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 LPIII tips and tricks, spoilers (copy)

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Night Guardian

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PostSubject: LPIII tips and tricks, spoilers (copy)   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:02 pm

! Van Helsing is located in Lantin. You can find Anna in Riga (it's South of the Southern Checkpoint). You can begin this after 3-D. When you bring VH with you to Riga, she'll be gone. She's been carried off to the Anderson Guard (NW of Riga). Finish that quest. Later in the game, after Lucida Tower, you can keep him permanently. He'll be in Lantin after certain parts of the world are on fire.
* Van Helsing gains bonuses from talking to the Yveen's Brotherhood.
* Van Helsing is the guy who can do stuff with the isolated monks up North, surrounded by mountains
Slay Mazurine - She's a slightly different-looking fairy in the Mosquito Swamp. As soon as you talk to her, she'll try to kill you. Once she's dead, though, there's no one to talk to claim the reward...

Save Henrik - To get out of Deep Pit, you'll need to have Luci's Beacon spell. First place a beacon some place outside of the pit. Once inside the pit, cast the beacon spell again to recall yourself to a location outside of the pit. Problem solved!

Jens Needs Inspiration - You can find Isabelle in the House of Pleasure who is willing to pose for Jens. Just bring her to Jens in Metrolia and the quest is done.

Restore Yveen's Vase - The Yveen Brotherhood asks you to put the vase on the alter in the shrine. Nothing too hard, but if you're having problems with the Venom Lycoses early on, they tend to drop dead from death spells and effects.

Retrieve Barnes' Pendant - Barnes in Lantin lost his pendant in Angel Town. Just look carefully for it. It's in one of major rooms, be on the lookout for its string.

Bring Blanchard to Her Husband - Her husband is in the Institute, so talk to her at HQ and she'll tag along.

Recover Yasmina's Armor - You can find Yasmina nearby the Silver Eagle Inn. Her armor is in the Dark Order Shrine, on a table. It helps to have Baretta to see it. You can choose to keep the armor or give it back for some ore (Heart of the Town).

The Beast - Assigned by the mayor in Baluul (in Lannion lands, Southwest of Institute). Just keep fighting in the area. I found him on a snow background. The party will recognize it immediately and will have a speech, indicating you found it.

There's a follow-up quest soon after. The new location that opens up is far South, below the Galofaro Tree.

Find a girl for Filibert - Grun, the old man by the throne room, will assign you to find a suitable girl for the spoiled Prince Filibert. While Alessandra or Wendala won't make the cut, you can find the girl you want, Antonella, at Lalyula Inn, in the South by the teleportation point. Bring her back and talk to Grun again.

Find the Dwarven Weaponsmith - He's in the Dwarven Cave. You'll need Luba because she knows the Dwarven Code. The subsequent dwarven statues are scattered. It helps to have Baretta with you, as she can indicate whether you've already activated one or not,

Gerrard's Band - To find a place for Gerrard and his band to play, you need to talk to the Bard on stage in Metrolia's theater (the theater is on the left side of Metrolia). However, there is some sort of wall that prevents the player from going on stage to talk to him, so I do not know if this quest can be completed normally. Gerrard, by the way, is in the far South, by the teleportation site.

Find the Legendary Treasure - Just climb up the Tower of Gonda.

Beat Karl Ludenborg 10 times - Since you don't get equipment (except a few lucky people/animals), magic is a good choice. Karl is in the far bottom of the map. Even after you claim your reward, the questbook doesn't show you completed it. =(

Merlin's Paintings - Just pay him to make paintings, he'll do the job over time. Merlin's shack is just after you pass the first rock into the Southern lands.

Bellenue's Seals - You can only do this quest when part of the world is toast. Bellenue is the girl in Lantin who you were too busy to do a quest for (though quite frankly you still are... ). A new location opens up, go there, kill the assassins, get the seals, and return.

