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 LPIII FAQ v1.04

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PostSubject: LPIII FAQ v1.04   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:07 pm

thanks to anond for the FAQ and the pics
thanks also to:
Seether (someone has to make the intro and end, after all)

not-yet COMPLETE LP III FAQ [v1.04]

---===Version History===---
1.2 [29.5.05] - Third version done.
Oct 16, 2005 - Fourth version ready (sdanond)

1. Intro [xIx]
2. World Map of LP3 [xWMx]
3. Map of Metrolia [xMMx]
4. Patching LP2 to LP3 [xPLx]
5. Sorgin's Save File [xSSx]
6. How to's [xHTx]
7. LP3 Walkthrough [xWTx]
8. Tough Places in the Main Quest [xMQx]
9. BUGS! [xBGx]
10. Complete Slayers Bonus List & Various Tips [xSBx]
11. Monster Slayer Points [xSPx]
12. Misc. Hints and Tips [xMHx]
13. General Quests [xGQx]
14. Fighter's Guild Quests [xFQx]
15. Wizard's Guild Quests [xWGx]
16. Dragon's Guild Quests [xDGx]
17. Undead Guild Quests [xUGx]
18. Fire Guild Quests [xFGx]
19. Unknown Guild Quests [xUNx]
20. Blacksmith Recipes [xBRx]
21. Alchemy Recipes [xARx]
22. UK Castle Walkthrough [xUKx]
23. How to kill Lord of Roots [xLRx]
24. How to Avoid the Assassin Freeze Bug! [xAFx]
25. Lucida Tower Walkthrough [xHZx]
26. Tips from Grogor [xTGx]
27. End [xEx]

[xIx] Intro {Seether}

Welcome to the not-yet-Complete LP III FAQ!
This FAQ is basically the compilation of many posts made on the LP III Help board, made to keep
all the essential information in one place.

To jump to the Chapter of your choice, simply hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard, and search for
the letters in the brackets next to the chapter you wish to see.
(For example, to jump to this chapter, search for the 'xIx' letters)

On with the show!

{sdanond} *special note: As it was stated, this is by no means complete. It was made by players for players. Therefore I urge you (yes, you!) to add whatever awesome information you come across to help out!

[xWMx] World Map of LP3 {Dragonhunter}

1. Castle of Silence
2. Lizardman Shop
3. Underking's Castle
4. Guild of the Undead
5. Underking's Villa
6. Low Mountain Range
7. Peasant Village
8. Monk Community
9. ?
10. Centaur Fortress
11. Secret place (Zoo is here after the death of the Underking)
12. Church of Incantations
13. Cape Spine
14. Rahan Shop
15. Mosquito Swamp
16. Frog Community
17. Swamp you have to go on quest for frog community
18. Old Shack
19. Ruins of Salisvaan
20. Nova's Den
21. Tressure house
22. Kranko
23. Giants Fortress
24. Rulza-Vana's Shrine (God of Predators)
25. Secret Shop
26. Headquarter
27. Eva Saint (A powerful foe)
28. Metrolian Woods
29. Abandoned Castle
30. Crypt of the 7000 Skulls
31. Secret place (There is a trial for Sarah here)
32. Airport of Metrolia
33. Metrolia
34. Old Shack
35. Drachknor's Lair
36. Ancient Dwarven Cave
37. Guild of Fire
38. Pirates Coast
39. Eastern Pirate Coast
40. Old Lab of the Dark Order
41. Slime Nest
42. Assassin's Den
43. Thieves' Den
44. Silver Shop
45. Prison of Desa
46. Yveen's Shrine
47. Ore Lab
48. Zurabor's House (Demon)
49. Tribal Village
50. Terror Woods
51. Zacky Counter
52. Ronan Shop
53. Breakable Rock (with Batabog)
54. Elliott Darikaar's Home
55. Ant Nest
56. Zombie Drake Lair
57. Modern Sciences Shop
58. Modern Sciences Institute
59. Anderson Guard
60. Zombie House ??
61. Aglae-Terra
62. Mountain Path to Aglae-Terra
63. Algae Dracosphere's Lair (Contains Long Lost Memories Book)
64. Kriir Gymnasium
65. Witch Shack
66. Amabranda
67. Darguur Shop
68. Flower Shop
69. Babo'Komo
70. Coliseum
71. Gargael Mountains (Enter/Exit)
72. Calambro
73. ?
74. Dark Order Shrine
75. ?
76. Pets Shop
77. Tongo-Boga
78. House of Pain
79. Guild of the Dragon
80. Orc Gymnasium
81. Merlin's Art
82. Zchevar Shop
83. House of Pleasure
84. Cult of Evil
85. Nash's Finished Lair (you find a Fire Ring)
86. Woods of Shiron
87. Nash's Lair
88. Feared Castle of Kjeldar
89. Lucida Tower
90. Armanis Coast
91. Angelic Shrine
92. Lantin
93. Cave (Ore hidden here, Azura I think)
94. Baluul
95. Ramon's House
96. Ice Dragon's Den
97. Galofaro Tree
98. Deserted Forgery
99. Secret Place (Rosa is hidden here)
100. Home of Lombardo and Meteorina
101. Assassin Castle
102. Riga
103. Home of Vaarkis, Ancient Lich
104. Traveling Market (One of the locations)
105. Den of the Gerrard's Band (Music group)
106. Home of Karl Ludenborg, Iron Man
107. Muzzil (Teleporter)
108. Lalyula (inn)
109. Legendary Place of Vinyuando
110. Secret place (Two Dragon Mushrooms are hidden here)
111. Southern Checkpoint
112. Home of Artorius, King of Betruska
113. Love Temple
114. Evil Drake's Lair
115. Crystal Palace
116. Aldzarun's Glorious Shop
117. Palambo
118. Razor Mouth's Lair (Contains the Light Sword)
119. Gargael Mountains (Enter/Exit)
120. Ogre Guard
121. Salesman of coconut
122. The Best Fishes from the Ocean
123. Horde of Ants Nest
124. Yveen's Lost Shrine
125. Lucas d'Angelo
126. Glass Rod of Adam
127. Terror of the Sea's Den
128. Gonda Tower
129. Yveen's Shack

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Night Guardian
Night Guardian

Number of posts : 917
Age : 29
Location : The Town of Roses
I\'m : Unstable
Registration date : 2007-08-15

Character sheet
Creature: 1/4 elf; bitten by vampire
Class: Night wielder
Element: Thunder/Dark

PostSubject: Re: LPIII FAQ v1.04   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:09 pm

[xMMx] Map of Metrolia {Dragonhunter}

1. Royal Castle
2. Fighter's Guild
3. Mage Guild
4. The Silver Eagle (First Headquarter to you)
5. Guild of the Unknown
6. Soldiers' Headquarters
7. Museum of Arts and Nature
8. Marquis de Rubalski's Castle
9. Soldiers' Headquarters (Another)
10. Nothing at all
11. Xeltour Castle
12. Berkillast Manor
13. Lansdowne Leynefeeld Manor
14. Bazizka Tower
15. Nothing at all
16. Ronald's Home
17. Alban the Fisherman
18. Lord Zarmon's House
19. The Wise Explorer
20. The Strong Helmet
21. Home of Sandra, Cesar and Cerina
22. Crystal Ball
23. Paul & Cerise Smith
24. Sylvia's Home (+ Mister Teddybear ^_^)
25. Landshire Manor
26. Christabelle's Home
27. Atelier
28. Home of Rachel and Alben
29. Home of Kate and Larry
30. Home of John, Cynthia and Jeena
31. The Strong Man
32. The Family's Joy
33. Duke Van Kerb's Home
34. Souvenirs from Metrolia
35. The Traveler's Sack
36. Home of Sylvenia and Ivan
37. Mc Babbengeld's Amors
38. Macenbo's Home
39. The Cave of The 100 Ingredients
40. Kaleidos World Associate
41. Floyd's Home
42. Yanna's Home
43. Manatar's Home
44. 101 Ingredients
45. Church Under Repairs
46. Home of Rufus and Lynn
47. The Great Treasure
48. Theater
49. Empty House
50. Our Beloved Pets
51. Gods' Smithy
52. Sandour Inn
53. Meal of the 7 Seas
54. Nothing at all
55. Home of Melanie and her 8 sons
56. Nothing at all
57. AKD Studios (Music Recording)
58. Women Armors
59. Lucia Evania, Translator
60. Nothing at all
61. Baretta's Artifacts
62. Evan Evyl, Feather Collector
63. Drembacher Tournament
64. Sariis Dedicated Shrine
65. Teddy's Home (+ his Minotaur buddy)
66. Pets Tournament (in the basement)
67. The Tavern of the Wolf
68. Home of Freddie, Chuck the Peasant and Case
69. Home of Gordon, Reiner and Sam
70. Dan's Tasty Bread
71. Bob's Tasty Bread
72. Home of Reinhart and Glawdys
73. Home of Anna, Morac and Vincent
74. Exit of the city
75. Lone's Home
76. Inn of Bridge-Wall
77. Home of Lansfester, Mina and Papyn
78. Grimbor's Home
79. Home of Frank, Julia, Kirsty and Larry
80. Home of Astea, Malthus, Colin the Peasant and Jesus the Peasant
81. The Hunter's Essential Stuff
82. Baron Anvirs' Home (+Alexandre, Randigard and Ethelia)
83. Jens Bower, Sculptor
84. Yveen Shrine
85. Ancient Treasures
86. Warzel the arm-wrestler's Home (+ Lindsay and Yarus)
87. Gontran's Home
88. Home of Pieter the Peasant, Judith and Thea
89. Bashku's Home
90. Lucinda's Home
91. Adon's Home
92. Yasmina's Home
93. Home of Rupert and Joanne
94. Home of Alison and Darren
95. The Sharp Blades
96. Women's Essential Stuff
97. The Sorcerers to the Frontline!
98. Yveen's Brotherhood
99. Home of Rosa, Hampton, Betty and Sammy
100. Inn of Benediction
101. Big Bazar
102. Ring Shop
103. The Royal Clothes
104. Inn of the Golden Falcon
105. Nothing at all
106. Casino
107. Home of Duke, Courtney, Kirsten, Ronnie and Herc
108. Nothing at all
109. Home of Erika Stafford, Duchess of Verdoux and her son Davy
A. Crystal Street
B. Duncan I Grand Avenue
C. Place Andre I
D. Fantassin Street
E. Tyrine Street
F. River Street
G. Henrik V Street
H. <-- Tavern of the Wolf
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Night Guardian
Night Guardian

Number of posts : 917
Age : 29
Location : The Town of Roses
I\'m : Unstable
Registration date : 2007-08-15

Character sheet
Creature: 1/4 elf; bitten by vampire
Class: Night wielder
Element: Thunder/Dark

PostSubject: Re: LPIII FAQ v1.04   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:10 pm

[xPLx] How to Patch from LP2 to LP3 {peapod}

If you're using sorgin's file to load into LP3, it's going to have different items in your inventory list than what you had by playing LP1 and LP2, because you're using someone elses game files. If you use your own savefile from LP2, then you should see the items in LP3 you obtained in LP1 and LP2 (look for a chest at the inn in LP3).

Whatever destiny in LP2 you finish last---after your characters check their final envelopes to finish that destiny, the game should throw you back to Random's destiny, and he has the chance to open his envelope in his foyer with Guanidia and Wendala standing next to him. Once he checks it, the game gives you a chance to save the file. Do so, and then you can continue on with the credits and find the secret lab for kicks that Damian put in the game, or you can Alt+F4 out and close out the game then.

At this point, you need to copy that file you just saved (whatever slot you saved it in) to the LP3 general game folder. Go into the game folder for LP2 and look at the files--you should see the savefiles which look like this:(save10.lsd) or whatever it says there. Left click your mouse to highlight the savefile while holding down the shift button, then right click again to select copy, then let go of shift button, and click off the menu area to close the right click menu. Now, go look for your LP3 game folder or directory, and right click on the white area in there--the menu should bring up the option to paste the file. Select it, and the file should be pasted into your LP3 folder. Then open your LP3 game and load the savefile vs. choosing start a new game. It should work.

EDIT: Make sure you don't overlevel in LP2 either, or you lose some spells you might otherwise be able to obtain at lower levels in LP3. I think hz8's advice was not to go over level 14 in the LP2 game.

[xSSx] Sorgin's Save File {Sorgin}
I don't know how long it will be up, but here's Sorgin's excellent save file for use with LP3. It is quite a powerful save and will make many areas easier, so use with caution! Place the save file in your LP3 directory. Run LP3, select Load, and scroll down to save 10. Enjoy!

[xHTx] How to... {sdanond}
This section describes various gameplay features you may or may not know about.

How to play in Windowed mode
Tired of looking at the game eating up your whole screen? At any time during gameplay, hit F4. This will switch the game into windowed mode. You can hit F5 to toggle between 640x480 and 320x240. Depending on your OS and hardware, the larger mode may operate slowly. Hit F4 again to switch to full screen.

How to take screen shots
A picture says a thousand words! If you've had the urge to take screencaps of your game, or if you want to report a bug with a picture, here's how to do it. To take screencaps, simply hit the Print Screen key which will capture your WHOLE desktop, or you can use Alt+Print Screen which will capture the current window that is open. Doing so saves data to the clipboard. Open up a graphics application, most likely Paint for Windows users under Start->Programs->Accessories. With the program open, select the PASTE option if you can find it. Then save the picture, preferably with a lossy format like .jpg if you plan to post it online.

[xWTx] LP3 Walkthrough {Grogor}
At the moment, Grogor is the only known person to write a walkthrough for most of the game. It can be found here:

[xMQx] Likely places to get stuck in the Main Quest: {sdanond}

Mosquito Swamp/Underking Castle - For both of these, try either drawing a map or hugging a wall and sticking to it (if you come across a door, passage, or stairs when wall-hugging, go through!). There's no real trick to navigating these areas, but I suggest sticking to the right wall at the swamp. If you can afford to pay the 500,000 to zip your way to the Underking, do not pay the price. Not only is it very much to your advantage to learn the layout of the castle while everyone is still peaceful to your party, but there is a bug that prevents you from completing the game if you don't open one of the doors. For a complete UK castle walkthrough, see Grogor's version located far below or check out his website!

