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 SanktLeona Hospital Maps

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PostSubject: SanktLeona Hospital Maps   Fri Aug 17, 2007 9:13 am

1. Save Point - where you automatically arrive after Inn attack.
2. Sarah
3. Guanidia
4. Shop - empty for now
5. Storeroom - empty for now
6. Baths
7. Man trying to find his wife, Mileen, who worked as a maid in the Inn
8. Ronnie & Turdo
9. Room of unconscious people
10. Leanda
11. Luciana
12. Herasia
13. Cassie & Martina (tonic teas later?)
14. Hospital Patient Info desk - find out where your party members are
15. "Services for Healers Only"
16. Hospital Cards - buy one!
17. "Searching for healers with full MP"
18. Hospital Registration desk - register here
19. Light Teas for sale
20. Free meal with card - choose wisely!
21. Coryool
22. Sandwiches and Bread for sale
23. Library - books to read
24. To 2nd part of Hospital - where you rush to find Guanidia when he vanishes. Wendala is through here, too.

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SanktLeona Hospital Maps
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