[xFGx] Fighter's Guild Quests {sdanond}

Slime Nest - Nothing overly difficult here. Cast Egress when stuck. Make sure to note the Black Yveen statue in here. If you get caught in Deep Pit (you'll know it when Random says how deep it is), you're permanently stuck unless you have Luci's beacon spell (learn on Day 13).

Assassin's Guild - Pound your way through. Make sure you do it early, it gets shut down quickly.

Rescue the Duchess - Avoid the Giants (don't engage them in combat!) if they're too strong for you. Make sure to do this one early too.

Give Package to Ubacca - First find Lady Samford, THEN find Ubacca, who's in Baluul.

Anvir's Recommendation - He's in one of the Metrolian houses (by the river), but he wants you to kill 2 silver guards at the Ore Lab. Not easy! First you need to find out where the lab is first, you can do that as a level 2 wizard. Afterwards, good luck killing the guards! You can also talk to his daughter who is in the same room. Talk to her after you already talked to

Kill the Boar - Simply go to Tonbo-Goba (need to wait a few days until you can access the southern lands) and kill the boar.

Bounty Hunting - Check every day for new bounties. Remember that the Coliseum also has a bounty shop. Some bounties:
Raptor Scale, Branchu Heart, Elephanpottome Toe, Mosquitaar Sting, Dragon King Claw, Tarku Skin

Wipe out the Thieves' Den - Make sure to check the walls for thieves who did not want to move or engage you.

Enter the Metal Guard and slay Zander - The enemies are generally weak to magic. Luci will toast them. Some rooms will be locked, don't bother with them.

Escort Mordock - He's an assassin, so kill him when you reach your destination.

Capture the blue-headed minotaur - You'll need Guld to capture him. The minotaur can be found in multiple places, I found him in just outside the Metrolian throne room.

Free Nancy - Nancy is in a shack by the House of Pleasure. In order to break her free from her trance, you'll need to have purchased a Brain Cleaner from Baretta on any 3-Dazer day 12.

Find Andrew in the 7000 corpses - Andrew is on the way to the boss. Stick to the right passages. If you're having trouble solving the first floor of 7000 corpses, make sure to flip the switch on the wall in one of the left rooms.

Kill the Rat - There's a ratman in one of the Northwest houses in Metrolia. Click everywhere! It ought to jump out eventually...

Get the Raccoon - The raccoon can only be captured by Herasia at the Zvechar shop. Even though the quest is assigned after Lucida, you can still capture the 'coon long before it happens.

Find Melanice's Jewels - This is identical to the one in the Mage Guild. The thief's accomplice is in the Silver Eagle Inn, 2nd floor.

Save the peasants - This is your last quest. You're obligated to do it if you plan on continuing the plot
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Night Guardian
Night Guardian

Number of posts : 917
Age : 29
Location : The Town of Roses
I\'m : Unstable
Registration date : 2007-08-15

Character sheet
Creature: 1/4 elf; bitten by vampire
Class: Night wielder
Element: Thunder/Dark

PostSubject: Re: LPIII tips and tricks, spoilers (copy)   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:02 pm

[xWGx] Wizard's Guild Quests {sdanond}

Red Potion in Desa Prison - Bring Guanidia with you. Look for cracks in the walls. Guanidia will slip in these cracks and get the potion for you.

Muura Gem - You'll have to do some hardcore fighting to get past some guards. The Gem is in a room past the giant hall of Slaughterers. Do your best to avoid fighting them! Some of them respawn!!! Also, you may want to hold off returning the gem until you've done some Undead Guild quests. They want this item too!

Gather Ingredients - Ancient Sand can be found in many places, most notably the Pyramid. You can also get Nenula's Powder in several places, try either the wandering bazaar or the Nenula Village. The Phial of Mantis can be found in the Dark Order Lab SE of Metrolia on an island (need airship, bring a small pet, and look for cracks [or bring Baretta]) or, I am told, in one of the jars on the wandering bazaar.

Escort Vincent - Nothing hard here, just go to the Institute. It's SW of Metrolia.