In the Lansdowne Manor, be on the lookout for anything out of place. One candle is a switch in disguise. Or you can save some time by having Baretta in the party. Speaking of which, do your best to get Baretta when you can. You'll need to get her anyway at some point. For information on getting her, refer to the Slayers section below.

Random's 3-Dazer - Lantin's 3rd pillar. Abridged version: First you need some keys. Archibald needs his glass. The glass is in a locked chest in a house to the south (the entrance is a little hard to see; you can only enter it from the North). The key for this chest is in a house on the East side of town, on the floor. After you return everything and get the red key from the chest of drawers from Mulligan's house, go the entrance of Lantin. Go *around* the town walls (not inside the town walls) to find the place where the pillar is stored.

Even after doing this part safely, once inside Angel Town, you'll still need a Propulsion Staff and Wings to fly. The Staff is easy enough to find, but to get the wings, go to the room with a lot of glass floor tiles. Walk to the far South. On the bottom somewhere there is a small gap between the floor and a metal beam (Baretta can spot this gap easily). Hop onto that beam to find your wings! Once you're at the very top and are in a room with only a window and an orb, check out the window to drop down.

Luci's 3-Dazer - The Crystal Palace. When you first enter (code 15510), immediately go left or right instead of up. It's a secret passage to the other sections of the castle that you're required to go through. I strongly advise a party of Sandy, Baretta, and Nash for this 3-Dazer. Baretta will let you see many hidden routes in the pyramid, Sandy will bust through the doors at the airport, and Nash will get you a treasure at the pyramid. When entering the cave to the pyramid, it seems players have problems assembling the raft. The nails can be found in a mine cart (you must have checked out the raft first), and to get the rope, go back outside the cave and talk the elder in town. Go back to the raft and voila.

Luba's 3-Dazer - The Giant's Cell. Once you've been dropped inside a pit, you need to find a way to get out. If you've flipped all the switches, make sure you check all the metal grates carefully. There's one grate where you are supposed to walk *around* it. It's in the Southeast-most area.

In order to get into Bazizka Tower, you'll need the jewels. The thief's accomplice is in the Silver Eagle Inn, he'll pretty much guide you to its location.

Lucida Tower - Make sure your right team is the Rixian-buster squad. Try to stick Baretta in the left squad somewhere so you can spot the Earth Gem's location more easily. The most likely place you'll get stuck is with the right team. If this happens, I commonly hear the middle team may have left a switch unflipped somewhere.

Very Last Dungeon - It's hard to concentrate where to go when monsters keep respawning. Be on the lookout for the largest hole on the second floor of the castle. Once you've spotted it, try to work your way towards it. It helps a lot to learn to navigate the area with an old save when there are no monsters lurking about.

[xBGx] BUGS! BUGS! BUGS! {sdanond}
Here's a list of several nasty bugs you may run across and how to avoid them. Note that minor bugs are listed elsewhere.

The Unidentified Dagger
This applies only to LP2 importers who got the Crown of Celestine. If you were initiated into the Unknown Guild and got a quest to identify someone's possessions, you will be unable to identify the assassin's dagger in the beginning of the game (and therefore be stuck). You can get around this by visiting the Unknown Guild AFTER you've identified the dagger.

Bogus Teleporting
This is most likely to be seen on import games. You may notice some bogus teleport locations once you have teleport magic. Using them will send you to weird locations you can't escape. The best way to deal with this bug is to skip it.

Hydra Cage
In the Mosquito Swamp Temple, there's a particularly nasty Hydra cage that you will likely see. If you try to open it, the game will freeze. The quick way to avoid this bug is to avoid it entirely - it's not necessary to beat the game. But if you wish to nab everything you see in the game, try returning once you've killed the sorcerer. The bug seems to go away by then.

Notable Victories
Don't worry, EVERYBODY runs into this one. In your Dreambook there's a book of Notable Victories and Enemies killed. Some monsters you read up on will cause you to get stuck in an infinite loop. The best thing to do is to avoid reading the books, unfortunately.

Slayer Points have been reset!
There are several reports of characters whose Slayer Points have been reset to zero, namely Sarah's and Coryool's. The main culprit seems to be fighitng Altered Bees, so dodge them at all costs!

Zoo's an idiot?
We're not sure how this one happens, but at some point, Zoo's mind becomes 1 permanently. It might have to do with Mind Killers, but again, we're not sure.

[xAFx]How to Avoid the Assassin Freeze Bug! {sdanond}

I have great news, I found a workaround concerning the pyramid bug! If you've already saved your game before you fight the assassin and the game freezes after you kill him, here's what you do. Backtrack a little and go upstairs. Then, come back down the stairs and find your way towards the assassin. Along the path you'll find a Fireball trap. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GET HIT BY IT. Every time I've gotten hit by the trap and then tried to fight the assassin, the game locks up. If you got hit by the trap, simply go back upstairs and come back down and try again. The game thankfully flushes out whatever bad value is messing it up when you reload maps. After passing the trap safely, the assassin should explode as normal upon death.

*This is actually true of most traps in the game, including the flower-grass puzzle in the Pit of Fire and the Pyramid Cores. In short, avoid traps at all costs - they are likely to mess your game up!

Endgame Ceremony
Sorry to say, this one cannot be avoided (directly). If you are playing a new game from scratch, or you did not get Lisa from LP1, the game will freeze when it's Lisa's turn to accept her medal. This is actually true of anybody you miss, but Lisa's is unavoidable and most likely to happen. To fix this, you will have to send your savegame to Indinera!

The Ultimate Bug
For a quick way to get experience you can bof qwuu ziti dwe* 09 @(*
[Sorry! Looks like I can't tell you what it is!]

My Ultimate Bug
This bug actually lets you walk through effectively any wall in the game, including the ocean. Strangely, I don't think anyone else has run into this bug yet.
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Night Guardian

Number of posts : 917
Age : 29
Location : The Town of Roses
I\'m : Unstable
Registration date : 2007-08-15

Character sheet
Creature: 1/4 elf; bitten by vampire
Class: Night wielder
Element: Thunder/Dark

PostSubject: Re: LPIII FAQ v1.04   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:10 pm


- denotes general note
* denotes a stat boost, or item
! denotes quest that requires this specific character's aid

1 Random
Level 1, 40 - "Cup of Honor," +18 ATK
Level 2, 90 - "Wild Tiger Rule," +20 SPD
Level 3, 150 - +2 HP
Level 4, 250 - Hurricane Spin spell
Level 5, 400 - +2 MP
Level 6, 600 - Echo Sword spell
Level 7, 900 - +2 MND
Level 8, 1300 - Crazy Slash spell

- Can learn 'Change Party Leader' if you recruit Theophistelas. At least you were supposed to be able to learn it. Apparently it's not implemented.
- Can learn to 'Call Linda' if you recruit her from HQ after getting her from the Fighter's Guild. Linda can cure various conditions, most notably sunburn, for a nominal fee.
- If you ever want to kick out someone from your party that won't leave normally, talk to Karl Ludenborg (guy who challenges you to fight naked) and he'll take care of it. Even during the 3-Dazer... (Note: talking to him during 3-Dazer means you CANNOT restore your party).
* When zombified, you can draw the Aldebard Sword.
* Random needs to be strong enough (lv 18?)to draw the Sword of Ages in the swamp.

2 Sarah
Level 1, 40 - +2 HP
Level 2, 90 - Utopia spell
Level 3, 150 - "Elven Mood", +14 SPD
Level 4, 250 - +2 DEF
Level 5, 400 - "Day Of Sunlight," Paralysis Scroll, Yveen's Kiss
Level 6, 600 - "Woman's Adoration," +5000XP to Random, new look
Level 7, 900 - "Eternal Love," +20 Mind, +5 HP to Random
Level 8, 1300 - Hungry Pixies spell

- Depending on your choices in LP2, Sarah can either dual wield (acrobatics/wild), or she will be a more powerful spellcaster (arts).
- If you're starting a fresh game, her ability seems to be randomized, so check your Dreambook or equip Sarah to be sure (I prefer dual wielding).
* Sarah gets a boost wielding the In Go Fileha. You can get this weapon by either answering the elf's call in Bazizka Tower, or having Nash fly you there in the little forest spot by the airport (opens up around the time you can enter Bazizka). You'll need to be venomed or sunburnt when talking to her. Also, due to a bug, if your Sarah can dual wield, it might not be possible to accomplish this...
* If Random gives her Red roses, she gets +2 HP
! Sarah can be given a quest by the Frog Tribe (in between Underking Castle and Metrolia). To kill the spider in the swamp, you'll need to have both Sarah AND Herasia to draw the spider, Teszrandus, out.
! With that quest done, Sarah can enter another quest, albeit alone, in a cave nearby if she has high enough slayer points (level 6). Once inside, she will gain new stuff. You can earn +120 MND if arts, or +50 ATK if acrobatics. If you're up to it, you can challenge the cheating elf who casts razor sun on you.
-Watch out for lawn gnomes!

3 Luciana
Level 1, 40 - "Goddess's Will," +20 DEF
Level 2, 90 - 10 Tonic Teas
Level 3, 150 - "Ruby Eyes," +30 MND
Level 4, 250 - Hat of Wilgomba
Level 5, 400 - +2 HP
Level 6, 600 - +2 SPD
Level 7, 900 - St. Chris Testimonia Book
Level 8, 1300 - Rockworld New spell

- Luci gets Floyd's Beacon spell, which is the only spell that will let you teleport out of places you can't egress. Use that to your advantage, notably in Deep Pit, Metrolia Forest Castle, and Outer World.
* When zombified, she can draw the Glass Rod of Adam from the solitary island in the middle of the ocean.
- Lord of the Dance is a useful way to lower enemy defense. Combined with her Grand Protection, Luci is "The Great Equalizer."
- Due to a bug, if you ever lose Luci (due to storyline), you can get her back by entering in the pet competition in Southeast Metrolia.
- When you get back from the Hall of Madness and have to work your way out of Underking's Castle, Luci will blow through
certain doors. She's so pissed she can't even see straight.
* Earn +5 MND for fighting Pinhead in Hall of Madness
* Gets +2 HP if given Pearl Petunias from Chaz

4 Coryool
Level 1, 40 - "The Strong Ones," +8 HP, +8 DEF
Level 2, 90 - +800 XP
Level 3, 150 - Titan Punch spell
Level 4, 250 - "Glass Tower," +25 MP
Level 5, 400 - "The Council of Rich," +6500 PP
Level 6, 600 - "Sad Monk's World," +35MP
Level 7, 900 - +2 DEF
Level 8, 1300 - "Rock My World," +200HP +100MP +200 ATK +200 DEF for 5 minutes, 2 pieces of equipment

- Not only Nash, but Coryool can also step on ants! This only applies to the ant cave on an island, however. There's not much there either...
* Coryool can knock down a sack on the third floor of the Silver Eagle Inn to net you some early game cash.
* Coryool needs massive HP (est. 800) in order to beat the arm wrestler Warzel in Metrolia. If you fought him and failed, you'll never be able to challenge him again unless you reload.
! Coryool can free Christine from the Dark Order Shrine (note: that's Shrine, not Lab).
! He is also required to team up with Daghmaar (big guy in black armor) from a Dragon Guild Quest in order to open the doors to the House of Pain. Make sure you do this before you drop Daghmaar off in Metrolia to complete your quest.

5 Guanidia
Level 1, 40 - +2 ATK
Level 2, 90 - "A New Star," +5000XP
Level 3, 150 - Spiral Eyes spell
Level 4, 250 - +2 DEF
Level 5, 400 - "Bounty Hunting," 6 rare ingredients
Level 6, 600 - "Growing Fast," +1 level gain
Level 7, 900 - "Killing Machine," Tearer(Terror?) Jaws
Level 8, 1300 - "Star of His Gender," +44HP +22MP

* Guanidia can slip through the cracks as well as Herasia in the Hall of Madness (by Magdalena's room) to snag some items. Baretta will help you see the crack more easily.
* Guanidia can earn +3 HP from talking to someone in Underking's Castle.
! Guanidia can fit through the crack at the Prison of Desa in order to obtain the Red Potion for the Mage Guild.

6 Herasia
Level 1, 40 - "Cats 'n Rats," +62 SPD, new spell
Level 2, 90 - +21 HP, Poison Throat spell
Level 3, 150 - "Cat Pride," New coat
Level 4, 250 - +2 ATK
Level 5, 400 - All Claws spell
Level 6, 600 - +2 ATK
Level 7, 900 - "Growing Fast," +1 level gain
Level 8, 1300 - "Lion Pride," +33 HP +19 ATK

- Herasia is required for a few quests and places to fit through tight cracks and spaces, notably the Hall of Madness, Bazizka Tower, Dark Order Lab
! Help Anyel - Anyel is a cat in one of Metrolia's stores (toward the right side) who will only communicate to Herasia. Once you have Anyel, the place you want to go to is on the far left of the world map. Check one of the houses along that road and talk to the cats. Alternatively, you could talk to the western cat first, but this method is quicker.
! Dog Lost his Mistress - In the shop to the far West, Herasia can talk to a dog who will give this quest. Sylvaine, whom Herasia is looking for, is in the Tribal Village.
! Herasia's the only one who can catch the raccoon in the Zvechar shop. He gets +1 ATK as well for doing so.

7 Wendala
Level 1, 40 - +2 MND
Level 2, 90 - "Dark Queen," +17,000 XP
Level 3, 150 - +2 HP
Level 4, 250 - Panther Dress
Level 5, 400 - Over Phoenix Tsunami spell
Level 6, 600 - "Member of the Doom," undead card
Level 7, 900 - "Working Girl," Fast shoes, +15 HP
Level 8, 1300 - "Final Destination," +20 HP, Carnage spell

- If you can't find her (such as starting a game from scratch), she's located in one of the minotaur crates. Bring Sarah along.
- Wendie is one of the few to learn Melee Up, Lucien spells, and Over Phoenix Tsunami, all very useful. Getting the Undead Card from her pretty much saves you 800,000 PP.
* Wendie can score a bonus along with Zoo by talking to the guy in the back room in the Undead Guild.
* Wendala gets a boost using Magdalena's Bracelet
* You can walk through the painting in Wendala's room in HQ for an item that gives +60 HP.
! She is required to enter Zarmon's Cave (has a red demon guarding its entrance). Once you get Zarmon's Key from there, you can return to Metrolia and open the chest in the house in the upper left corner.

