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 Granit Tower

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PostSubject: Granit Tower   Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:47 am

This area can only be fully explored after(or before saving the guardians there)Evil Tower.
1st step:Pick up Tangar Curse quest from mayor.Enter Granit.Check the first door.Locked.Egress(or face Red Socks Ninja for the Dark Kjatana first)Obs:Do 1st step as soon as reaching Tangar
2nd step:In Gandje Proud(left of Sankt),click enter on the mountain to the left of the grass southwest of the Gandje area with 4 houses.(if you fail,try talking w/the people there.Someone says something about a "path in the mountains")You will appear in another area close to where you were.Continue clicking in the mountains and eventually you will be close to a cross-shaped tomb
(enter and ckick on the switch there)Obs.Come back here after getting the 13 Cinders quest.
3rd step.Use Crujka Da Lethal(found on the Evil Tower)in Luciana.If you are playing with the addon,you will find another one at Lazandra Library,if playing without,DO NOT USE IT on Leanda or say bye to the ENTIRE quest.
4th step.Go to Granit.The two first areas are simple.In the second area there is a locked door.Click in the tomb next to it to open it.If a fire is blocking you here,use the Yveen Pendant.Its position will reset.In the third area,go north until finding an intersection with 2 roads to the left and 1 to the right.To reach Alphonsus Tomb(13 Cinders Quest) follow the left ones(both reach it but the upper one reaches it a LOT faster).To reach Crisis(a boss in the way of the flame you need to reach),go east and southeast until reaching 6 gargoyle statues.From them,go north/northwest until reaching another set of gargoyle statues,10 in total,a little separate from one another,forming a 3-2-5 formation(*** * * *****).From them continue north west until reaching ANOTHER set of gargoyle statues,a set of 6 in vertical.From them go a little northwest.You will find a miniboss,Crisis and a pillar.Kill Crisis.Check the pillar.Egress.
5th step.Go to Tangar.Find Almos.Simple Directions:Frpm the Entrance,go up the 2 stairs,them up the right stair to the left of the doorway.Then go east and down the 2 stairs.There are 2 doorways here one with a statue to its right and other* to its right.Enter the *one.Go east then right in the grayish floor area then move along the spiral here.Talk with Almos and return to the flame at Granit.
6th step.Almos destroys the flame.Luciana learns Ark Freeze.Click on the whitish pillar.On the other area,go north west and activate the switch.Then go east and north in the door you just opened.Go north until finding 2 characters,an gray armored,and a demon-like.Both are bosses.Defeat them both.This door is locked,right?Go northwest and check a weird square in the wall(black,looks like a knight).There is a key there.This key open that locked door.There is a treasure box in the right of this room.Inside this door there is a foe that gives 4500 xp.Train here if interested.You can always come back here.To the right of the locked door there is a marshlike area.Go there only if you want(is prepared) to face another boss.Go back to Tangar and pick your 20.000 with the mayor.Tips for battles below
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Granit Tower
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