Recover Melanice's Jewel's - You'll have to do this one anyway. See Fighter's Guild for more info.

Kill Centaur Leader - No tricks here. Search and Destroy.

Translate a Book - I found a Yuman's 5000 laws in the Fire Shrine, a Universalis Dogma in Gottwaldeyr (town that can't be reached by airship), and a Royal Encyclopedia in the Royal Library. You can have translations done at the Translator in Metrolia. This quest seems to be broken, so if you're wondering why you can't do it, it's probably bugged.

Bring 5 of each Diamond Type - Stock up on those diamonds! You can get most, if not all from the 3rd floor inn.

[xDGx] Dragon's Guild Quests {sdanond}

Become Recommended - Easy to do if you're rank 3 in Fighter's Guild. Just talk to either the taskmasters or one of the dukes in Metrolia.

Kill Arazom - New location opens up nearby Yveen's Old Shrine. Just wipe him out, no tricks here.

Rank in Top 5 at Party Tournament - Just win at least 4 times at the Coliseum with your PARTY. Report back when done.

Trash the Minotaur Counter - Simple. Go in, release ordinance, you're done.

Kill Lord Kjeldar - This one is done automatically upon completion of Lucida Tower. However, you may wish to stop inside anyway, as there is at least one person to save, aptly named Christine who is not the one from the House of Pleasure.

Clear out the Kriir Gymnasium - Break out the swords and let 'em have it.

Escort Daghmaar - He's in the Coliseum, and needs to be brought to the Inn of Benediction in Metrolia. He's a big guy in black armor. As long as you have him, make sure you put Coryool in your party and then open the doors to the House of Pain. This is your only chance to open those doors! When he's back at the inn, be prepared to fight multiple giants!

[xUGx] Undead Guild Quests {sdanond}

Find the Undead Guild! - Not really a quest, but you need to have it marked on your map first. The map is in the Castle of Silence, second floor or so, towards the right.

Get an Undead Card - Two ways to go about doing this. Underking Castle has a shop that sells it (among other useful things) for 800,000 PP(!). The cheaper, potentially longer way to do it is to get Wendala up to slayer level 6. You'll get it automatically.

Become Rank 3 in Mage Guild - This means you'll have to find all the ingredients in the Mage Guild. See above for more info.

Slay all Dragons - Look for all 8 dragon caves on the map and kill them. You'll need the airship to reach a few. For reference, there are no dragon caves in the ocean.

Obtain a Death Scroll - Just bring a Death Scroll to Dronbk to learn Death magic.

Invade the Underking's Villa - You'll unfortunately have to work your way past the dozens of respawning vampires. Try to lure them as far South as you can. Then make a mad dash for the switch up North that will kill all of them in one fell swoop. Now you can claim the treasure you were asked to get.

Consult the Church of Incantations - When you're in the church, click on the northernmost wall to get through. When inside, there is one man. If you trust him, he'll give you his card. If not, he'll attack you, as will many other mages. There's a bug you can exploit if you keep talking to him and trust him, even though his sprite left the screen. You'll keep getting mind bonuses, XP rewards, and quest rewards. When you're done, don't trust him and fight your way out and report back to Dronbk.

Retrieve the Pillar of Dark Energy - It's in the Orc Guard in the southern lands, by the Coliseum. Make sure you can survive the pitfall. Once you're down there, make a dash for one of the southern rooms (left one). Some of the orcs respawn. On one of the tables is the pillar you're looking for.

Find the Muura Gem - I believe it was possible to do this quest as well as the Mage Guild quest at the same time, but it involved some goofiness. I think one of them let you keep the gem for some reason. Anyway, the Muura Gem is also listed under the Mage Guild quest, so look up there.

[xFGx] Fire Guild Quests {sdanond}

Find the Sacrophage of Andermars d'Amverm - It's in the Fire Ant's Nest on the far West of the map, left of the Institute.