8 Leanda Geomancian
Level 1, 40 - "Stronger," +5 HP
Level 2, 90 - "Stronger Again," +10 HP
Level 3, 150 - +2 HP
Level 4, 250 - "Wiser," +5 MP
Level 5, 400 - "Mines of Sebuunla," Cryzalis and Azura
Level 6, 600 - 30 MP Replenishes
Level 7, 900 - "Better Geomancian," +10 MP
Level 8, 1300 - "Geomancian Story," +57 DEF

- When importing, you have the option of selecting what class Leanda shall be. Geomancian provides Light-based spells and healing. Thaumaturgist provides Dark magic and Boost magic.
- If you're starting a new game fresh (no importing), it appears to be randomized as to whether you get Geomancian Leanda or Thaumaturgist Leanda. As soon as the intro is over, head up to the second floor of the inn to check which one you got.
* As a Geomancian, you can get a free River Dress from a guy on the south streets of Metrolia. Make sure she's in the party.
* Gets +2 HP if given Golden Lilas from Coryool.

8 Leanda Thaumaturgist
Level 1, 40 - "Stronger," +5 HP
Level 2, 90 - "Stronger Again," +10 HP
Level 3, 150 - +2 ATK
Level 4, 250 - "Wiser," +5 MP
Level 5, 400 - "Mines of Lothaar," Bromium and Raw Scaloide
Level 6, 600 - +2 SPD
Level 7, 900 - "Better Thaumaturgist," +6HP, +6MP
Level 8, 1300 - "Thaumaturgist Story," +33 HP

- When importing, you have the option of selecting what class Leanda shall be. Geomancian provides Light-based spells and healing. Thaumaturgist provides Dark magic and Boost magic.
- If you're starting a new game fresh (no importing), it appears to be randomized as to whether you get Geomancian Leanda or Thaumaturgist Leanda. As soon as the intro is over, head up to the second floor of the inn to check which one you got.

9 Chaz
Level 1, 40 - "Tyrean Art," +16 ATK
Level 2, 90 - +2 ATK
Level 3, 150 - Sword of Nojan spell
Level 4, 250 - "Pride of the Greatests,"(sic) +3 Lvl +18 ATK
Level 5, 400 - +2 HP
Level 6, 600 - "Glorious," +132000 XP, Tarush Helm
Level 7, 900 - +2 MP
Level 8, 1300 - +2 DEF?!!!

* Chaz gets a boost using the Mighty Sword

10 Nash
Level 1, 40 - Heals party full
Level 2, 90 - +2 HP
Level 3, 150 - Savior Nail spell, 5 Ocean Loves
Level 4, 250 - "Big Druk," +40 HP
Level 5, 400 - "Drukku Good," G-Wave
Level 6, 600 - "Drukku Bad," +2 Mind
Level 7, 900 - "Drukku Smart," Map to Legendary City (game says West, but it's actually East of Crystal Palace. Guess he's not *that* smart)
Level 8, 1300 - +2 ATK?!!!

- If you imported and saved Nash from an earlier game, just bring Sarah to recruit him. He's located just south of Metrolia, looks like a gray dragon. Talk to him several times to be sure.
- Otherwise, you'll have to go the Tribal Village and rake in 150,000 in PP to afford the skulls that Nash needs. This occurs on one of the later days when you are able to enter the Village. Do NOT reject the skulls or you will never be able to buy the skulls again. If this happens, you will find Nash again later during Random's 3-Dazer.
- Be careful of a bug in Angel Town. There's a spring that removes equipment, and it will remove stuff on Nash who can't put it back on.
- Not only Coryool, but Nash can also step on ants! This only applies to the ant cave on an island, however. There's not much there either...
* Nash gets a boost being with Sarah
* Nash is the only one who can knock down the XP Sphere in the Ore lab (in the room with the fairy and ore). He can do the same thing in the Pyramid with a treasure chest on a pillar.
* Nash can get you to the small spot where Sarah gets her In Go Fileha.
* Make sure you get to level 7 slayer. The city has many bonuses for animals, and the Nenula Code.
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PostSubject: Re: LPIII FAQ v1.04   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:11 pm

11 Sandy
Level 1, 40 - "Lightning Girl," +22 SPD
Level 2, 90 - "Aurora Present," +10 HP, Yveen's Tear
Level 3, 150 - Dazzer Dazzer
Level 4, 250 - +2 MP
Level 5, 400 - "Athletic Girl," +50 HP
Level 6, 600 - +2 ATK
Level 7, 900 - +2 Mind
Level 8, 1300 - "Luxury," 10 Nature Diamonds

- You'll find Sandy at the Giant's Fortress, West of Metrolia. You don't actually have to slaughter the giants to get her. Make sure you save her before it's too late (by letting too many days pass by).
- Sandy can pick locks on doors in the airport! This saves you lots of time; you could bypass a whole floor entirely.
- Of course, Sandy has possibly the most useful spell in the game, Vision. You can basically save anywhere for the low cost of 9 MP (5 with an item that halves MP cost). She learns this spell in the late level 20s.
* Bring Sandy to talk to Duchess (one who loses her jewels) to gain +10 ATK
* Sandy gets a bonus for "stealing" the bard's money at the grave site North of Giant's Fort. She gets an additional bonus for giving the extra cash nearby.

12 Lisa
Level 1, 40 - "Benevolent Gift," Pineapple
Level 2, 90 - Slash Up spell
Level 3, 150 - +2 HP
Level 4, 250 - +2 HP
Level 5, 400 - "Colosseum,"(sic) +60 HP
Level 6, 600 - +2 HP
Level 7, 900 - +2 HP
Level 8, 1300 - "Warrior's Blade," +31 ATK

- Lisa arrives automatically if you saved her in LP1 and imported.
- Otherwise, you'll find her in the Metrolian Forest after a certain part of the world is on fire.

13 Zoo
Level 1, 40 - "Slasher Hands," +25 ATK
Level 2, 90 - "Rock Demon," +17 DEF
Level 3, 150 - "A New Body," +18 HP
Level 4, 250 - "Predator," +13 SPD
Level 5, 400 - +2 SPD
Level 6, 600 - +2 DEF
Level 7, 900 - +2 DEF
Level 8, 1300 - "Exploration," Map to Palacia

- You can recruit Zoo on Day 13 after you do Bazizka Tower. He's in a little spot in the mountains (need airship).
- Palacia is bad news. Make sure you're ready! There are good rewards when it's done
* Zoo can score a bonus by talking to the guy in the back room in the Undead Guild.
! Zoo is the only one who can communicate with the ghost in 7000 corpses (he can also talk to another ghost in one of the underdeveloped villages, but the ghost is an idiot). Make sure you do it on Day 13 so you can give Zoo one day to make the Holy Water. You get a Book of Evil in exchange. The book is used to revive Jezzie if you didn't save her or import.

14 Luba
Level 1, 40 - White Spear spell
Level 2, 90 - Lamyent Spell
Level 3, 150 - Workruyur spell
Level 4, 250 - Saint Trondor spell
Level 5, 400 - Enmba spell
Level 6, 600 - +2 MP
Level 7, 900 - "Ancient's Wisdom," Soul Ore, Stunning Attacker weapon
Level 8, 1300 - "Aglae's Pride," +33 AT, +10 HP

- Luba can see ancient gems on the ground. There aren't very many though. Gems add +1 HP
- Luba is the best at MP draining. Lamyent works wonders. Saint Trondor is also a useful spell as it cuts through defenses, dealing 999 damage even with a Mind Killer equipped!
* If Zoo gives her Ocean Petals, she gets +2 HP
* When you're ready, fight the Galofaro Tree for insane rewards. Try not to fail, you've only got one shot.
* Earn 18 SPD for learning all the Ancient Spells (slayer 5) upon toppling Lucida.
! Luba is the only one who can deal with the Final Eye properly during the Fire Guild Quest.
! Luba is the only one who knows the Dwarven Code.
- Watch out for her betrayal!

15 Rosa
Level 1, 40 - "I Love You All," +1 HP to party
Level 2, 90 - "I Love Diamonds," Diamond of Zerox
Level 3, 150 - "I Love Fruits,"(sic) 6 oranges 6 coconuts
Level 4, 250 - "I Love It," 2 Nenula's Powders
Level 5, 400 - +2 MP
Level 6, 600 - "Snowy Thoughts," Mayuca's Winter
Level 7, 900 - "Tough Fairy," +21 HP
Level 8, 1300 - "Do It!" +2 HP and +2 MP to party

- Rosa can be found in the far South. You'll have to enter a small spot surrounded by mountains. She's stuck in a spider web, so to save her, buy some Boboka Nenuphar from a shop nearby, zip over back to the swamp, give it to the giant spider, and ask it for the item to release Rosa.
- Rosa's unique ability allows her to uproot more save points in the game. It's not nearly as useful as Sandy's Vision, but it can come in handy.
- Rosa's attack is more powerful than many might think. It hits every creature, and does it twice with a pretty high critical rate. It can also add status ailments. She can end up doing massive damage (1998 damage to all). On the downside, it does lowered damage (down to 0) to certain creatures. Mind you I used a lot of items and got her attack power well beyond 600!
* Rosa can read the slab on the wall on one of the island caves. Doing so gives a MP boost to the party.
*Rosa can touch the green gem in the Pit of Fire to give the party +20HP, +8 MP

16 Alessandra
Level 1, 40 - +2 MND
Level 2, 90 - "Sexy Girl," 2 Rainbow Diamonds
Level 3, 150 - "Secret Gift," +2 HP to Coryool
Level 4, 250 - "Pretty Woman," 1 Diamond Jewel
Level 5, 400 - +2 HP
Level 6, 600 - Seduction spell
Level 7, 900 - "Gifts," Heaven Cries scroll, Gates of Diamond book
Level 8, 1300 - +2 MP?!!

- Alessandra can be recruited after Lucida Tower. She'll be in the Lone Wolf Tavern. You don't even have to read the letter she sends you (get a funny comment if you do it this way). While I can't be too sure, I believe it is possible to get her before Lucida tower...
- An impressive number of males will talk to Alessandra. Most won't give her anything though. =(
- While she has zippo MP, if you can get it up, she is one of the most efficient spellcasters. For 1 or 2 MP you can inflict comparable damage to a lava wall.

17 Guld
Level 1, 40 - +2 HP
Level 2, 90 - Retriever Jaws
Level 3, 150 - "I Love Her," +2 SPD, Sandy +2 all stats, Sandy +1 level
Level 4, 250 - "Wild Dog," +20 HP
Level 5, 400 - +6 ATK
Level 6, 600 - "I Love My Mistress," +5 HP
Level 7, 900 - "Digging in the Dirt," 5 Red Bones
Level 8, 1300 - Last Chance spell

! Guld is the only one who can effectively capture the blue-headed minotaur.
* Guld gets a boost being with Sandy.

18 Batabog
Level 1, 40 - +15 HP
Level 2, 90 - +2 ATK
Level 3, 150 - +2 ATK
Level 4, 250 - "King's Sack," +2000 PP
Level 5, 400 - "King's Benevolence," +2 HP, +100 XP to everyone
Level 6, 600 - +2 DEF
Level 7, 900 - +2 ATK
Level 8, 1300 - "Minotaur Kingdom," Ax-Death, +1 ATK to everyone

- Batabog arrives on his ship in one of the later days. You'll be informed of it at the Silver Eagle Inn.
- If you're playing a new game, you'll find him NE of the Minotaur Coast. You'll have to retrieve a mighty axe from the Centaur Fortress for him.
* Batabog is the only one who can smash through the rock on the far West of the map. Keep him in the party to finish off what comes after the rock.

19 Jezzie
Level 1, 40 - "Illness Survivor," +39 HP, +21 ATK, +25 DEF (wow!)
Level 2, 90 - "Body Reinforcement," +10 ATK
Level 3, 150 - "Body Reinforcement #2," +10 DEF
Level 4, 250 - "Body Reinforcement #3," +10 HP
Level 5, 400 - "Body Reinforcement #4," +10 SPD
Level 6, 600 - +2 ATK
Level 7, 900 - "Song of Heroes," +20 ATK, Full Recovery, +7000 XP to party
Level 8, 1300 - "Getting Better," +1 level gain

- If you saved her on an import, she'll come on her own.
- Otherwise, talk to a witch in a shack in the southern lands. The witch asks for a Book of Evil in order to save her. You can get such a book by having Zoo make Holy Water for the ghost in 7000 Corpses on Day 13, and finish making it on Day 14.

20 Baretta
Level 1, 40 - +2 DEF
Level 2, 90 - "Explorer of Nowhere," Goddess Ring
Level 3, 150 - +2 Mind
Level 4, 250 - "Explorer of Her Past," Ore, Map of Xavier's Dungeon (by Giant's Fort)
Level 5, 400 - "Passion Woman," Fruit of Mist, Pink Apricot
Level 6, 600 - "Time to Fight," +22 HP, +100 MP to party temporarily
Level 7, 900 - +2 ATK
Level 8, 1300 - Rolling Wind Spell

2 Quests +2 HP
5 Quests +55 SPD +6 MND
9 Quests +9 MND
15 Quests +15 MND +5 SPD

- Recruiting Baretta requires 100,000 for importers who got her.
- Otherwise, you'll have to offer to do a quest for her to retrieve a Dynasty XI bracelet in the Giant's Fortress. The bracelet is in the far North of one of the floors, on a table. Be sure to check carefully. She'll still charge a large fee to get her to join.
- Baretta is a required character. She's the only one who will get you inside Lucida Tower.
- While she can disarm traps, she can't do it all the time. Even at level 50 with max stats, some traps will go off no matter what you do.
* If you check Baretta's slot machine enough times you can rake in some bonuses.
* This isn't specific to Baretta, but there is a secret passage on the top floor of the Lansdowne Manor that even Baretta can't see. You have to walk through a wall going up. It's only 3 Dabaki Peppers.
* You can use Baretta's Restore Item magic on Baretta's Box or Kerikera's Orb
! Baretta will get you inside Xavier's Dungeon. Inside, you can obtain the Ultimate Bread Recipe for Dan or Bob's bread shops.

