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 Maps + Walkthrough in Excel

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PostSubject: Maps + Walkthrough in Excel   Fri Nov 11, 2016 6:19 pm

Greetings All
(This is almost an exact copy of my post on LP 1 with some changes.)
I use Excel to do all of my mapping, mostly because I like being able to link forwards and back from map to map, and because it's easy to put in comments to keep me from getting confused.
A while back I had the idea of incorporating a walkthrough into the maps. Since most of the work was already done, basically all I had to do was a bunch of copying and pasting from the walkthrough into the Excel file and then pretty it up a bit (which is done in wide swaths and takes very little time). In fact other then the mapping itself, what took the most time was the proof reading (and I'll betcha I missed a lot). I hope the results are useful to others.
I have no idea if this will work with other spreadsheet programs as Excel is the only one I've ever been forced to learn, but because of the large amount of formatting I'm doubtful. Maybe other members with more experience can help out here?!Ava4UXtn_NI_gTAbdG4Q_tykBMIJ

Donít bother trying to open either file on-line as they are way too big for the on-line version of Excel.
The folder has a marked and unmarked version of the Excel files, also there is the walkthrough that I used and a font folder, Monotype Corsiva (True Type) came on my machine but I'm not sure itís standard on all versions, Ruritania I found on-line, itís only used for the title on the "Start" page so probably not necessary but it looks good. Any standard font should work for the rest of it.
LP 2_marked.xls has the location of all items and areaís of interest on the map in alphanumeric fashion with corresponding information in a side panel. I recommend that the first thing you do is click the link ďAboutĒ on the ďStartĒ page (sheet) where I try to explain how itís laid out.
The unmarked version, LP 2_unmarked.xls, is exactly the same but with only names and links. There are no markings on the maps (except those maps I swiped from others) and no information in the side panel.
Iíll try to answer any questions anyone has, either here or PM me.
Please give me as much feedback as possible. Iíll most likely post a similar version for LPIII. However LPIII is huge and it would be pretty hard to stay motivated if the first 2 attempts donít go over well, also I've never seen anything like what I'm trying here and I'm curious as hell, so please, feedback, good or bad!
I have no idea how long it will take for LP III as I don't have a complete walkthrough for it and I suck at that sort of thing. Nor have I even finished the game so this could take awhile.
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Maps + Walkthrough in Excel
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