here without her, although Baretta's Atomizer spell(level30) can play a big role on a certain boss.Herasia is semi-useful, but batabog, chaz, and lisa typicaly aren't worth using. Don't take Nash on random's quest, there's a bug that permanently removes his gear, and he can't reequip it.

You can wait until after you start each persons quest to equip their party. When your done leave and save in a different slot. Personaly i went with Lucianas 3-d first, for untold reasons(airship lets you get alot of extra stuff early, and you can de-equip and do the last fight gearless easily, now they're told reasons).

===Luciana's 3-D Quest===
Start by going to Metrolia. Get a new bounty from the fighters guild, for a Elephanpottame Red Toe.

Enter Berkillast Manor(12). Check the right cabinet for a Savior Page. Harvey wants you to be rank2 in the mage guild, coincidently you already are.

-The Airport-
Now leave Metrolia and enter the building at the SW corner. Once inside, west has a Crusher Ring. Go east and you should see a lever behind a south door, Sandy can open the door. Pull that lever, continue east and pull the next lever.

Backtrack and go south. Go west to pull another lever, go east to get 3 N-Bombs from the chest. Continue south and pull the levers both east and west. Go south and down the stairs. The chest contains the Chainsaw Lance. Go south and southwest to a savepoint and a chest with the Laser Mouth Fists. Backtrack to the stairs and go east, take the lower path at the split and then go south to a chest with Astrobalt. Backtrack to the stairs and go up the leftt north path(the right one is a dead end), go west to a chest and get 337pp. Continue north and then east to a save and Phoenix Feather. Press the small button on the path north of the save point.

Backtrack to the stairs and go west, the 2 north doors are openable by Sandy, open the first one and press the floor button. Go west to the next door and go north into it for 5 N-Bombs, Steel Coat, Metal Circle, and 3 Laser Guns. Go back Upstairs. To the West, Sandy can open the 2 doors to the north, but that's a dead end, continue west to a chest containing a Tonic Tea. Backtrack and go east, Sandy can once again open the door to the north, but first go east and get the chest containing 2555pp, now go through the door and get another chest with 2 Medicates and 2 Phoenix Feathers.

Backtrack, you should see a save point south and 2 open doors, one west, one east. Take the east door and go all the way east to a chest with a N-Bomb, then take the path north of where your at. Take the far east hall for a chest with 16 Spheres and 5 MP Replenish, take the other hall to a save point. Go north and downstairs to a chest containing a N-Bomb, don't bother going south, just dead ends.

Backtrack to the first save point, the one before the door, and take the west door. Go all the way west to a chest with the Beta-Halo Shield and 2 levers, pull both levers. Go back and north, walk past the oil containers and they will explode. A Heart Of The Town is under the radar dish. Go north, the east path has a save point, continue north up the west path. The chest contains 6 Laser Guns.

Go downstairs, the chest contains the Hi-Jacker. Continue south, pull the lever on the left or let Sandy open the south door. Get the Tonic Tea to the left, and let Sandy unlock the door again. Pull the south lever, the chest has a Phoenix Feather, east has a save point and the Zero-Don Ring. Go downstairs twice then upstairs. The 2 chests contain 3 Laser Guns and 2 N-Bombs. Check the control panel, to find out you need special crystal gems to run it.

-On the way to Crystal Palace-
Go south to Tongo-Boga(77), you should notice the rock is cleared, continue south. Go east to the coliseum(70), have a look around, and get another bounty quest . Go north to the town of Babo'Komo(69) and talk to everyone, the medusa is part of one of the unknown guild quests. One of the npcs will sell you a Key to the Dark Order Shrine. The inn contains the Korago Collar.

Now go south to the check point(111), the clown on the right will teach Luciana and Sandy the shooting stars spell, it can be taught to a few others members also. Pay the toll and enter the building on the left, buy the Miranda Helmet from the npc. You may remember Borgon from the coliseum, the top team coliseum winner. This is purely a guess, i don't plan on trying it, but maybe he gives a reward if you can get more wins then him while he's still at the checkpoint.

