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 Location of some characters (Very important)

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PostSubject: Location of some characters (Very important)   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:20 pm

I was wondering when do you get these characters:

And how do I get the rock out of the way.
1 you get him temporaraly as a underking mission then you get him on day 13 hes located on the little opening in the mountains east of meterolia

2 if you saved her in lp 1 and imported she arrives about day 12 if not you must do the witches quest and get her revived you must have zoo speak to the ghost in crypt of 7000 skulls on day 13 and get him to make holy water which shall take one day and on day 14 give the holy water to the ghost to get the book of evil give the witch it and she will revive jezzie

3 if you helped him in lp1 and imported he will come later in the game on a ship you will be notified by a minotaur on the 1st floor on the inn you then must go to minotaurs coast and talk to him on his ship and he shall join you if you didnt import you must get the mighty axe from centaurs fortress and give him it then he will join you

4 if you saved him in lp1 from the evil tower and imported have sarah talk to him then he will join if not either you buy fake skulls on day 4 or 5 from the tribe village (costs 15000) and give him them he shall join but if you missed him then he shall join you auto matically on randoms 3d

5 she joins as part of the story line theres no missing her

6 you must talk to her then buy the medicine in the lone house at the south west of the map in the area covered in forest buy a few then then take them to the spider in mosquito swapm and she will give you a fluid to release rosa

and finally if you mean the rock preventing you going further down they move as part of the story line
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Location of some characters (Very important)
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