Given the ridiculous number of ants that RESPAWN when you leave the screen for any reason, don't bother with the mass of ants in the center (poor treasure anyway). If you want to see what's in those holes, don't drop in the right hole, there's nothing there. Anyway, head South when you're in the cave. As a general hint, if you ever see a very large group of ants, it's probably the wrong way.

Find the Ox-Oramion - You'll need Baretta for this one. She identifies its locale as soon as you have her in your party and look at this quest in your questbook. It's in the Ore Lab. It's on one of the lower floors, on a table. You can identify it by the glowing light bulb as long as you have Baretta in your party.

Enter the Pit of Fire - Mostly straightforward, just find your way to a room with a narrow path and a green gem in the middle. There's another route somewhere that will lead a fire god.

Enter the Outer World - Hopefully you kept that Final Eye alive in the Metrolian Castle. You'll need Luba for this. Get into battle with the eye. Keep defending and healing when needed, eventually you'll get inside. To end the quest, you'll need the combination: 4 6 7 2. You can keep investigating the world, but be careful as it is easy to get lost. Luci's beacon spell is almost a must for deep navigation.

[xUNx] Unknown Guild Quests {sdanond}

Find Something Rare - In order join the guild, you'll need a rare item. There are two items or so that the Guild of Unknown will consider. The Crown of Celestine will suffice if you got it in LP2. Otherwise, you'll have to keep a sharp lookout for a

Shra-Kem. I believe you can find this in the Hall of Madness.

Find Maetulan - First get his possessions identified at the Mage Guild. Then, find your way over to Babo'Komo, near the Coliseum. He'll tell his story.

Escort Trykler to Giant's Tower - First find him in the graveyard North of the tower. You'll have to cut him down soon enough.

KILL THE LORD OF ROOTS - It's in the God's Smithy. MAJOR bad news! If you kill it, you can purchase pink apricots, some of the best healing items you can buy!

Bring a package to Anthony's friend in Calambro - He's a gargoyle, hard to miss.

Kill the Ore Lab Fairy - The fairy is in the room with the XP Sphere, past the room of the 4789143 slaughterers (slight exaggeration there).

Mad World - To get into Mad World, first click on the red gem on the table in the Science Institute, then cast Egress to get inside. However, once inside, it doesn't look like the doors function properly, so you can't go in very far. Be sure not to cast Egress when inside, you end up stuck inside a wall.
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Night Guardian

Number of posts : 917
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I\'m : Unstable
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Creature: 1/4 elf; bitten by vampire
Class: Night wielder
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PostSubject: Re: LPIII tips and tricks, spoilers (copy)   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:03 pm

[xCQx] The Collection Quests {sdanond}

The Five Statues of Yveen: (+20 MND)
- Pink Statue is in the House of Pleasure.
- Brown Statue is in Aglae-Terra.
- Yellow Statue is in Sadronista.
- Blue Statue is in Slime Nest(!)
- Black Statue is in the Fairy Cave in the Mosquito Swamp.

Gwancho's 9 Books of Power
- Metrolia Castle's Shrine Room (ground floor)
- Atelier, by Silver Eagle Inn
- Zchevar's shop
- Mosquito Swamp, South end
- Riga, up the stairs
- Castle of Silence
- Bazizka Tower
- Empty Temple nearby Giant's Fortress (NE)
- Any Wandering Bazaar

Melanie's 8 sons:
- Damian is in a hidden cave by pyramid (Go out of Sadronista, click out the mountain outside of pyramid, left of cave).
- Lager is in the dwarven cave, blacksmith's shop. You'll need Luba to get the passcode.
- Alternatively, Lager is in Ambranda, the Nenula Villa.
- H.Q is in the Metrolia Forest, towards the left.
- Greylorn is in Lalyula Inn. The inn is in the southern lands, by the teleportation point.
- Lancelot is in Outer World.
- Alternatively, Lancelot is in the Lannion lands (Baluul). You'll need an airship to reach these beast-infested lands.
- Ace is on the path to Aglae-terra, you'll have to cross a wooden bridge.
- Slappa is on the first floor of the Underking's Castle. He's towards the right side of the castle.
- Bird is in Angel Town, towards the left side.