Go south to the bridge in the forest(110), get the 2 Dragon Mushrooms. Continue south and enter the small area in the center of the forest(109). Walk around the slaughterers, and check the barrel for 13 Oranges, 21 Coconuts, and 37Ananas. Be ready to run, because when you open the chest the slaughterers chase you. The chest contains 2 Mayuca's Winters and 2 Predator Gloves. If you get caught use the snore pendant and legend atomizer.

To the north is another dragon cave(118), inside is Razor Mouth, who is blindable, and the Light Sword. Upon razor mouths death he drops the Warrior Nectar. Continue south to the shop(116), and buy 5 Mind Killers, 1 Head Cutter(un-needed), and 1 Ozur Shield. Equip the mind killer and damnation ring on sandy to make her very fast and strong.

Now go to Palambo(117), a npc to the left will join your hq. The lone vegetable in the lower right is a Talysma Root Keep the aldebard sword in mind for later, enter the house next to it and check the barrels for 868pp. Enter the top right house and check the barrels for the Tartan Helmet. Talk to the npcs, one of them gives you the code to the Crystal Palace(115)(Code =15510). Day 10 ends for Luciana.

Day 11 - The Hourglass Is Turned
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Age : 29
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I\'m : Unstable
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----Luciana's 3-D Quest----
No need to stop by barettas shop right now, if you have her with you.

Enter the Crystal Palace(115) with the code 15510. You may notice you start in the black area, and can walk west/east along the walls, remember that but for now go north downstairs. Take the first west path you see and go downstairs to a chest with a Ebony Lance. Go back and take the south path, then east past the downstairs(empty room).

In the large open room go north to the wall with the waterfalls then east into a narrow hall with a hole and blood at the end. Heal up and enter the hole:

Lupanda x3
They'll use alot of group hitting spells. They're paralyzeable, weak to ice.
Luciana - grand protection twice, bed of icebergs
Baretta - bed of icebergs
Sandy - shooting stars
Nash - savior nail, firestorm

On defeat they'll drop a Marlin Egg(maybe none, maybe more? think it's random off each one). Heal up and go at them again. This time they die, and for me, 2 Marlin Eggs dropped, so i assume it's a random drop off each one. The cave is empty, we were just getting eggs.

Go back down the hall and SW in the large room, you should find some stairs with a chest of 4 Medicates behind them. Go downstairs and all the way west, the chest contains 3655pp and a Phoenix Feather. Backtrack or egress to the entrance, and walk around the room in the black area. Go north, get the chest on the left with 2 Sharks and go upstairs.

Follow the path upstairs again. Go south and get the Cryzalis from the chest to the left, continue south/west/north and go upstairs. The chests on this floor are empty so just continue up once again. On this floor the south room has a save point and a chest with the Xanthou Axe. Continue along the path to a npc blocking the way, perhaps i'm the only one confused by the conversation but i never remember meeting this npc everytime i've played. Kill him, continue upstairs and get the chest containing a Lycose Pearl and Diamond Shield.

Continue south and up the first north path to a chest with the Hammer Of Nature. The second north path is empty, the fourth has a npc who talks about how things used to be. Go up the third path and get the 3 Crystal Stones from the chests. Cue cenodemons scene. Egress out after you have all 3 and return to the airport. Go back to the main control room, heal up and use all 3 crystals:

XR-Giga 999
The body is silencable, head is clashable(Mind Killer on Sandy)
Luciana - magma wall twice, omega bolt
Baretta - bed of icebergs twice, legend atomizer
Sandy - shooting stars twice, normal attack
Nash - firestorm twice, mass crush

On round 2 only the main 2 parts were left. On death it drops a Raw Scaloide. Check the control panel and go north. In this room check the control panel again. Now you have the airship and most of the world has just opened up to you.

-Exploring and Looting-
I'm going to try refering to #'s on dragonhunter's world map, as it's too large to give simple directions.

