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 Little Helpful Tricks for Beginners

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Kazuya Houzuki
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PostSubject: Little Helpful Tricks for Beginners   Fri Dec 02, 2016 9:54 pm

1.Save a lot and don't be rash.Even stupid foes can erradicate your party up.Be careful not to lose 1 hour progress!
2.Whales,Sharks and Fairy Peppers are a must.Buy a lot.You will need them.
3.BE CAREFUL WITH THIS ONE.Pass Lise's quests(BOTH) as soon as she gave you them or you will NEVER get the Love's Amulet(i.e thinking that she will always be there and go to North Tangar to follow the storyline)
4.If you need Tonic Teas for free,grind a little in Merthuns Cave the Adventurers has a good chance of dropping them.
5.The Diamond Jewel(found at Merthuns) can make almost ALL bosses easier even at lower levels(even Tamara,who is recommended to be fought at LvL 25,I defeated her at lvl 20)
6.The same is said for Grokhl Amulet(and if you didn't found yet,Luci Air Cone or Sarah Nymph Para)Most bosses use area spell tactics to wipe out the entire party yet don't have enough MP to be a spellcaster threat(Example:Gudar Extorcion can kill your entire party but Gudar has little MP(~100))
7.Save after Mizabrandeau(Fairy Village)and search for a bush at NorthEast for the exit of the village.You will fight against Monstrous Wine.This mini-boss drops PineApple rarely so if you fought it and didn't got it,then F12 and try again.Do the same with Noble Guardian(Far NorthEast from the village exit,in the middle of an island with a grass square with the middle square empty)as it also drops a PineApple rarely
8.Having difficulty to Lvl Up the frail Herasia?Do so at Tangar Mountains.The trick pots there give good exp(150)good money(1200) all three of them may drop items rarely(Mithril,Nenuphar Ring and Dwarven Gauntlet)and Herasia can kill them with a single Complete Move.Also if you use the Yveen Pendant they will regenerate.
9.At the same Tangar,face Tangar Wyrms for Speed Rings.Sometimes(if not often)Speed is better than the other stats
10.Savage Cockatrix drops Cockatrix Feathers,who are imported to LP3 to sell.Get a few,if interested
11.IMPORTANT After getting the Aygaryan Rapier at Gudar Old Silent Church,equip Random rather than Sarah with it.The Barandos DaMuhl and Aygaryan Rapier duo will help a lot as Aygaryan can hit twice.(the Aygaryan can only be equipped by Random with the addons installed)
12.Be careful with Hard difficulty!The only places with savepoints in-dungeon at Hard is Tangar Mountains,the entrance of Evil Tower, the END of Granit and Orfuls boat(only the loveliest dungeons:D)(if I forgot a few,tell me!)So the save in-dungeon before boss tactic doesn't work here!Be careful and egress,save and return a lot at Hard,lest you die and lose progress!There is a save inside Lazandra Library as well,so save before fighting Lazandra(addon fight only)as it is one of the most difficult battles of the game.
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Little Helpful Tricks for Beginners
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