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 Sankt Leona and Grandje Proud Walkthrough with Maps Part 2

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PostSubject: Sankt Leona and Grandje Proud Walkthrough with Maps Part 2   Thu Aug 16, 2007 6:30 pm

Location A : The same sign as the one location J of SankT Hills. Going south, you will enter the Gargaryan lands, wich I won’t do for now. I will rather go north to Gandje Proud.
You can also stay near this sign and wander around for parties of monsters to attack you. Not only will you increase your HP, but parties containing Rapzadus randomly drop the Rapzadus Sword (500 Oth), a powerful sword, and parties containing Minotaur Ministers randomly drop Minotaur Braciers (500 Oth). You can perhaps find such monsters somewhere else, but I am not sure they will drop the same item.
Location B : Welcome to Gandje Proud, an Hyspanyel Town...
Location C : The Historical Objects Collector
You will find a Sphere in the North-East chest. By talking to the guy, you can buy or sell items by talking to him about work. If you speak about business, he will look in your equipment if there is an item of any interest for him. I still don’t know what he is looking for... However, be sure to re-equip all your team after talking to him.
Location D : The Hyspanyel Couple
Nothing hidden. The ooze is not very talkative. If only it could be the same for Guanidia...
Location E : The Hyspanyel House
Nothing hidden. You will only learn a bit more about Luciana.
Location F : The Bounty-Hunters
If you talk about work with the man here, he will ask you to kill an elf named Dobuhl-Ag and to bring him back his medal... Let’s keep it in mind and continue.
Location G : The Old Hyspanyel House
Here lives an old man that has lost his daughter, Lauralee. Nobody knows where she is. At the first floor, you can find a Medicate in the barrels, and Lauralee’s Diary, but you won’t read it.
Location H : The Hyspanyel Shop
Here you can by some useless items or be injured (it’s up to you)...
Location I : The Merchant House
Here you will meet one of the most powerfull merchant of Gandje Proud. He is so powerfull that he succeed to erase his picture...
You will also learn about a small path through the mountains. So let’s look for it...
Location J : There is an underground passage beetween the two mountains marked J.
Location K : Same kind of passage for K. Note that you can take this passage from the eastern part of Gandje Proud.
Location L : Same kind of passage for K.
Location M : Here you will find Marco and Wendala Diroslav tomb… And also a lever. And not any kind of lever, but a lever with very long-distance consequences. Indeed, this lever will open the gate of... The Granit Tower.
However, I advise you to continue for now and to go back to Tangar later on.
Location N : The Abandonned Tower
There is nothing to do here for the while. However, perhaps you can come back in some years to enjoy a good meal.
Location O : Going here, you will enter the Minotaurs’ coast, that’s to say Orful HQ... Well, I think it’s now time to kick Orful plans and Orful himself by the way. You will find all the stuff linked with the Minotaur’s war sidequest at the end of this part.
So, let’s go. We will come back later to finish the remaining locations.
Location P : This sign warn you about a beast. If you wonder what it can be, go directly at...
Location Q : Rolland’s House
Rolland is the only man in the whole Gargaryan lands that is courageous enough to officially try to counter the beast. Talk to him to accept the quest of slaying this beast. You will then have to go through the Gargaryan lands and wait for the random encounter with it. Nothing hidden.
Location R : Gargaryan house
Here, a mushroom will learn you the latest gossips about the Beast... Nothing hidden.
Location S : Another Gargaryan house
Some more gossips about the Beast... In a crate, you will find a Cockatrix Pendant (500 Oth).
Location T : Another Gargaryan house 2
You will find 3 Opiums and a Saphir in the barrels of this house. A couple is living here, but as nothing interesting to learn you.
Location U : House of Teleport
You have perhaps noticed tht due to the bad weather conditions, you can’t teleport from the Gargaryan land. You can however set a teleport here for only 150 gp. You can also save your game here. Nothing hidden.
Location V : Another Gargaryan house 3
Nothing hidden.
Location W : Another Gargaryan house 4
You will find a sorcerer barrier (500 Oth) hidden in the barrels.
Location X : If you continue south, you will leave he Gargaryan lands.
Location Y : Another Gargaryan house 5
In this house, you won’t find anything but a grave and a clever man. Could this beast be used by somebody ?
Location Z : Another Gargaryan house 6
Nothing hidden. Some more gossips about Raynald Athors.
Now, all what you have to do is to wander endlessly in the land, waiting for the beast to attack you. You can leave the Gargaryan and come back as soon as you want, the encounter is random. Good luck.
Once you have beatten the beast (1500 Pre), go to announce it to Rolland. He will tell you that the only man that seems strange enough to lead the beast is named Raynald Athors. You will find his warehouse at...
ocation 1: Athors’ Warehouse
It is the same than the location R on SankT Leona map. So, I advise you to go and visit this strange man warehouse. You will find more details about this sidequest at the end of this part.
You can also visit again the houses of the Gargaryan, where people are mostly grateful. Moreover, in the house at location W, now that its owner is dead, you can take the sword lying against the wall in the northern room.
Location 2 : Dobuhl-Ag
Here is the elf Dobuhl-Ag. I think he appears only once you killed the Beast, or Athors. You can kill him quite easily (500 Val), but you will then see that he has no ring. You can go to ask for explanations (and gold bars) to the merchant at location F. If you go at the sage tower before and check your quests, you will have a little speach with Yveen. She will explain you that the elf was innocent and that avenging him is not the right solution. Once you talked to the merchant, you can then choose to kill him, but I won’t if I were you, since you will then loose your Orb score for having killed the elf. If you rather despise him or leave him, you will increase your Orb score (500 Val). I would advise you to leave him, since you then keep the gold bars.
Location 3 : Yveen Old shrine
Only ruins are remaining. Given the size of the site, it should have been a major ceremony place by the past. Nothing hidden.
Location 4 : Old Man House
An old man lives alone in this house. He warns you about some predators that are hunting in this region. It should be interesting to try to know a little bit more about these creatures. Nothing hidden.
Location 5 : Metrolian Guy House
You have already heard about him at the Adventurers’ Counter. He is the guy that challenges you on the number of parties you defeated. He fought against 10 000 parties and your job is to fight more parties than him. Keep this quest in mind for later, since there are some tricks if you want to try this quest. Moreover, if you have fought against to many parties, Baretta will go on vacation and you won’t be able to support here anymore.
Location 6 : Dawn Hunter Nest
The creatures that hunt in this region have their nest here. However, their are really fast and dangerous, and it is one of the three hardest fight of the game !! So I advise you to come here only once you are well-prepared.
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Sankt Leona and Grandje Proud Walkthrough with Maps Part 2
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