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 Endgame Ceremony Temporary Fix

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PostSubject: Endgame Ceremony Temporary Fix   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:19 pm

Greetings everyone! It has been a while since I dropped by. As you may have guessed from the topic, I believe I may have come up with a temporary fix for the endgame ceremony when it's Lisa's turn to accept her medal.

Instructions: Download this file-

Now place it directly into your LP3 directory. Say yes when asked to overwrite. Or better yet, I suggest you rename your old file to something like Map0543.old just in case something bad happens. Now, go beat Rixian (Lord knows I killed him dozens of times to test this out!). And HOPEFULLY the game will continue when it's Lisa's turn to get her medal. Voila!

It should be pointed out that this is a TEMPORARY fix. I don't have the original files to work with, I don't know RM2k very well, and more importantly, when you watch the sequence, you'll notice a slight uh... change... =)

I have to apologize though. In order to fix this bug, I did a fairly extensive hackjob on LP3. It's not a perfect conversion, but I can view most of the game in its entirety. Realizing that Indinera doesn't like others tampering with game files, I won't reveal how I edited it, nor will I reveal game information that could easily be obtained through the edited files (such as entire maps or secrets).

Anyway! If you tried out this fix and it works, please drop a line here! =) I have no other means of knowing whether it actually works or not

PS: Don't hold me responsible if your computer blows up, implodes, turns to liquid, or in some way packs its belongings and leaves.

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Endgame Ceremony Temporary Fix
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