[xBRx] BLACKSMITH RECIPES {Grogor & Darkelve & corn112}

1. Astrobalt + Heart of the Town: Dark Chainmail
2. Astrobalt + Cryzalis = Blackhole Coat (Best Armor for Coryool!)
3. Astrobalt + Azura = Rain-Bow (medium good Bow, lots of different damages though and 75% sleep)
4. Astrobalt + Lycose Pearl = Lycose Bow (medium good weapon, but 45% poision and hits twice).
5. Astrobalt + Xarisman Tusk: Arz Drakker Armor (very good armor, protects 42% against Blind)
6. Astrobalt + Astrobalt = Blackhole Coat
7. Astrobalt + Azura= Blackhole Coat

8. Azura + Mithril = Ice Rain Corset (superb armor for female chars! Stats even slightly better than Yveen Lowcut dress... less protections though)
9. Azura + Cryzalis = Divine Armor (superb armor for warrior-types!)
10. Azura + Brosaline Petals = Ritanleva bow (medium good bow, but hits twice though).
11. Azura + Zerox Diamond = Divine Armor
12. Azura + Bromium = Van Vaard
13. Azura + Sould Ore = Wicked Dress
14. Azura + Lycose Pearl = Fonguous Claws (medium good herasia claws; 96% poison damage)
15. Azura + Lava Obsidianite = Kogara Armor
16. Azura + Lava Obsidianite = Magma Cane (medium good weapon, side-effect 100% Numb)
17. Azura + Astrobalt: Lavender (Weapon)

18. Bromium + Mythril = Bromium Rod (superb rod for mages, with side-effect 83% clash)
19. Bromium + Cryzalis = Bromium Rod (see above)
20. Bromium + Astrobalt = Critical Dai-Katana (very good sword, 59% critical hit, 77% Shock)
21. Bromium + Zerox Diamond = Zerox Armor (see above)
22. Bromium + Soul Ore = Wicked Dress (superb armor for female chars)
23. Bromium + Teszrandus Clutch = Raptor Coat (see above)
24. Bromium + Teszrandus Clutch = Blaster (very good weapon, very powerful)
25. Bromium + Xarisman Tusk = Blaster (see above)

26. Brosaline Petals + Mithril = Chameleon Coat
27. Brosaline Petals + Heart of the Forest = Brosaline Whip (very good weapon for Wendala, has 7 side-effects)

28. Cryzalis + Scaloide = Korago Armor (see above)
29. Cryzalis + Astrobalt = Lycca Armor (good armor)
30. Cryzalis + Brosaline Petals = Salse Lance (good lance weapon, strikes 2x, good weapon for Leanda I think)
31. Cryzalis + Heart of The Town = Gaia Armor (see above)
32. Cryzalis + Astrobalt = Cycca Armor (see above)
33. Cryzalis + Diamond of Zerox = Torpedo Spear (very good spear)
34. Cryzalis + Tezrandus Clutch = Tezrandus Bow (medium good bow, but has 100% Venom as a side-effect!)

35. Heart of the Forest + Mythril: Chameleon Coat (Superb Armor - for Animals I think)
36. Heart of the Forest + Lava Obsidianite: Ghandiis (Weapon)
37. Heart of Forest + Scaloide= Ravage Armor
38. Heart of Forest + Brosaline Petals= Cycca Armor
39. Heart of Forest + Xarisman Tusk= Hatsu-Karu

40. Heart of the Town + Scalidoide = Ravage Armor
41. Heart of the Town + Heart of the Forest: Raptor Coat (Armor) -- Best armor for animals I found yet! Even better than Blazing Coat!
42. Heart of Town + Scaloide= Tanker Bow
43. Heart of Town + Mithril= Razor Claws
44. Heart of Town + Cryzalis= Ice Rain Corset
45. Heart of Town + Xarisman Tusk= Overlord Cutlass
46. Heart of Town + Diamond of Zerox= Heavy Fists