First go to 123, enter it(if you have Nash). Nash will crush the puny ants, walk all the way east and into the north room for an Azura. Now leave the cave, you should see a 2 tile island se of the cave, land on it and walk onto the north tile. The chest on this screen contains 4686pp. Go north to the next screen in the shallow water(look closely), back here you'll find the powerful Dirai Kulha Claws. They swing twice but drain mana, i put them on Baretta and gave the sword of scrolls to Luciana.

Next go to 124. Go upstairs run south past the ghosts. under the south wall you'll find Yveen who gives you +3 speed. Leave here and go to 105 to get a sidequest, then go to 100. Get the 163pp behind the plant and enter the house. Buy 1 Boboka Nenuphar.

Next go to 93 and get the Heart Of The Town. Next is 22, unfortunately there was a flaw in my plan, i was going to get the 100k from the building behind kranko during 3-d so you'd be guranteed to have the money required in the upcoming main quest, but you can't enter the building behind him during 3-d.

Dragons ahead:

Evil Drake(114)
I honestly can't advise doing him this early, however he's numbable and paralyzable, so that makes him alot less difficult. He'll slash you before the fight, lowering your hp alot.
Luciana - grand protection twice, magma wall and/or omega bolt, necrotears/apricots(same items on all 4 members)
Baretta - legend atomizer
Sandy - slash up on luciana so she goes before the drake
Nash - mass crush twice, savior nail

Ice Dragon(96)
Use fire obviously, i didn't notice any weakness to ailments.
Luciana - razor sun, hyper flare
Baretta - legend atomizer
Sandy - healing items
Nash - mass crush twice, fire storm

Terror Of The Sea(127)
He ranks up there with the Evil Drake and Drachknor. He'll cast water cone, water madness, bed of icebergs and shrine of yveen to boot. It's weak to thunder. It will do a pre-strike like the Evil Drake.
Luciana - shield herself/Nash, omega bolt
Baretta - legend atomizer
Sandy - speed up, items
Nash - mass crush twice, karma treat if Luciana didn't shield him, fire storm

Upon death he drops a Diamond Of Zerox. The traps disapear from his lair, the tablet in the back of the lair can be read after 3-d, by a upcoming character.

----Luciana's 3-D Main Quest----
I think that ends the exploring for now, there's more stuff to do but it's not as reasonable. Line the airship up with Calambro(72) and fly straight east, Luciana should spot the legendary island. Land and check the mountain west of the cave for a secret area, inside is a Red Headed Kid(Damian). Enter the town and let the north fairy join your hq. The skeleton in the left building lets you sleep for cheap and has a Red Bone in a pot. The right house has a Trout in a pot. Leave and enter the cave.

-Unknown Cave-
Follow the path north and west, check the pile of wood and Luciana will mention building a raft. Day 11 ends suddenly.

Day 12 - The Last Grain Falls.

Go east and down the first south path(not the exit one). Check the empty cart for 28 Nails. Go back north and east, get some pp from the guarded chest. The second south path is empty, the third has a save point, continue east to a chest containing the Meteor Bracelet. Leave the cave and go into town, enter the right house and talk to the npc for rope. Go back to the wood and build your raft.

Equip one terrain-immune item on each character and board the boat. Those strange fountains of water you see are enemies, a very few of them have some items in them. I'll come back and cover the items later, since one of the characters get 45xp slayers from these Simselias. Sail north and west to the next screen.

On this screen sail west and south down the first path, land on shore and the first chest contains Obsidian Armor. Sail farther SE to the second chest, containing Bromium. Return to the main path and continue west and south down the next path. The chest on the lone island contains 2 Trout. Land where the zombies are on land(just west of the chest), and pull the lever along the south wall. Go NW of the lever into a cave in the west wall, go all the way east for an Astrobalt and north for Alchemy Recipe #5 in a chest, then return to the raft.

Now sail north all the way north and east into a narrow waterway. Sail all the way east to a wooden gate, go to the southern edge of it and attempt to sail east:

Easy to kill, doesn't need a strategy. Can be silenced.

Continue to the next screen. Sail east to a land mass with a cave on it, enter the cave. Proceed north to the pyramid.
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Grogor's walkthrought (full version)
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