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 : Balthus Caves, last two

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PostSubject: : Balthus Caves, last two   Fri Aug 17, 2007 11:46 am

The first maps of Balthus' caves are on Pastor Tim's walkthrough, so I will only post here the ones concerning the end of the Balthus' caves.

Take care, the monster here are really nasty. Always take your best party and keep it with full HP with Sarah. This way, I survived long enough to chart the whole map and kill the bosses with a global level of 37... You should then be able to survive long enough to do what you have to do and then... leave

Location A : That way, you will come back to the Three Chests Area.
Location B : This is an Orb of Fire, and you will have to fight it in order to go through the door. It is quite easy to defeat it, I even didn’t need Luciana and its #Protection.
Location C : You will find some Bromium in this crate.
Location D : From this chest you will get 5 000 gp.
Location E : In this pot, you will find a scroll of Mayuca’s Winter.
Location F : There is a Red Parsley in this crate.
Location G : The book Shaking The Ground (400 Oth) is hidden in this chest. It teaches #Earth Smash.
Location H : You will get a Medicate by opening this chest.
Location I : This chest beholds a Tonic Tea.
Location J : From this barrel, you will get a Foxglove Bulb, an Indinera Conker and two others ingredients.
Location K : In this barrel is a Sky Diamond.
Location L : You will find a Shiny Page in this bookshelf.
Location M : You will get three Medals from these two chests.
Location N : This torch is warm and friendly, so that all your party will be restored…
Location O : There is an Apricot in this pot.
Location P : You will get an MP Revival from this barrel.
Location Q : Here is Xerberus, the legendary Hell Hound, tamed by the mighty necromancer that lives here. Xerberus is not that hard too, using or not Luciana’s #Protection. Once you defeated him (1000 Fam), you can access to the hugest stairs of the game.
Location R : You will find another Self-Will Belt in this chest.
Location S : Here is Kirai, the one responsible for all those slaughters, experiments,… You can choose to make a pact with him or to attack him. I have chosen the second option. He is not so difficult, or let’s say he didn’t cause me any problem. I killed him while I thought it was only beginning... Anyway, once he is dead (2000 Pre), you will receive a
Necroleech (300 Oth), and you can now access to...
Location T : Here is a girl that has been held captive for years by Kirai. You will free her (1500 Her), but don’t #Egress now if you think you are done... She will talk about Kirai’s Secret Lab, and you still didn’t visit that place... So let’s go to ...
Location U : Walk under the waterfall to access Kirai’s Secret Lab.

Location A : This exit leads back to Kirai’s Lair.
Location B : The Celest Curse Ring (500 Oth) is lying on the ground.
Location C : If you choose to open this bloody chest, you will find … a monster. And a big one, much more difficult than Kirai and Co. I advise you to have some Royal Pirahnas, since you could use some more than once... Once this Blackhole Worm is dead (1000 Fam), it will drop a Necrotear.
Location D : All the chests are locked, but if you have Lisa with you, she will unlock the blue one. You will find the book Critivial Behaviour (700 Oth), a Using Inner Energy, 3 Necrotears, a Dom Scroll, a 666 Scroll (400 Oth) and a Flare Scroll.
[Do NOT leave the cave before you get this one, Lisa will be saved and you can't open this chest anymore]

Location E : You can save childrens (1500 Her) held by Kirai, and it has something to do with the north-west corner of the lab... I let you find how by yourself.
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: Balthus Caves, last two
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