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 It may not look strong,but can Game Over you up.

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Kazuya Houzuki
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PostSubject: It may not look strong,but can Game Over you up.   Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:57 pm

Any mob that uses area(hit all) spells can do that.With the Lake Tarantellas and Fire Fires in Tangar as a huge example.There also some mobs that are far more capable than they seem even without actually HAVING a tactic other than attacking.Some foes may also HAVE a area spell and give your slow party a nasty surprise.
Papura(Granit Tower):Genga Storm is no joke....kill it fast or else
Throat Hunter(Shrine of Vankov):Another Genga user.Absurd Att.
Rats of the warehouse:Fast and strong,even with 500 Def/400 Spd heroes.Save before facing them as battles are erratic in there.
Marillion(Minotaur Coast):Low HP,Ridiculous Attack,can OHKO even Guanidia if badly equipped/low Lvl.
Minotaur Minister:Giga Flare,High HP(~1500)and ability to summon 2 more of them to battle.Careful with them.
Demon Wolf:You will face a lot of those as is part of the storyline,Very fast,very high Att,can deal with you fast.
Lake Tarantellas/Fire Fires:As citated above.Can wipe your party if all attack first and all use area spell.Raise your speed,player.
Every mob inside Balthus:Balthus is a Lvl~40 dungeon,so wanderers may(will)find death there if not strategy-wise.Exploiting Balthus take multiple tries,luck and a LOT of patience.
Pit of Fire mobs:Looks commom,some even look idiotical,but they aren't weak.Doom Tower:Massive pain in the arse.Gonna face 2 of em when challenging Lazandra and Friends.Good Luck.
Cherry Hornets:believe you or not,but these weak mobs CAN kill a weak party with multiple,relentless Fire Tempests.
Angel-Like mobs such as Roseanne or Pearlie Girl:Sweet area spell.I already died to a party of those while trying to rush the game...
Rapzadus:will often uses weak and annoying Poison spell.User of Turquoise Tornado too though(also ironically weak against it).
High Priest:Can wipe out your early 10 lvl party.Low Hp though
Indinera Worm:If it attacks,cry for 1 party member.If it rolls on the ground,cry for ALL.
Lone Sisters Island mobs:Same as Balthus.Lvl~40 if sane.Endgame dungeon unlike Balthus though so may not be that hard.
All Tournaments:Foes that need strategy to be defeated.Item usage,right equipment,high Lvl,buffs,healing and skill(or luck:D).Losing to then don't give you a Game Over,though
Giant Lycose in Training Area:2 rushes plus blind and you're toast
Most(if not all)bosses:Same tip as Tournament.Save and try.Didn't beat it/them?Switch strategy.No boss is truly invincible here aside Raynold Athors in the Gargaryan Beast battle.
Incubus:Master Mind hits hard.
Beware dangerous mobs if you know you don't have a way to save(playing at Hard or deep inside a dungeon)and feels that you may be defeated.Stick to another strategy,such as switching party members,healing with Whales/Sharks,changing equipment and if everything fails,*egress,rest,save then return*.Better than GameOver.....*Will be your MAIN strategy if playing in Hard*
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It may not look strong,but can Game Over you up.
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