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 Sankt Leona Inn Walkthrough with MapsMaps

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PostSubject: Sankt Leona Inn Walkthrough with MapsMaps   Fri Aug 17, 2007 9:44 am

Here are my maps of the inn...
SankT Leona Turnament
Go to register at the SankT Arena, location 21 on SankT map. You are so lucky, it is the last day for the inscriptions... ;
After you register, you will see some strange cutscene. But don’t care too much, you ‘d rather go to warn the Prince about the dark cult of Chanterless. Go at the Guard area and try to enter the castle. You can then tell your story. Then, the only thing that you can do is to sleep at SankT Inn.
Once you signed in, you can talk to all your team, and especially wish a good night to Sarah. Then, come back in your room, close the door (hit the key bar while standing on the door), and then save and sleep.
You will wake up with Sarah. She try to know where the noise she heard comes from. Go to check in the corridor as far as you can, come back and check all your room. You should find a friend in the closet. Be however sure to loose the fight... Some have win it and got stucked here...
You are then back with Random, that is awake since he heard Sarah screaming...
The Inn

Location A : Take your friend Guanidia with you in order to see what is happening to Sarah. Given that you don’t sleep with your armor, don’t forget to reequip every item, otherwise you won’t stand even one fight...
Location B : You can save your game with this book, before going to see what is the situation.
Location C : Better careful than dead... If you are patient enough, you can click 99 times on this closet to get 99 MP Reserve... It is up to you.
For now, you cannot go elsewhere than in Sarah’s room.
Location D : This is the lion that has heavily injured Sarah. Kill him before he kills her. You can then take Sarah, but she is so wounded that she can’t fight anymore...
Location E : It is Leslie. He is one of the SankT Guardian. He learns you that the town is attacked, but nobody knows why or even by whom. He will join you to help you to rescue people.
Location F : Kill this lion to save Coryool. He is unconscient, so that he won’t fight with you. He shouldn’t have drink so much...
Location G : Kill this lion to climb up the ladder and access to the Inn Roof.
Location H : This Guardian learns you they have a hard time trying to counter this assault.
Location I : You will find a MP Revival and 2 MP Reserve in this armor. If you have already 99 MP Reserve, use two before clicking on the armor, otherwise they will be lost.
Location J : Kill these two lions to get Leanda. She will fight along with you.
Location K : You will find two Tonic Tea on the corpse in the bathtube.
Location L : You will get the Isold Pendant (800 Spe), lying on the ground.
Location M : Luciana is apparently not here. The windows will lead you to the Inn Courtyard.
When you come back with Luciana, you will see that the guardian are apparently winning against the lions. However, there are still lions wandering through the inn.
Location N : Here is Buckley, a friend of Leslie. You will take him to save him with the others aswell.
Location O : You will find 2 Tonic Tea lying on the ground.
Location P : Even if the innkeeper has been slaughtered, you can still save his dog.
Location Q : Killing this lion will allow you to leave this inn.
The Inn Roof

Location A : In this chest, you will find the book Omniastu Lacostia.
Location B : There are 27 Tonic Tea in this chest.
Location C : In this chest lies the Sequoia Bow (500 Oth).
Location D : You will find an MP Revival in this bucket.
Location E : There are 500 gp in this plate.
The Inn Courtyard

In fact, there is nothing really interesting in this map, and it was quite useless to make it.
Location A : You will go back to the Inn.
Location B : You can fight this lion and enter the door behind him, but it is useless. The ladder inside the room is just lying on the ground, and is not leading anywhere...
Location C : Taking this door, you get closer to Luciana.
Location D : You still get closer.
Location E : Kill this lion to free Luciana and allow her to faint.
Location F : Hey !! Don’t forget Herasia...
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Sankt Leona Inn Walkthrough with MapsMaps
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