21 Scott
Level 1, 40 - Mercenary's Pride, +10 ATK
Level 2, 90 - +2 ATK
Level 3, 150 - +2 SPD
Level 4, 250 - "Band of Brothers," +3 ATK to party
Level 5, 400 - "Getting Sicko," New equipped weapon
Level 6, 600 - +2 HP
Level 7, 900 - "Great Mercenary," +5 HP, +5 ATK, +5 DEF
Level 8, 1300 - Yveen's Kiss

- You can get Scott at any time by jettisoning any party member and going to the Lone Wolf Tavern (in the South streets of Metrolia) and then talk to him. He'll charge a fee, and you can't change his equipment, but for a non imported game, he will probably be your best fighter in the early levels. You can keep him as a permanent member after finishing Lucida Tower. Simply come to the tavern and recruit him.

22 Van Helsing
Level 1, 40 - +2 HP
Level 2, 90 - Holy Sanctuary spell, HP/MP restored
Level 3, 150 - "Learn to Be Fast," +3 SPD to party
Level 4, 250 - "Bow Legend," new bow equipped
Level 5, 400 - "For the Love of Her," +23 HP
Level 6, 600 - +2 ATK
Level 7, 900 - +2 HP
Level 8, 1300 - "Unraveling Past Glories," Legendary Scroll, Heaven Cries scroll

! Van Helsing is located in Lantin. You can find Anna in Riga (it's South of the Southern Checkpoint). You can begin this after 3-D. When you bring VH with you to Riga, she'll be gone. She's been carried off to the Anderson Guard (NW of Riga). Finish that quest. Later in the game, after Lucida Tower, you can keep him permanently. He'll be in Lantin after certain parts of the world are on fire.
* Van Helsing gains bonuses from talking to the Yveen's Brotherhood. You'll have to do this when you first get Helsing. The Brotherhood is located in Metrolia, near the center.
* Van Helsing is the guy who can do stuff with the isolated monks up North, surrounded by mountains.
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[xSPx] Monster Slayer Points {Lycaryth}

- Location numbers are based on DragonHunter's world map
- I am only adding respawning creatures and random encounter creatures as this list is meant to help level up slayers. I won't add locations where the monsters do not return because I have already cleared many of them and don't wish to restart the game just to check those.
- icon_exclaim.gif If a name is between '(' and ')' brackets, it means this character may SOMETIMES get slayer points from this creature. How often you get slayer points like that seems to be very variable.
- icon_exclaim.gif I doubt I will do more places than this, the list is mostly if you wish to level up slayers early in the game.... if you want more places/creatures, do a topic search in the forum.

- Characters tested in this list:
Random, Luciana, Sarah (Arts), Coryool, Guanidia, Herasia, Guld, Chaz, Wendala, Sandy, Nash, Leanda (Geomancian), Baretta, Lisa, Jezzie, Batabog

- Characters NOT tested:
Zoo, Luba, Rosa, Alessandra, Scott, Van Helsing

First is a list of creaters and who they give slayers to, then a list of characters and who they get slayers from...


*Respawning creatures*

Fire Ant
- Ant Nest (55)
- 126 XP - 0 PP for 3
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Coryool, Nash
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Guanidia

Rubbish Rat
- basement of 52 / Giants Castle (23)
- 2 XP - 2 PP for 1
10 XP + 1 Slayer:
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Herasia
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Sandy

- Mosquito Swamp (15) / Eastern Pirate Coast (39)
- 6 XP - 3 PP for 1
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Wendala
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Herasia
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

Lady Fireball
- Pit of Fire
- 165 XP - 0 PP for 1
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Sarah, Leanda Geo
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Baretta
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Luciana

Fire Thing
- Pit of Fire
- 112 XP - 0 PP for 1
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Luciana, Leanda Geo
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

*Random encounter creatures*

Around Metrolia:

- 8 XP - 40 PP for 2
- 16 XP - 80 PP for 4
- May drop Potatoes
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Chaz
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Coryool, Lisa, (Guld)
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

Lash Wolf
- 6 XP - 10 PP for 2
10 XP + 1 Slayer: (Sarah), (Chaz), Sandy, Guld
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Herasia
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

- 11 XP - 11 PP for 1
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Sarah, Wendala
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Herasia, (Guld)
45 XP + 3 Slayers: (Coryool)

- 11 XP - 6 PP for 1
10 XP + 1 Slayer: (Chaz), Guanidia, Guld
20 XP + 2 Slayers: (Herasia)
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Coryool, Batabog

- 5 XP - 30 PP for 5
- 4 XP - 24 PP for 4 (if one runs away)
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Sarah
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Guld
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

Roll Boll
- 16 XP - 22 PP for 2
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Wendala, (Chaz), Guanidia
20 XP + 2 Slayers: (Lisa)
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

Ancient dwarven cave

M Lady Blue
- 52 XP - 0 PP for 1
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Luciana, Sarah, Baretta
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers: (Sandy)

Frogus - neither inflated
- 66 XP - 22 PP for 2
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Guanidia, Herasia
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Sandy
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

Frogus - one inflated
- 88 XP - 22 PP for 2
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Guanidia, Herasia
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Sandy

Frogus - both inflated
- 110 XP - 22 PP for 2
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Guanidia, Herasia
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Sandy

West of Metrolia, passed the river (near the Giants Castle)

Giant Skeleton
- 18 XP - 12 PP for 3
- 30 XP - 20 PP for 5
- May drop Tonic Tea
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Random, Chaz, Leanda Geo, Lisa
20 XP + 2 Slayers: (Coryool)
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

- 60 XP - 21 PP for 1
- May drop Randigard
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Random, Sarah, (Guanidia), (Herasia), Chaz, (Sandy), Jezzie
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Coryool, (Lisa)
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

Lone Ogre
- 55 XP - 17 PP for 1
- May drop Trout
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Chaz, Jezzie
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Coryool
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

Black Lady
- 5 XP - 0 PP for 1
- 15 XP - 0 PP for 3
10 XP + 1 Slayer:
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Sandy
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

- 47 XP - 12 PP for 1
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Herasia
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

Blood Angel
- 18 XP - 0 PP for
10 XP + 1 Slayer: (Random), Sarah, (Chaz)
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

Terror Woods (Forest south of the Giants Castle)

- 155 XP - 18 PP for 1
- May drop Raptor Scale
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Sarah, Coryool, Guld, Chaz, Lisa, Batabog
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Random
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Nash, (Jezzie)

- 303 XP - 30 PP for 1
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Sarah, Chaz, Lisa
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Coryool, Wendala, Baretta
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Random, Nash, Batabog, Jezzie

Raptor + Tyranodon
- 458 XP - 48 PP for 1 of each
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Sarah, Guld, Chaz, Lisa
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Coryool, Wendala, Baretta
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Random, Nash, Batabog, Jezzie

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Reversed List:

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Giant Skeleton, Orkus, (Blood Angel)
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Raptor
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Tyranodon, Raptor + Tyranodon

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Fire Thing, M Lady Blue
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Lady Fireball

Sarah (Arts)
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Lady Fireball, (Lash Wolf), Carnassier, Troll, M Lady Blue, Orkus, Blood Angel, Raptor, Tyranodon, Raptor + Tyranodon
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Fire Ant, Raptor
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Rogue, (Giant Skeleton), Orkus, Lone Ogre, Tyranodon, Raptor + Tyranodon
45 XP + 3 Slayers: (Carnassier), Calisphere

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Calisphere, Roll Boll, Frogus, (Orkus)
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Fire Ant

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Frogus, (Orkus), Shrepeil
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Rubbish Rat, Mosquito, Lash Wolf, Carnassier, (Calisphere)
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Lash Wolf, Calisphere, Raptor, Raptor + Tyranodon
20 XP + 2 Slayers: (Rogue), (Carnassier), Troll
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Rogue, (Lash Wolf), (Calisphere), (Roll Boll), Giant Skeleton, Orkus, Lone Ogre, (Blood Angel), Raptor, Tyranodon, Raptor + Tyranodon
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Mosquito, Carnassier, Roll Boll
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Tyranodon, Raptor + Tyranodon
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Lash Wolf, (Orkus)
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Frogus (if neither inflated), Black Lady
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Rubbish Rat, (M Lady Blue), Frogus (if one or both inflated)

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Fire Ant
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Raptor, Tyranodon, Raptor + Tyranodon

Leanda (Geomancian)
10 XP + 1 Slayer: Lady Fireball, Fire Thing, Giant Skeleton
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

10 XP + 1 Slayer: M Lady Blue
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Lady Fireball, Tyranodon, Raptor + Tyranodon
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Raptor, Tyranodon, Raptor + Tyranodon
20 XP + 2 Slayers: Rogue, (Roll Boll), Giant Skeleton, (Orkus)
45 XP + 3 Slayers:

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Orkus, Lone Ogre
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers: (Raptor), Tyranodon, Raptor + Tyranodon

10 XP + 1 Slayer: Raptor
20 XP + 2 Slayers:
45 XP + 3 Slayers: Calisphere, Tyranodon, Raptor + Tyranodon


[xMHx] Misc. Hints and Tips{sdanond}

So far I have found these books as translatable:
Omniastu Lacostia - Imported
Book of Egidon - Imported
Yuman's 5000 Laws - Fire Shrine
Universalis Dogma - Gottwaldeyr
Royal Encyclopedia - Royal Library/Imported

Coliseum Solo Wins:
16 - Story of Golems, Zaereus, Scattered Memories (books)
20 - Milk of the Brave, Cat Berry, Boka Boka Root
10,000 - Yveen's Power (just kidding)

Be sure to use the Laxius Breaker when fighting Rixian. While the first form can go down without using it, the second form ends up regenerating 19998 HP a turn even without his guardians, which is far more than the damage your party can do in a single turn (7992 max damage if lucky).

Yveen hides herself in some locations and gives you bonuses if you find her. Of particular note: Mosquito Swamp, Underking Castle 1st floor, Bazizka Tower.

Get +10 HP for participating party members for finding all of Gwancho's 9 Books of Power
Get +20 MD for finding King Duncan's hideout. It's in the Hall of Madness
Get +55 MD for finding Dave's secret hideout, Sandy earns +45 HP, +35 MD, and +25 AT. If you're wondering how to get there, it involves a quest that is bugged =)

Jemsa raises the Red Apricot Tree for you (sort of). She's in the Nenula Villa

In order to progress in the shrine to the east of the Monks' training grounds, the Gothwick Sceptre goes in the rod slot. This item is imported from LP2. You get 2 spellbooks inside. There seems to be a bug concerning the Sceptre. Even if you got it in LP2, it doesn't port over to LP3, so it's not possible to do this.

If you have been zombified, there are at least two locations who will gladly fix this affliction. Check either the Undead Guild (if you are high enough) or go to the witch's shack, the one who can revive Jezzie. Undead Guild is much cheaper.

There's a secret 5 extra floors in the Tower of Gonda, if you beat it enough times.... (10 times or so). Doing so lets you fight the elusive Tarku, where you can obtain Tarku Skins for your bounty hunting.

You can find a hole in the Silver Eagle Inn if you recruited Allen from Lansdowne Manor and waited enough days. However, there is no known key (or dungeon) at the very bottom.

You'll want to wait long enough in the "Mystery Sword" room in the Hall of Madness to obtain one of the best weapons, the Sword of Scrolls.

Answers to the I.Q. Test:
1. 0, 3, 8, 15, 24
2. DOG is to GOD as CAT is to TAC
3. 1 + 2 + ... +101 = 5151
4. 5 in binary = 101
5. GREEN is to GRASS as BLUE is to SKY
6. 1 is to 1 and 2 is to 22, 4 is to 4444
7. 10, 9, 7, 4, 0
8. FEATHER is to EAGLE as FISH is to SEA
9. 40% of 40% of an item is 16%
10 Seconds for cat to reach mouse? Less than 1
11. RUN is to WALK as TALK is to WHISPER
12. Seconds to catch? More than 4

[xGQx] General Quests {sdanond}
*Note: Some general quests have been listed under the slayers section. This is to prevent much overlap in information.

Slay Mazurine - She's a slightly different-looking fairy in the Mosquito Swamp. As soon as you talk to her, she'll try to kill you. Once she's dead, though, there's no one to talk to claim the reward... (Sister Beinweil who resides in the Fairy Cave doesn't say anything new).

Save Henrik - To get out of Deep Pit, you'll need to have Luci's Beacon spell. First place a beacon some place outside of the pit. Once inside the pit, cast the beacon spell again to recall yourself to a location outside of the pit. Problem solved!

Jens Needs Inspiration - You can find Isabelle in the House of Pleasure who is willing to pose for Jens. Just bring her to Jens in Metrolia and the quest is done.

Restore Yveen's Vase - The Yveen Brotherhood asks you to put the vase on the alter in the shrine. Nothing too hard, but if you're having problems with the Venom Lycoses early on, they tend to drop dead from death spells and effects.

Retrieve Barnes' Pendant - Barnes in Lantin lost his pendant in Angel Town. Look carefully for it. It's in one of major rooms, be on the lookout for its string.

Bring Blanchard to Her Husband - Her husband is in the Institute, so talk to her at HQ and she'll tag along.

Recover Yasmina's Armor - You can find Yasmina nearby the Silver Eagle Inn. Her armor is in the Dark Order Shrine, on a table. It helps to have Baretta to see it. You can choose to keep the armor or give it back for some ore (Heart of the Town).

The Beast - Assigned by the mayor in Baluul (in Lannion lands, Southwest of Institute). Just keep fighting in the area. I found him on a snow background. The party will recognize it immediately and will have a speech, indicating you found it.

