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 Bounty Hunting

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PostSubject: Bounty Hunting   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:19 pm

I'd like to see this made into a sticky, but I'll need a little help with all of the info. Bounty hunting can become quite tedious...especially if you have no clue where to look, so I figured a guide might help.

With each returned bounty, each of your party members (active and non-active) receives 1 HP. You also receive bounty points. At first, it might seem that these points are useless, however, ince you become a baron in the fighters guild and go to the top floor, you will find a girl named Djezebel. You can trade in your bounty points as follows.
4 points = 1 Health
3 points = 1 Defense
1 points = 1 Mind

So with all that in mind, get to hunting!

Fighters Guild Bounty Hunting

1. Ivory Wolf Tooth - Obtained on Day 1 or 2. You must complete this before you complete the swamp quest. The wolves are randomly found among the forests surrounding Metrolia. They can take quite a while to encounter, and it takes even longer to obtain the tooth. Fortuntately, these guys are rather easy to beat.

2. Raptor Scale - Obtained on Day 4. The raptors are found in the Terror Woods, located near the Modern Science Institute. A sign on the road should point you in the right direction. I actually got the scale before I was even given this bounty.

3. Branchu Heart - Obtained on Day 8. Walk endlessly around the Castle of Silence's forest. This bounty can take quite a while also. The green branchus can put up a tough fight if you don't exploit their weaknesses (Numb, Paralysis, Fire). They use quite a few spells that affect the entire party, so be prepared. These creatures give 3 Slayer points to Sarah.

4. Elephanpottame Red Toe - Obtained on Day 10. I believe this must be completed during the 3-Dazers, I chose to do it during Luci's. They are only encounterable on Pottamus Island. While it is possible to find it by airship, the easiest way to find them is to use the Teleport Mage in the Mage Guild (I think you have to be Level 3).

5. Mosquitaar Sting - Obtained on Day 13. The mosquitaars are found in the Woods of Lupantha, far south in the world. You will encounter both Dazzling Mosquitos and Dazzling Mosquitaars. Only the mosquitaars have the sting. It can take quite a while to encounter one, and even longer to obtain the sting. I would suggest Random, Nash, Sarah, and Wendala or Jezzie to search for these, as they all get decent slayers off the other creatures in the area.

Coliseum Bounty Quests

1. Dragon King Claw - Obtained on Day 10. Dragon Kings can randomly be found in the forest area just East of Aglae-Terra, Luba's hometown. (Thanks Peapod) Save this bounty until you are on Luba's 3D. The Dragon King, and several other creatures give good slayers to Jezzie and Coryool.

2. Tarku Skins - Obtained on Day 12. Tarku's can be found inside Gonda Tower on the extra 5 floors. In order to access these floors, you must first beat the first 25 floors ten times. Tarku's are a tough battle, so be ready. For assistance in beating the Tarkus, refer to this link.

I just need people to help me fill in everything else. Some of the Bounties I have not yet obtained. I will be sure to give credit to those who help.
Lessee, the Mosquitaar Sting, Dragon King Claw, and Tarku skin are the rest of the Fighter's Guild bounty quests.
I'm not the best source on these but....

Mosquitaar Stings --I believe I found them in the Swamp where they drop stings in random battles

Dragon King Claw--That's the area just east of Luba's Village where the dragons appear and drop claws, once that area opens up in the game and you get Luba

Tarku Skin--once you go through 3 dazers and have the airplane permanently, you fly to an island in the northeastern part of the sea where the Tower of Gonda is, and battle up the tower, with 5 extra secret? levels, find/fight the Tarku, and it drops a skin
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Bounty Hunting
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