There's a follow-up quest soon after. The new location that opens up is far South, below the Galofaro Tree.

Find a girl for Filibert - Grun, the old man by the throne room, will assign you to find a suitable girl for the spoiled Prince Filibert. While Alessandra or Wendala won't make the cut, you can find the girl you want, Antonella, at Lalyula Inn, in the South by the teleportation point. Bring her back and talk to Grun again.

Find the Dwarven Weaponsmith - He's in the Dwarven Cave. You'll need Luba because she knows the Dwarven Code. The subsequent dwarven statues are scattered. It helps to have Baretta with you, as she can indicate whether you've already activated one or not.

Gerrard's Band - To find a place for Gerrard and his band to play, you need to talk to the Bard on stage in Metrolia's theater (the theater is on the right side of Metrolia). However, there is some sort of wall that prevents the player from going on stage to talk to him, so I do not know if this quest can be completed normally. Gerrard, by the way, is in the far South, by the teleportation site.

Find the Legendary Treasure - Not sure where this comes from, but most people complete it without knowing. o_O

Beat Karl Ludenborg 10 times - Since you don't get equipment (except a few lucky people/animals), magic is a good choice. Karl is in the far bottom of the map. Even after you claim your reward, the questbook doesn't show you completed it. =(

Merlin's Paintings - Just pay him to make paintings, he'll do the job over time. Merlin's shack is just after you pass the first rock into the Southern lands. Get a special painting with Wendala!

Bellenue's Seals - You can only do this quest when part of the world is toast. Bellenue is the girl in Lantin who you were too busy to do a quest for (though quite frankly you still are... ). A new location opens up, go there, kill the assassins, get the seals, and return.
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[xFGx] Fighter's Guild Quests {sdanond}

Slime Nest - Nothing overly difficult here. Cast Egress when stuck. Make sure to note the Blue Yveen statue in here. If you get caught in Deep Pit (you'll know it when Random says how deep it is), you're permanently stuck unless you have Luci's beacon spell (learn on Day 13).

Assassin's Guild - Pound your way through. Make sure you do it early, it gets shut down quickly.

Rescue the Duchess - Avoid the Giants (don't engage them in combat!) if they're too strong for you. Make sure to do this one early too.

Give Package to Ubacca - Lady Samford, curiously enough, does not exist, though Ubacca is in Baluul. This is a broken quest.

Anvir's Recommendation - He's in one of the Metrolian houses (by the river), but he wants you to kill 2 silver guards at the Ore Lab. Not easy! First you need to find out where the lab is first, you can do that as a level 2 wizard. Afterwards, good luck killing the guards! You can also talk to his daughter who is in the same room. Talk to her after you already talked to Anvir.

Kill the Boar - Simply go to Tonbo-Goba (need to wait a few days until you can access the southern lands) and kill the boar.

Bounty Hunting - Check every day for new bounties. Remember that the Coliseum also has a bounty shop. Some bounties:
Raptor Scale, Branchu Heart, Elephanpottome Toe, Mosquitaar Sting, Dragon King Claw, Tarku Skin

Wipe out the Thieves' Den - Make sure to check the walls for thieves who did not want to move or engage you.

Enter the Metal Guard and slay Zander - The enemies are generally weak to magic. Luci will toast them. Some rooms will be locked, don't bother with them.

Escort Mordock - He's an assassin, so kill him when you reach your destination.

Capture the blue-headed minotaur - You'll need Guld to capture him. The minotaur can be found in multiple places, I found him in just outside the Metrolian throne room.

Free Nancy - Nancy is in a shack by the House of Pleasure. In order to break her free from her trance, you'll need to have purchased a Brain Cleaner from Baretta on any 3-Dazer day 12.

Find Andrew in the 7000 Corpses - Andrew is on the way to the boss. Stick to the right passages. If you're having trouble solving the first floor of 7000 corpses, don't forget to flip the switch on the wall in one of the left rooms.

Kill the Rat - There's a ratman in one of the Northwest houses in Metrolia. Click everywhere! It ought to jump out eventually...

Catch the Raccoon - The raccoon can only be captured by Herasia at the Zvechar shop. Even though the quest is assigned after Lucida, you can still capture the 'coon long before it happens.

Find Melanice's Jewels - This is identical to the one in the Mage Guild. The thief's accomplice is in the Silver Eagle Inn, 2nd floor. Or you can go to Calambro, I think.

Save the peasants - This is your last quest. You're obligated to do it if you plan on continuing the plot. You need to have a specific party of Random, Luciana, Sarah, and Coryool in order to enter the village.

[xWGx] Wizard's Guild Quests {sdanond}

Red Potion in Desa Prison - Bring Guanidia with you. Look for cracks in the walls. Guanidia will slip in these cracks and get the potion for you.

Muura Gem - You'll have to do some hardcore fighting to get past some guards. The Gem is in a room past the giant hall of Slaughterers. Do your best to avoid fighting them! Some of them respawn!!! Also, you may want to hold off returning the gem until you've done some Undead Guild quests. They want this item too!

Gather Ingredients - Ancient Sand can be found in many places, most notably the Pyramid. You can also get Nenula's Powder in several places, try either the wandering bazaar or the Nenula Village. The Phial of Mantis can be found in the Dark Order Lab SE of Metrolia on an island (need airship, bring a small pet, and look for cracks, or bring Baretta to spot the crack) or, I am told, in one of the jars on the wandering bazaar.

Escort Vincent - Nothing hard here, just go to the Institute. It's SW of Metrolia.

Recover Melanice's Jewel's - You'll have to do this one anyway. See Fighter's Guild for more info.

Kill Centaur Leader - No tricks here. Search and Destroy.

Translate a Book - I found a Yuman's 5000 laws in the Fire Shrine, a Universalis Dogma in Gottwaldeyr (town that can't be reached by airship), and a Royal Encyclopedia in the Royal Library. You can have translations done at the Translator in Metrolia. This quest seems to be broken, so if you're wondering why you can't do it, it's probably bugged.

Bring 5 of each Diamond Type - Stock up on those diamonds! You can get most, if not all from the 3rd floor of the Silver Eagle Inn.

[xDGx] Dragon's Guild Quests {sdanond}

Become Recommended - Easy to do if you're rank 3 in Fighter's Guild. Just talk to either the taskmasters or one of the dukes in Metrolia.

Kill Arazom - New location opens up nearby Yveen's Old Shrine. Just wipe him out, no tricks here.

Rank in Top 5 at Party Tournament - Just win at least 4 times at the Coliseum with your PARTY. Report back when done.

Trash the Minotaur Counter - Simple. Go in, release ordinance, you're done.

Kill Lord Kjeldar - This one is done automatically upon completion of Lucida Tower. However, you may wish to stop inside anyway, as there is at least one person to save, aptly named Christine who is not the one from the House of Pleasure.

Clear out the Kriir Gymnasium - Break out the swords and let 'em have it.

Escort Daghmaar - He's in the Coliseum, and needs to be brought to the Inn of Benediction in Metrolia. He's a big guy in black armor. As long as you have him, make sure you put Coryool in your party and then open the doors to the House of Pain. This is your only chance to open those doors! When he's back at the inn, be prepared to fight multiple giants!

[xUGx] Undead Guild Quests {sdanond}

Find the Undead Guild! - Not really a quest, but you need to have it marked on your map first. The map is in the Castle of Silence, second floor or so, towards the right.

Get an Undead Card - Two ways to go about doing this. Underking Castle has a shop that sells it (among other useful things) for 800,000 PP(!). The cheaper, potentially longer way to do it is to get Wendala up to slayer level 6. You'll get it automatically.

Become Rank 3 in Mage Guild - This means you'll have to find all the ingredients in the Mage Guild. See above for more info.

Slay all Dragons - Look for all 8 dragon caves on the map and kill them. You'll need the airship to reach a few.

Obtain a Death Scroll - Just bring a Death Scroll to Dronbk to learn Death magic.

Invade the Underking's Villa - You'll unfortunately have to work your way past the dozens of respawning vampires. Try to lure them as far South as you can. Then make a mad dash for the switch up North that will kill all of them in one fell swoop. Now you can claim the treasure you were asked to get.

Consult the Church of Incantations - When you're in the church, click on the northernmost wall to get through. When inside, there is one man. If you trust him, he'll give you his card. If not, he'll attack you, as will many other mages. There's a bug you can exploit if you keep talking to him and trust him, even though his sprite left the screen. You'll keep getting mind bonuses, XP rewards, and quest rewards. When you're done, don't trust him and fight your way out and report back to Dronbk.

Retrieve the Pillar of Dark Energy - It's in the Orc Guard in the southern lands, by the Coliseum. Make sure you can survive the pitfall. Once you're down there, make a dash for one of the southern rooms (left one). Some of the orcs respawn. On one of the tables is the pillar you're looking for.

Find the Muura Gem - I believe it was possible to do this quest as well as the Mage Guild quest at the same time, but it involved some goofiness. I think one of them let you keep the gem for some reason. Anyway, the Muura Gem is also listed under the Mage Guild quest, so look up there
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[xFGx] Fire Guild Quests {sdanond}

Find the Sacrophage of Andermars d'Amverm - It's in the Fire Ant's Nest on the far West of the map, left of the Institute. Given the ridiculous number of ants that RESPAWN when you leave the screen for any reason, don't bother with the mass of ants in the center unless you've got a lot of time to kill. Anyway, head South when you're in the cave. As a general hint, if you ever see a very large group of ants in the direction you are headed, it's probably the wrong way.

Find the Ox-Oramion - You'll need Baretta for this one. She identifies its locale as soon as you have her in your party and look at this quest in your questbook. It's in the Ore Lab. It's on one of the lower floors, on a table. You can identify it by the glowing light bulb as long as you have Baretta in your party.

Enter the Pit of Fire - Mostly straightforward, just find your way to a room with a narrow path and a green gem in the middle. There's another route somewhere that will lead to a fire god.

Enter the Outer World - Hopefully you kept that Final Eye alive in the Metrolian Castle. You'll need Luba for this. Get into battle with the eye. Keep defending and healing when needed, eventually you'll get inside. To end the quest, you'll need the combination: 4 6 7 2. You can keep investigating the world, but be careful as it is easy to get lost. Luci's beacon spell is almost a must for deep navigation.

[xUNx] Unknown Guild Quests {sdanond}

Find Something Rare - In order join the guild, you'll need a rare item. There are two items or so that the Guild of Unknown will consider. The Crown of Celestine will suffice if you got it in LP2. Otherwise, you'll have to keep a sharp lookout for a Shra-Kem. I believe you can find this in the Hall of Madness.

Find Maetulan - First get his possessions identified at the Mage Guild. Then, find your way over to Babo'Komo, near the Coliseum. He'll tell his story. Do NOT get this quest until AFTER you've identified the Black Dagger at the very beginning of the game.

Escort Trykler to Giant's Tower - First find him in the graveyard North of the tower. You'll have to cut him down soon enough.

KILL THE LORD OF ROOTS - It's in the God's Smithy. MAJOR bad news! If you kill it, you can purchase pink apricots, some of the best healing items you can buy!

Bring a package to Anthony's friend in Calambro - He's a gargoyle, hard to miss.

Kill the Ore Lab Fairy - The fairy is in the room with the XP Sphere/Muura Gem, past the room of the 4789143 slaughterers (slight exaggeration there).

Mad World - To get into Mad World, first click on the red gem on the table in the Science Institute, then cast Egress to get inside. However, once inside, it doesn't look like the doors function properly, so you can't go in very far. Be sure not to cast Egress when inside, you end up stuck inside a wall.

[xCQx] The Collection Quests {sdanond}

The Five Statues of Yveen: (+20 MND) - Once you've hit Archmage status in the Mage Guild, you can use their teleportation services. One of the teleport locations that opens up will lead you to Yveen's Shack. Inside, you are assigned this quest. To get back to Metrolia, use teleport magic/items.
- Pink Statue is in the House of Pleasure.
- Brown Statue is in Aglae-Terra.
- Yellow Statue is in Sadronista.
- Blue Statue is in Slime Nest(!)
- Black Statue is in the Fairy Cave in the Mosquito Swamp.

Gwancho's 9 Books of Power (+10 HP) - Gwancho is a scary-looking clown who shows up sometime after Lucida. He is in Metrolia Castle's throne room and will assign this quest upon speaking to him. The bonus HP he gives applies to each party member who has read at least one book, so cycle them often.
- Metrolia Castle's Shrine Room (ground floor)
- Atelier, by Silver Eagle Inn
- Zvechar's shop
- Mosquito Swamp, South end
- Riga, up the stairs
- Castle of Silence
- Bazizka Tower
- Empty Temple nearby Giant's Fortress (NE)
- Any Wandering Bazaar

Melanie's 8 sons (nothing!!) - Melanie is a woman who resides in one of Metrolia's houses on the right side of town. She asks you to find her 8 children who are scattered about. Some children can be found in more than one place. If you find one such child, he will not appear in the other location. There is no known reward for completion!
- Damian is in a hidden cave by pyramid (Go out of Sadronista, click on the mountain outside of pyramid, left of cave).
- Lager is in the dwarven cave, blacksmith's shop. You'll need Luba to get the passcode.
- Alternatively, Lager is in Ambranda, the Nenula Villa.
- H.Q is in the Metrolia Forest, towards the left.
- Greylorn is in Lalyula Inn. The inn is in the southern lands, by the teleportation point.
- Lancelot is in Outer World.
- Alternatively, Lancelot is in the Lannion lands (Baluul). You'll need an airship to reach these beast-infested lands.
- Ace is on the path to Aglae-terra, you'll have to cross a wooden bridge.
- Slappa is on the first floor of the Underking's Castle. He's towards the right side of the castle.
- Bird is in Angel Town, towards the left side.
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[xBRx] BLACKSMITH RECIPES {Grogor & Darkelve & corn112}

1. Astrobalt + Heart of the Town: Dark Chainmail
2. Astrobalt + Cryzalis = Blackhole Coat (Best Armor for Coryool!)
3. Astrobalt + Azura = Rain-Bow (medium good Bow, lots of different damages though and 75% sleep)
4. Astrobalt + Lycose Pearl = Lycose Bow (medium good weapon, but 45% poision and hits twice).
5. Astrobalt + Xarisman Tusk: Arz Drakker Armor (very good armor, protects 42% against Blind)
6. Astrobalt + Astrobalt = Blackhole Coat
7. Astrobalt + Azura= Blackhole Coat

8. Azura + Mithril = Ice Rain Corset (superb armor for female chars! Stats even slightly better than Yveen Lowcut dress... less protections though)
9. Azura + Cryzalis = Divine Armor (superb armor for warrior-types!)
10. Azura + Brosaline Petals = Ritanleva bow (medium good bow, but hits twice though).
11. Azura + Zerox Diamond = Divine Armor
12. Azura + Bromium = Van Vaard
13. Azura + Sould Ore = Wicked Dress
14. Azura + Lycose Pearl = Fonguous Claws (medium good herasia claws; 96% poison damage)
15. Azura + Lava Obsidianite = Kogara Armor
16. Azura + Lava Obsidianite = Magma Cane (medium good weapon, side-effect 100% Numb)
17. Azura + Astrobalt: Lavender (Weapon)

18. Bromium + Mythril = Bromium Rod (superb rod for mages, with side-effect 83% clash)
19. Bromium + Cryzalis = Bromium Rod (see above)
20. Bromium + Astrobalt = Critical Dai-Katana (very good sword, 59% critical hit, 77% Shock)
21. Bromium + Zerox Diamond = Zerox Armor (see above)
22. Bromium + Soul Ore = Wicked Dress (superb armor for female chars)
23. Bromium + Teszrandus Clutch = Raptor Coat (see above)
24. Bromium + Teszrandus Clutch = Blaster (very good weapon, very powerful)
25. Bromium + Xarisman Tusk = Blaster (see above)

26. Brosaline Petals + Mithril = Chameleon Coat
27. Brosaline Petals + Heart of the Forest = Brosaline Whip (very good weapon for Wendala, has 7 side-effects)

28. Cryzalis + Scaloide = Korago Armor (see above)
29. Cryzalis + Astrobalt = Lycca Armor (good armor)
30. Cryzalis + Brosaline Petals = Salse Lance (good lance weapon, strikes 2x, good weapon for Leanda I think)
31. Cryzalis + Heart of The Town = Gaia Armor (see above)
32. Cryzalis + Astrobalt = Cycca Armor (see above)
33. Cryzalis + Diamond of Zerox = Torpedo Spear (very good spear)
34. Cryzalis + Tezrandus Clutch = Tezrandus Bow (medium good bow, but has 100% Venom as a side-effect!)

35. Heart of the Forest + Mythril: Chameleon Coat (Superb Armor - for Animals I think)
36. Heart of the Forest + Lava Obsidianite: Ghandiis (Weapon)
37. Heart of Forest + Scaloide= Ravage Armor
38. Heart of Forest + Brosaline Petals= Cycca Armor
39. Heart of Forest + Xarisman Tusk= Hatsu-Karu

40. Heart of the Town + Scalidoide = Ravage Armor
41. Heart of the Town + Heart of the Forest: Raptor Coat (Armor) -- Best armor for animals I found yet! Even better than Blazing Coat!
42. Heart of Town + Scaloide= Tanker Bow
43. Heart of Town + Mithril= Razor Claws
44. Heart of Town + Cryzalis= Ice Rain Corset
45. Heart of Town + Xarisman Tusk= Overlord Cutlass
46. Heart of Town + Diamond of Zerox= Heavy Fists

47. Lava O. + Azura = Lava Mail (fire/ice/water/earth/suction/laser, 89% venom/paralysis/poison
48. Lava O. + Lycose P. = Poltergeist Vest (Holy/Dark, 100% death, more attack and speed then ice corset, less defense and mind.
49. Lava O. + Heart of the Town = Lava Mail(Above)
50. Lava O. + Diamond of Zerox = Lava Mail

51. Lycose P. + Mithril = Poison Sword (100% poison/venom)
52. Lycose P. + Cryzalis = Miranda Dress (Dark/Claw/Suction, 2 Defense higher then Ice Corset, but weaker in other stats)
53. Lycose P. + Cryzalis = Poison Sword(see above)
54. Lycose P. + Azura = Poison Sword
55. Lycose P. + Bromium = Spider Armor (Fire/Earth 100% against Poison/Venom)(weaker defense then divine and gaia armor but higher speed and attack)

56. Mithril + Scaloide = Korago armor (very good armor - lots of protections)
57. Mithril + Scaloide = Assault Fists (good/very good Coryool Fists)
58. Mithril + Brosaline Petals = Amaranth Rapier (medium good rapier)
59. Mithril + Cryzalis = Akura (very good sword)
60. Mithril + Lava Obsidianite = Red Mithril Axe (best Axe I've found yet!)

61. Scaloide + Mithril = Dark Rod
62. Scaloide + Cryzalis = Scaloide Jaws (excellent for Guanidia)
63. Scaloide + Astrobalt = Gaia Armor (very good armor)
64. Scaloide + Astrobalt = Huge Claymore (medium good sword)
65. Scaloide + Bromium = Dark Chainmail (very good armor)
66. Scaloide + Bromium = Ax-Death (very good axe)
67. Scaloide + Tezrandus Clutch = Ravage armor (very good armor)
68. Scaloide + Tezrandus Clutch = Huge Claymore (medium good sword)
69. Scaloide + Scaloide= Ravage Armor
70. Scaloide + Heart of Town= Scaloide Jaws

71. Soul Ore + Scaloide= Slayer Armor (very good armor; protection 100% Numb)
72. Soul Ore + Xarisman Tusk = Slayer armor
73. Soul Ore + Astrobalt = Evil Claws (very good weapon for e.g. Herasia; strikes twice)
74. Soul Ore + Diamon of Zerox = Carnassier Fists (very good weapon for e.g. Coryool, 51% Critical hit)
75. Soul Ore + Azura = Terror Jaws (superb weapon for Guanidia, side-effect 60% Numb)
76. Soul Ore + Teszrandus Clutch = Slayer Armor
77. Soul Ore + Heart of The Forest = Miranda Dress (medium good armor for femal chars. )
78. Soul Ore + Lycose Pearl = Carnassier Fists
79. Soul Ore + Lava Obsidianite = Fatalis Javelin (superb weapon for e.g. Leanda; Critical Hit 50%, 46% Venom&Paralysis, Strikes 2x !!)
80. Soul Ore + Soul Ore = Poltergeist Vest (very good armor, protects against Death 100%)
81. Soul Ore + Cryzalis: Eater Rapier (Weapon)
82. Soul Ore + Bromium= Fatalis Javelin

83. Teszrandus Clutch + Mithril = Razor claws(Above)
84. Teszrandus Clutch + Lycose P. = Poltergeist Vest(see above, i think this one is less rare then the lava obs recipe though)
85. Teszrandus Clutch + Lycose P. = Lycose Bow(pretty useless)
86. Teszrandus Clutch + Astrobalt = Teszrandus Rapier(once again, useless)
87. Teszrandus Clutch + Xarsiman = Dirai Kulha(claw/blade/suction, 36% death, 2 swings, Stronger then evil claws )
88. Teszrandus Clutch + Lava O. = Ars Drakkar Armor(not so great)
89. Teszrandus Clutch + Lava O. = Tearer Jaws (weaker then terror jaws)
90. Teszrandus Clutch + Diamond of Zerox = Teszrandus Rapier(useless)

91. Xarisman + Mithril = Razor Claws(stronger then Evil claws, but only 1 swing, ending up making it weaker)
92. Xarisman + Bromium = Ax-Deth (Stronger then both red mithril and red diamond and easier to get )
93. Xarisman + Diamond of Zerox = Zerox Fists(not so great)

94. Zerox Diamond + Heart of The town = Zerox Armor (very good armor for female chars. ; resistant to water, protects 100% against Sunburn and Paralysis).
95. Zerox Diamond + Heart of the Town = Overlord Cutlass (superb weapon with side-effects 100% Death and Paralysis!)
96. Zerox Diamond + Astrobalt = Constellation (Very good armor, 8 resistances and 85% protection against 7 conditions)
97. Zerox Diamond + Bromium = Dark Chainmail (see above)
98. Zerox Diamond + Lycose Pearl = Constellation (see above)
99. Zerox Diamond + Lava Obsidianite = Red Diamond Axe (superb axe with side-effect 47% Sunburn)
100. Zerox Diamond + Zerox Diamond = Zerox Fists
101. Zerox Diamond + Mithril = Murder Axe

[xARx] ALCHEMY RECIPES {Pyromancer & InFlames}

Ancient Sand + Larch Needle = Fairy Herb +5MP +5MD
Ancient Sand + Grey Leaves=Nenula's Powder

Angel Nut + Larch Needle = Trout-30%HP 6%MP Anti Poison (this recipe makes 6xTrout)
Angel Nut + Dandelion Bloom = Tonic Stone +1HP +1MP +2AT +1DF +1MD +1SP
Angel Nut + Indinera Conker= Persilea +9MD

Dabaki Pepper + Indinera Conker = Medicate
Dabaki Pepper + Foxglove Bulb = Boka Boka Root +9DF

Dandelion Bloom + Zapoo Diamond = Yveen's Nectar - 100%HP/MP Revive and anti tek on one party member
Dandelion Bloom + Spider Horn = Medicate - Anti-Tek
Dandelion Bloom + Fruit Of Mist = Flower of Aquapanga-100% HP/MP
Dandelion Bloom + Dragon Mushroom=Milk of the brave +4df
Dandelion Bloom + Dabaki Pepper=Fruit of Mist

Dragon Mushroom + Pamella Peach = Apricot-100%HP,50%MP,Poisons
Dragon Mushroom + O'Donnell Skull= Royal Pirahna- 90%HP,Death, other bad status ailments (seems to make more then 1 pirahna)
Dragon Mushroom + Solstice Acorn = Crystall Ball -Casts Water Cone
Dragon Mushroom + Dragon Mushroom = Tonic Stone +1HP +1MP +2AT +1DF +1MD +1SP

Foxglove Bulb + Pamela Peach = Ananas - +120HP
Foxglove Bulb + Indinera Conker = Coconut - +250HP
Foxglove Bulb + Tyrean Tulip=Tonic Tea- 40%HP+25
Foxglove Bulb + Dabaki Pepper=Talysma Roots +4MP

Fruit of Mist + Ancient Sand = Phenomena roots +11MP
Fruit of Mist + Ocean Conch = Autora Tear -1HP +10MP -1AT +10MD

Grey Leaves + Larch Needle = Mayuka's Winter - +50% MP All
Grey Leaves + Spider Horn = Mayuka's Winter - +50% MP All
Grey Leaves + Zapoo Diamond = Yveen's Tear-(all)80%HP
Grey Leaves + O'Donnel Skull=Cat Berry +8SP
Grey Leaves + Foxglove Bulb=Brosaline Petals

Indinera Conker + Spider Horn = Orange
Indinera Conker + Indinera Conker = Pet Food - 100%HP to any pet
Indinera Conker + Tyrean Tulip = Tonic Tea
Indinera Conker + Dabaki Pepper=Necrotear-100%HP,Death

Larch Needle + Indinera Conker = Solstice Acorn - Ingredient
Larch Needle + Dandelion Bloom = Indinera Conker - Ingredient
Larch Needle + Dabaki pepper= Trout-30%HP 6%MP Anti Poison

Nenula's Powder + Dabaki Pepper = Gloomy Mushroom +10HP +10AT -20MD

O Donnel Skull + Spider Horn = Necrotear - +100%HP Revive one dead party member
O Donnel Skull + Dandelion Bloom = Phoenix Feather - 25%HP Revive one party member
O Donnel Skull + Fruit of Mist = Necroleech-(all)100%HP,Death
O Donnel Skull + Ancient Sand=Zombie eye +30HP -5MP -15AT +10DF
O Donnel Skull + Grey Leaves = Bromium

Ocean Conch + Solstice Acorn = Coconut-250HP
Ocean Conch + Pamela Peach = Yveen's Nectar-100%HP/MP,Anti Tek,Revive
Ocean Conch + Foxglove Bulb = Ocean Love 100%HP/MP, all,Cancels Death
Ocean Conch + Grey Leaves = Marlin Egg +1HP +1MP +1AT +1DF +1MD +1SP
Ocean Conch + Dragon Mushroom=Mithril

Pamela Peach + Larch Needle = MP Replenish - +15MP
Pamela Peach + Solstice Acorn = Moon Fish - +5MP
Pamela Peach + Spider Horn = Orange
Pamela Peach + Fruit of Mist = Yveen's Tear-(all)80%HP

Solstice Acorn + O Donnel Skull = Antidote - Anti-Poison
Solstice Acorn + Dandelion Bloom = Coconut - +250HP
Solstice Acorn + Nenula's powder=Ananas-120HP
Solstice Acorn + Angel Nut= War of the Worst - (3 uses)casts Angel Slaughter

Spider Horn + Dabaki Pepper = Necroleech - +100%HP Revive all dead chars
Spider Horn + Pamela Peach = Antidote - Anti-Poison
Spider Horn + Solstice Acorn = Medicate - Anti-Tek
Spider Horn + Dragon Mushroom = Pet Food - 100%HP to a pet
Spider Horn + Nenula's Powder=Krieger Horn +4MD

Tyrean Dried Tulip + Larch Needle = Paprika Balm - Cures Sunburn
Tyrean Dried Tulip + Dragon Mushroom = Cocconut - +250HP

Zapoo Diamond + Nenula's Powder= Diamond of Zerox
Zapoo Diamond + Tyrean Tulip = Lycose Pearl
Zapoo Diamond + Larch Needle = Ancient Sand
Zapoo Diamond + Solstice Acorn = Ancient Sand
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PostSubject: Re: LPIII FAQ v1.04   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:14 pm

[xUKx] UK Castle Walkthrough {Grogor}

Enter the Underking's Castle. Talk to Vaszanka and get permission to enter. The npc in the center of the room here really will make a teleport to the underking for 500k, but this can lead to a bug later on. Besides, why would you want to miss all the loot. Continue north, pull the lever. The east path is a dead end, the west path leads slowly to the underking, and the north path has loot. But first, take the teleport stars next to the north path and get the chest containing Hammermark Armor and 4560pp. Egress, then take the north path. Save, in the NE corner a chest contains the Bra' Shim Bow.

Go upstairs and go west, the first south room has a Necroleech, the second room is empty. Continue west and SW, the SW stairs lead to a dead end, so continue east. Follow the path to another stairway and go up them. Go straight north to a room with a vampire, check the cabinets for the Demon Ring and the Necroleech in the chest. Go south and east a little bit and enter the small room, inside the drawer is a Red Bone, leave the small room and backtrack SW.

From the stairs, go east and get the chest containing a 666 Scroll. Enter the north room and get the very useful Snore Pendant from the chest. Continue east and go south into a larger room, pull the lever. South through the metal door you'll find a terrace, you can randomly encounter a very powerful butterfly here, that gives decent xp and 3 slayer points to Sarah. I'd suggest not attempting it right now. We're done with the north path, so work your way backwards to the main room.

Enter the west path. The first drawer you see has a Cockatrix Feather, the south door is a dead end, continue west. The north room has 2 chests, the first contains a Bariilk's Talisman and the second has Nothing. Continue west along the path, you should be at a npc called Barac if your in the right spot, continue south. Pull only the left lever and continue north across the buttons. You should see a vampire eating a meal here, talk to him and Guanidia will gain +3hp. Continue north to a split(a picture is on the wall), a drawer to the east has 4 Tonic Teas, now take the northern path and go east. At the next split, with the blue rug, take the southern path and go east. Follow it north past some glass tiles, and you should see a armor room to the south, go into it and east and get 126pp from the ground and 4718pp from under the wall.

Go back and continue east. You should see some stairs, go up them. Go west, and this is hard to explain, if you don't have baretta check the wall, right next to the first candles against the north wall. When your in the hidden path, take the first north path to a chest hidden behind the pillar, containing Pike Armor, take the second north path for 2783pp, and the third northern path for a Boka Boka Root and Antidote. Exit the hidden passage and continue west, the south room contains a Dark Ring. Backtrack to the stairs and go down them(the east path upstairs is a dead end).

Once downstairs continue east. Take the first south path and get 656pp from the drawer. Right after the drawers you'll see another split, take the east path and go south to a white room, you opened the gate to this room with the lever on the north path earlier. The cabinet contains a Fierce Card, 114pp, Thunder Force Book, and 8 666 Scrolls. Continue sw and follow the path east past the art glass. Continue north and you should see a blue carpet room with a vampire pacing back and forth, continue north past that and follow the path east. Get the 4 Phoenix Feathers in the bag. Take the third, open, path to the south and pull the lever. Take the second path and pull another lever, but continue south after that and get another lever to the east. Take the first path and pull the slightly hidden lever under the wall. Get the chest with a Necrotear and 202pp, to the south then continue SE, don't pull the lever you see here, it locks the gate. Continue south past the lever, you should see 2 statues with a glass floor to your left, continue south past that.

Don't bother pulling the lever to the east, the hole in the cell contains nothing. Continue west down a long hall to a save point and stairway, save and go upstairs. The human npc here will give you some minor info for 2k, continue north past him. Check the cabinets for a Savior Page, take the west path of the split first, you should see a room to the south with alot of cabinets to search. You'll find a Cockatrix Feather and 2 Savior Pages. Continue west and get the second Sword Of Ages from the chest. Go NW past the chest and get another with a Necrotear, and another west of that with 2323pp. Now go south of the sword chest and downstairs. A little to the right is the Wave Of Purity Book, now go west. In the cabinet is a Diamond, continue east and north quite a ways, check the 2 cabinets on the way for a Heaven Cries Scroll. Continue north into the doorway, a chest behind the right tree contains Azura, the waterfall to the north heals you completely but poisons you. Leave the room and continue east to a save point.

The second doorway is the treasury but every chest is locked. Continue east and get 273pp and Necroleech from the chest. Continue all the way east and you should be at another lord, take the west path of the split first and go south. The chest has another Necroleech and a Redheaded Kid(Slappa). Go back and take the east path, the chest by the door contains a Crusader Sword and 77pp. Enter the doorway to the beholder den. Take the NW path first and get a Tonic Teafrom the pot in the north room, continue SW and get a O Donnel Skull from the west pot. Continue north east and south and you'll end up near the entrance, go east further and get the Bull Skull from the pot.

Leave the den and continue east. Pull the lever and go south to pull the lever under the wall, then go north and pull that lever. If you have baretta you already noticed the secret passage, if you don't have her walk 6 tiles west of the lever(the north one) and enter the north wall. The chest here contains the Fairy Dress and Yveen gives you +4MP. Go back to the south room and get the chest containing the Blood Blower Staff.

Backtrack all the way to the split where you took the left doorway. Now take the right path of the split. At the second split take the left path, the right path is a dead end, you should end up at stairs on the left path, go up them. Follow the path, get the chest to your left for a 666 Scroll. At the split take the east path and go south down the blue carpet. Continue south past the east path and get 1778pp from the chest, then take the east path. Get the chest from the north room for Bromium, then go east, past a south path and into a doorway. This is the shop, later on you can buy a undead card here for 800k, but right now just buy enough necrotears to get your total to 97(you'll see why), 99 mp replenish and a few demon horns.

Leave the shop and take the south path to a stairway, go down it. Follow the path, get 173pp from a bag on the table, a Necrotear from the chest north of that and a Black Lady Dress north of that. Backtrack to the blue carpet, where you went south, this time go east. Get 489pp from the bag on the floor and continue west to a stairway. Go up it and buy the Armies Of Ninjas Book from the human npc.

Go back downstairs and continue west. Go north through the doorway and take the east path, follow it to a chest containing a NecroTear. Finally, go back south and take the west path, go north into the Teleporters. Follow the path to the throne room, save on the way. In the throne room, do not step on the teleporter. Talk to the Underking.

If you just escaped from The Hole, you can read this in reverse order to escape the castle.


Characters and Equipment I used


Ulm-Warrior (Sword) Strikes 2X
No Sheild
Gaia Armor
Terush Helmet
Sylvenia Pendant


Gandhis (staff)
Yveen's Low Cut Dress
Hat of Wilgonba
Striking Amulet


X Diamond Fists Strikes 2X
Minotaur Royal Gloves
Grzzli Armor
Colasseus Helmet
Minotaur Ancient Protection


Mind Killer
Saint Rapier Strikes 2X
Korago Collar

Regarding weapons and attacking etc: Basically you want a weapon that strikes twice for 3 of your characters, with the

highest attack possible. Character 4, in my case, Luci, was my healer.
I opted for Luba to have a high attack and a low mind stat.

firist round
Random - attack
Luci - cast grand protection
Caryool - attack
Luba - cast Legend

second round
same as first except have Luci cast Lord of the Dance
keep using Luba to cast Legend to drain off MP. I lost count but I am thinking the Lord of Roots has at least 5000 MP,

probably more

When you maximize your protection use Luci to cast Slash Up on each charcter or you can use Fierce Cards or whatever you have

in your inventory

. I forget what quest you get Slash Up on but definitly a useful spell.

Keep attacking with Random and Coryool and draining off MP with Luba

Once the MP is all gone use Luba to attack as well.

Use Luci as needed for Yveen Tears and Nero Leeches as needed, along with Royal Pirahna

the Lord of Roots does take a awhile but is definitly NOT impossible. I would suggest 40+ level characters though.

Obviously there are better weapons out there, BUT I am holding off going to bisit the blacksmith. All items listed were

either bought, found, or won.
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PostSubject: Re: LPIII FAQ v1.04   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:15 pm

----[Other strategy by hz82]--->

I found a much easier way to beat him with lower level characters (about 35-40) but you need Guanidia at a decent level and preferably the rest of your party as dual wielders

I used Random, Zoo, Luba, Guanidia This is before I fought Rixian

First off make sure all your characters have protection from SHOCK (this is a must), numb, sleep and madness if you can but not necessary. I would also visit the first room of the lucida tower to get the ulm-warrior. Also get the heart of benevolence (its in the pyramid and it helps a lot) and decent healing

First turn:

Random: Overmag defense
Luba: Heart of Benev on self
Guanidia: Meltdown
Zoo: Heart of Benev self

Second turn:

Random: Heart of benev on Guanida
Luba: Lamyent (drains mp)
Guanidia: Meltdown again to get rid of all its defense
Zoo: Life annihilation (mp drain)

Third turn:

Random: Heal if necessary or use silver amulet on one character
Luba: more mp drain
Guanidia: Mind jaws
Zoo: Life annihilation again

And keep this going, using luba and zoo to drain mp and guanidia to cut his stats down to 1 (using mind jaws, bubblization)

Once you have all its stats cut down to 1 and he is out of mp, then silver amulet ALL your characters 3-4 times to max out their speed and attack and just start beating on him

you can average about 6000 damage a turn and finish him pretty quick and if you do this early on it makes bosses like Rixian much easier

[xHZx]Lucida Tower Walkthrough {hz82}

I've tried to keep this as simple as possible

Lucida Tower: (Spoilers maybe)

Note: Non-import, Only covers the 3 parties not the getting of the ulm-warrior or any of the stuff before that.
(General Loot)[Good, special loot]{Reference Point}

General Tips:

-Try to figure it out on your own first!
-Use Ctrl-F to find specific items
-General tip for fighting: Smack everything with dual wielders, don't bother with much magic (except with luciana, then use Psyrak or Saito Mage)
-Most enemies respawn so try to avoid entering and exiting rooms without getting everything
-Run past demons to dodge them, dont freeze up
-Make sure your Right party is unbelievably powerful
-Make sure you have a decent stock (3-5) of Ocean loves and do not use them until Rixian

Suggested Parties:

Luciana: Glass Rod of Adam, Black Lady, Korago Collar, Yveen Ring
Herasia: Evil Claws, Wrath Mask, Blazing Coat, (blank), Predator Gloves
Nash: Default
Baretta: Sword of Scrolls/Merulis, Ovobom, Dress of Lady O, Magdalena's Crown, Ozur's Bracelet

Luba: Mind Killer, Sword of Scrolls, Yveen Lowcut Dress, Urania Crown, Anthriirurhir
Coryool: X Diamond Fists/Laser Mouth, Omba Square, Blackhole Coat, Colosseus Helmet
Wendala: Brosaline Whip, Warlock Shield, Ice Rain Corset, Miranda, Magdalena Bracelet
Sandy: Saint Rapier, Beta-Halo, Lava Mail, Saint Holmes, Elven Magical Shoes

Right: (Will fight Rixian)
Random: Ulm-Warrior, Gaia Armor, Tarush Helmet, Pinnacle Ring
Sarah: Mind Killer, Sword of Scrolls, Angelic Vest, Urania Crown, Elven Magical Shoes
Guanidia: Terror Jaws, Mind Bios, Raptor Coat, Colosseus Helmet, Pandemonia
Zoo: Mind Killer, Dirai Kulha, Blackhole coat, Aluminum Gear, Striking Amulet

Monsters, slayers, etc:

Angron: 122 exp 0 pp drop Necrotear
Status Weaknesses: Silence, Instant Death
Decent Slayers: Luciana 2pts

Ars Brulk: 204 exp 0 pp
Status Weaknesses: Shock, Silence, Poison, Blind, Clash, Weak, Numb
Decent Slayers: Baretta 2pts

Ars Despair: 148 exp 0 pp, always cast death on it, drop Sphere
Status Weaknesses: Extremely weak to death
Decent Slayers: Luciana 3 pts, Sandy 3pts, Baretta 2 pts

Ars Drakkeris: 293 exp 0 pp
Status Weaknesses: silence
Decent Slayers: Random 3pts, Sarah 3pts, Nash 2 pts, Baretta 2 pts

Flower of Korago: 190 exp 115 pp
Status Weaknesses: Silence, Clash
Decent Slayers: Sarah 3pts, Zoo 2pts

Nightmare Pond: 150 exp 0 pp
Status Weaknesses: Blind, Poison, Clash, Confuse
Decent Slayers: Luciana 3pts, Baretta 3pts

Orn: 925 exp 0 pp
Status Weaknesses: Blind, Silence, Clash, Confuse
Decent Slayers: Luba 3pts Baretta 2 pts

Pandemonia: 80 exp 0 pp
Status Weaknesses: Poison, Blind, Silence, Shock
Decent Slayers: Herasia 3 pts, Sandy 3pts, Luba 2pts

Placeboroid: 135 exp 0 pp
Status Weaknesses: Shock, Silence, Poison, Blind, Clash, Numb
Decent Slayers: Herasia 3 pts, Sandy 2pts
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PostSubject: Re: LPIII FAQ v1.04   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:15 pm


Starting with the left path go north a bit and to the right past the three demons to find a chest with a (666 scroll), then go north past the two stairs and around to the east to find an (Inferno scroll), (Necroleech) and (Dark Rod).

Go back and enter the northernmost stairway on the left, go north and fight a flower of korago then go around to the two chest for (17 antidotes) and (4 666 scrolls) then continue up to the next stairs. On the next floor, fight the flower of korag. Go north a bit more on the right is a [Red Mithril Axe] and on the left are 4 teleporters. First go north, fight the demon and flip the switch. Then return to the teleporters, The first two lead to (12 MP replenishes) and [2 Switches] flick both of them. The other two lead to a room with a teleporter and a stair, the stair leads to nothing but the teleporter leads to a (Warlord shield) and a (Striking amulet), then egress.

Go back to the entrance and enter the first stairway on the left then go north to find a chest with an (egress certificate), then go east and through the narrow opening and past the demon to fight a flower of Korago afterwards continue up the stairs. On the next floor go west and follow the path, at the intersection go north first and fight the 3 monsters, continue north and walk through the wall and open the trapped chest to find the [Gem of Wind]

Go back to the intersection and go east and around past the demon and open the chest for a (lycose pearl). Then return to the original stairs used to access this floor and go east and north at the next intersection to get another (lycose pearl). Afterwards continue along the hallway east of the stairs until you reach the end then follow the next hall west then at the intersect go east. Follow that hall past the two Pandemonia and the Angron and go up the stairs

Go north, at the end of the hall go north then west and duck down into the first 'lane' to lure all the monsters down to the bottom of their lanes, then move west and south quickly picking up the chest that contains (3 pet food). Then go all the way south to the doorway. {@} Switch to whatever party has sandy and save, then switch to the middle party.

With the middle part first go to the right and open a chest with a (666 scroll), then go north and fight a flower of korago. The guy there will tell you about the 3 gems. Go north from here and fight another demon (remember use death). Continue north past the demon and fight the flower. At the intersection with the pentagram with the east and west path. Go west and enter the southern room for a [Warrior Nectar]. Then continue along the path and go upstairs, on the next floor go east for a (tonic stone) and a save point, from the chest go south and east then deeper south and follow the path and go up the stairs and flip the switch.

Return to the save point and go up the stairs now that the door is unlocked. Go north and cut through another flower and continue east and check the room to the south for a (Heavy Astronium), continue south ignore the first path {#} to the west, but go to the second one and flip the switch and continue south then west until a door guarded by a demon is reached. The chest inside contains the [Gem of Fire] but is very powerfully trapped, so make sure you save before you try it. After the gem is obtained continue west and up the stairs.

From the stairs go north and then follow the east path to a guarded doorway, enter the room and flip switch (careful of the trap). Backtrack to where you took the east path and go south instead at the end of the hall is a chest with a (necrotear) and a stair. On the next floor go to the east part of the room and check the statue that is partially blocked by a statue (careful of the powerful trap) for a [Zombie eye]. You can maneuver past the flower by going through the right part of the picture, dodge the Orn and go up the stairs.

Go around and take the first path to the west for a (Pandemonia-ring), then continue south. At the intersect {@} take the east path and check the chest for (666 scroll, Royal Piranha) then continue along the path to fight a demon and go down the stairs. Go along the hallway to another stair and get the (necrotear) along the way. In the next room go to the second set of stairs and up, then follow the hallway (you should see a weird triangle thing) and go up the stairs to flip a switch, afterwards return to reference point @ and take the west path. Go past the locked door {$} and get the (Soul Ore). Afterwards backtrack to reference point #.Then save and switch to the left party.

Back at the left path, go north and kill the flower before going up the stairs. The teleporter immediately after the stairs contains (2 Zerox), all others in this area are useless. Go north and destroy the second flower and Orn, the east path has a save point but is heavily guarded. Continue north and the get the (necrotear) and be careful not to run into any of the teleporters when you enter the Placeboroid room, follow the west path to get the (Anthem), then wipe out the flower and Orn and go up the stairs.

In this area, it is very important that you notice the secret passage along the southern wall of the eastern passage, save and check the trapped chest to find the [Gem of Earth]. Now all the Gems are yours! Return to the stairs and take the west path to get a (Necrotear), then continue south and enter the guarded doorway. Get the (5 666 scrolls) then avoid the teleporters and flick the partially hidden switch on the left side and continue up the stairs.

In this section, notice the changing background, this is top floor of the Lucida's left side! Go north and get the [Blaster], which is a very good weapon. Take the west path and get the two chests containing (Ars Bracer) and [Heaven & Hell Book], which is very very good! (use it against rixian). Then go around south of the blaster and get the [Warrior Nectar]. Take the southwestern path afterwards and go through the translucent wall to reach stairs. Go all the way north and save, then fight the Cenodemon Evander!

Evander: 649 exp 266 pp
Evander's allies are an Ars Brulk and Flower of Korago
Use Psyrak, Mass Crush and Saito Mage to wreck their stats then concentrate on killing Evander's allies first, use Baretta's Legend Atomizer on Evander for good damage and Isold Pendant/Grand Protection if necessary. Also use Necrotears, Apricots and Pink Apricots if you have them to heal damage. If your following this guide, this will probably be the most difficult of the Cenodemon battles.

After beating Evander, go north and step on the switch before switching to the middle party.
The middle party should be infront of reference point # where the door is now open, go inside and flip the switch and return to reference point $ before switching to the right party.

With the Right party head left and flick the switch before continuing north and getting a chest with [Ogre blood]. Then go further north for a (Burning shield) and (Zekaf'l Rahomion-Death book). Backtrack to the entrance and take the east path north to some stairs. On the next floor, check the chest in the west for a (Tartan shield). Then go north and visit the rooms for a (Necrotear) and (4 medicates) before returning to the tartan shield room. Go west and follow the path until you reach an angron, then go south to a split {%} then east to some stairs. On the next floor check the west room for a (Necrotear) first then take the narrow hall down and to another flight of stairs. Kill the flower and go north past all the demons to another flight of stairs. Go up {^} and take the east path to another stair, then follow the path west and visit the rooms for a (Necroleech) and a (Pandemonia) then go south to a narrow hall and go east to a switch to flick and a chest with (Bromium). Return to reference point ^ and go west a bit before following a narrow southern path to a chest with a (Necroleech). Continue west to get a (Crusher) then go south and then east at the intersection, the south path leads nowhere. Go down the stairs and flip the switch before returning all the way back to reference point % and take the southwest path to find a (Raw scaloide) before killing the flower and going upstairs, go around to the south the first left path has a (black hole) and the second right path has (9 sharks) before continuing south and up another flight of stairs. From here go north and flip a switch then backtrack and go east for another switch and a (Phoenix feather), then go back to the room that was passed and get the chest for a (Tanker bow). Then save and switch to the middle party.

The middle party should be at reference point $, where the door is no longer locked, work your past the traps and go upstairs. Now your on the top floor for the middle party! Dodge/kill the ants then get the chest with the (Torpedo Spear) before continuing south where the Hellbound Heart will block your way.

Hellbound Heart: 322 exp 0 pp drop Heart of the Forest
Use Lamyent to drain its MP immediately so negate its spellcasting ability then just beat down, use silver amulet if necessary. It can be poisoned and berserked. Check the chests behind it for (2 Soul Ores), (Heart of the Town) and (Brosaline Petals). Then continue south, past the translucent wall up the stairs and save before going east and engaging with the second Cenodemon.

Eliza: 788 exp 2303 PP drop Anthriirurhir

Eliza's allies are two nightmare pond's. Concentrate on killing Eliza as fast as possible then go after the pond's after, she doesn't have much health. Eliza and her team will use spells that hit all members, so use items like Yveen Tear and Pink Apricots to heal if necessary, try to use apricots and necrotears as much as possible though.

After defeating Eliza go north and step on the switch before going back to the Right party. Return to reference point ^ and take the east path until you reach the place where you got the Necroleech, and notice that a new path has opened up. Follow the path and go up a flight of stairs and you notice you are on the top floor! Almost done! Go south from the stairs then south again to get two chests containing (2 Ocean Loves). Then take the other path going through transparent walls, then go east for a (Razorblade Shield) and (Divine Armor), this is also a good point to teach the Heaven & Hell book as it will be useful in the preceding boss battles. When your ready go west and up a stairs then follow the path to a save point and Orghandi.

Orghandi: 1975 exp 0 pp drop Astrobalt

Orghandi's allies are two Orns. Use Guanidia to cut down their stats and Heavenmore bomb to cut their attack down, then kill the Orns first before going for Orghandi. Cast Over Magdef with Random the precede to beat them down. Watch out as they like to blind your party, although you should still hit them enough to take them out.

After the battle, recover MP, HP and make sure you have a good stock of Ocean Love. Then save at the save point, Rixian is almost here! Go north and step on the switch, the wall will collapse and present a new path. Save in a different slot and watch the cut-scene (some spoilers in it), once it is over you will have a chance to prepare before you engage Rixian.

Rixian: A giant all-powerful Beholder. 2534 exp 283 pp drop Lycose Pearl
Rixian's allies are two guardians that boost his regenerative power.
Rixian is very very tough, especially if you weren't like me and defeated the Lord of Roots before Lucida, but there are some general strategies.

Rixian can attack for tons of damage, can hit your party with Lord of the Dance and he can cast Eradicate, which is a status change that will drop your character's health to 1 hp and 0 mp after their next action, the only way to cure this is to use Ocean Loves. The rest of his spells are pretty easily managed. The guardians can attack for decent damage, cast Protection, which does very little and, shield which does nothing since you should be wailing on them with dual wielders, and various minor spells like Overbolt.
-Don't bother using defensive magic, your characters will probably die repeatedly
-Remember use the Laxius Breaker
-Kill the Guardians first, when they die his regenerative power weakens
-Rixian's offensive prowess can be reduced greatly with Stat reduction spells
-In Rixian's first mode, it can be silenced and Clashed
-When Rixian goes into his second mode, his stats are regenerated and he summons two more Guardians so be wary of this.
-Rixian's second is obviously more powerful, it gains better stats and fiercer spells so make sure your party is keeping up, having fast characters should prevent it from wiping out your party before you heal though.

With some luck, speed and power you should be able to defeat the boss without too much trouble. If you lose to it repeatedly more training or equipment tweaking is probably needed.

Enjoy the very very long cutscene!
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PostSubject: Re: LPIII FAQ v1.04   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:16 pm

[xTGx] Tips from Grogor {Grogor, obviously}

Note: this is with a export, some things may be different if you start fresh.

Nash can be found south of metrolia.

Pets can crawl through some small holes, making a quest shorter or getting you treasure otherwise unreachable.

In the prison for the mage guild quest you can crawl through a hole with a pet, allowing you to get the potion instantly with minimal risk. Also, if you bring a pet to hell there are 2 chest through another hole with some nice stuff.

Status ailment spells are much more effective in lp3, even death works often.
Random's thunder crush has a death side effect and hits all enemies, it can be extremely useful, especialy in the yveen temple taken over by spiders and cultists.

Silence the silver guards in the ore lab, to keep them from hurricaning. a snore pendant can be found within the undead castle, sleep is also a very useful ailment in general

Baretta will join you if you pay her 100k in her shop(behind the counter, not spend 100k). She has a very useful/unique ability to see hidden levers, doors, traps, and possibly disarm traps if high enough.

Taking Baretta into the manor after you open the demon doors can save you alot of time, the same might be said for the castle of silence. also there's a hidden door in the last room of the yveen temple taken over by a cult Humanoid creatures, including giants, often have a weakness to the laser element.
After you save Sandy and the duchess, talk to her again on the left side of the castle with sandy in your party, and sandy will gain +10 str

Sandy gets a small bonus from yveen if you go to the graveyard north of the giant's keep and try to take the bard's money.

Sandy's dog can be found in the inn after you save her, when teamed together the dog becomes much stronger

In the crypt of 7000 skulls you can get a stat boosting item, just check the head figure on the wall to the right, before the last boss room.(note this triggers a fairly hard boss battle compared to the area, the boss drops a mp root, try using sleep on him.)

You can raise sandy's slayer levels easily by going west along the road to the last house on the world map, enter and go downstairs.

Herasia can speak with other animals, specificly dogs. You may get valuble information this way.

In the Underkings villa on the 2nd floor with the mass of vampires, do not try to fight them, instead lure them as far south as you can, then make a sprint northwards and quickly pull the lever. Save before trying this.

In the dragon's cave(the cold dragon, i can't remember name) nw of the dragon guild, go up the waterfall to find a spellbook(note this is day10 or later)

In the beholder's shack west of the underking castle, use fire on the plants in the basement. An evair dagger( fire dagger from barettas shop) on random does even more damage then teandal here, and it swings twice. Nash's breath also does large damage.

In the swamp temple, lower floor, you will see 2 rows of dinosaur skulls, walk inside their mouths and you'll avoid numberous dagger traps.

In Magdalena's room in hell, don't miss the 3 yveen tears in the southern cabinets.

It's a easy thing to overlook, but Wendala's Corset cuts sp cost in half

Use Batabog to break the rocks blocking the house farthest to the west.
Megalodons are in the forest, paralyze them then kill them for nice exp and a random xarisman tusk. Or just use Death for a instant 1.4k xp

When you reach Tall Island to find the stolen jewels, go west of the raft to find ancient sands in a chest.

Do Not kill the fire eye in the throne room, it's the key to the outerworld sidequest which also has one of the redheaded kids in it.

Rosa the Fairy can be found in the soutern lands after you have the airship.

Buy apricots in the mage guild, they're one of the best healing items.

To get sarah's elven sword, enter the small forest, only 1 tile big, right next to metrolia(left side, in between metrolia and the old castle). Take Nash with you to fly up the ladder, make sure sarah is decently strong and has the venom status effect. You'll then face the trial and get the sword which swings twice and raises her hp.

Rosa can read the tablet in the sea dragon cave, it gives you 18mp.

Outerworld Tips:
First, bringing melee characters who can only hit 1 enemey really hard is a bad idea, enemies here are always in groups, with Very large hp. Enemies respawn, find everything you can before proceeding to next map(there are secret paths). Use Nymphs Para on the shadow things(can't remember name) it will keep them from using rain of spears. They're also paralyzable. They're likely to run when low on hp, wasting your mp, time and gaining less xp. I think Evil Profonaters can be numbed. Sacrileges will use a weak rainbow tsunami, don't bother draining their mp just have everyone use group spells(bed of icebergs works well, burning sky works better then hurricane spin, shooting stars, angel slaughter is 'ok', enmba, saint trondor and deadly ground also work. If the healing is really giving you trouble you can use lamyent on each one while the other characters cast.

When you first meet zoo and beat the dwarven cave for that quest, take off his equipment before you return to the underkings, since he leaves you.

In the underking's castle, take barretta along; there are 2 well hidden secret paths. One nets you bokorra roots and some other random thing, and the other path you get to meet yveen who gives you +3 or 4 mp. They are very, very well hidden paths. They're literally through walls that you would never even think of going through, nothign special to mark them even.

[xEx]End {Seether}

Well, this is the end of the first compilation. Contact me if there are any mistakes in here, or if you want to add anything.

Thanks go to all users of the LP III board helping each other out.
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