47. Lava O. + Azura = Lava Mail (fire/ice/water/earth/suction/laser, 89% venom/paralysis/poison
48. Lava O. + Lycose P. = Poltergeist Vest (Holy/Dark, 100% death, more attack and speed then ice corset, less defense and mind.
49. Lava O. + Heart of the Town = Lava Mail(Above)
50. Lava O. + Diamond of Zerox = Lava Mail

51. Lycose P. + Mithril = Poison Sword (100% poison/venom)
52. Lycose P. + Cryzalis = Miranda Dress (Dark/Claw/Suction, 2 Defense higher then Ice Corset, but weaker in other stats)
53. Lycose P. + Cryzalis = Poison Sword(see above)
54. Lycose P. + Azura = Poison Sword
55. Lycose P. + Bromium = Spider Armor (Fire/Earth 100% against Poison/Venom)(weaker defense then divine and gaia armor but higher speed and attack)

56. Mithril + Scaloide = Korago armor (very good armor - lots of protections)
57. Mithril + Scaloide = Assault Fists (good/very good Coryool Fists)
58. Mithril + Brosaline Petals = Amaranth Rapier (medium good rapier)
59. Mithril + Cryzalis = Akura (very good sword)
60. Mithril + Lava Obsidianite = Red Mithril Axe (best Axe I've found yet!)

61. Scaloide + Mithril = Dark Rod
62. Scaloide + Cryzalis = Scaloide Jaws (excellent for Guanidia)
63. Scaloide + Astrobalt = Gaia Armor (very good armor)
64. Scaloide + Astrobalt = Huge Claymore (medium good sword)
65. Scaloide + Bromium = Dark Chainmail (very good armor)
66. Scaloide + Bromium = Ax-Death (very good axe)
67. Scaloide + Tezrandus Clutch = Ravage armor (very good armor)
68. Scaloide + Tezrandus Clutch = Huge Claymore (medium good sword)
69. Scaloide + Scaloide= Ravage Armor
70. Scaloide + Heart of Town= Scaloide Jaws

71. Soul Ore + Scaloide= Slayer Armor (very good armor; protection 100% Numb)
72. Soul Ore + Xarisman Tusk = Slayer armor
73. Soul Ore + Astrobalt = Evil Claws (very good weapon for e.g. Herasia; strikes twice)
74. Soul Ore + Diamon of Zerox = Carnassier Fists (very good weapon for e.g. Coryool, 51% Critical hit)
75. Soul Ore + Azura = Terror Jaws (superb weapon for Guanidia, side-effect 60% Numb)
76. Soul Ore + Teszrandus Clutch = Slayer Armor
77. Soul Ore + Heart of The Forest = Miranda Dress (medium good armor for femal chars. )
78. Soul Ore + Lycose Pearl = Carnassier Fists
79. Soul Ore + Lava Obsidianite = Fatalis Javelin (superb weapon for e.g. Leanda; Critical Hit 50%, 46% Venom&Paralysis, Strikes 2x !!)
80. Soul Ore + Soul Ore = Poltergeist Vest (very good armor, protects against Death 100%)
81. Soul Ore + Cryzalis: Eater Rapier (Weapon)
82. Soul Ore + Bromium= Fatalis Javelin

83. Teszrandus Clutch + Mithril = Razor claws(Above)
84. Teszrandus Clutch + Lycose P. = Poltergeist Vest(see above, i think this one is less rare then the lava obs recipe though)
85. Teszrandus Clutch + Lycose P. = Lycose Bow(pretty useless)
86. Teszrandus Clutch + Astrobalt = Teszrandus Rapier(once again, useless)
87. Teszrandus Clutch + Xarsiman = Dirai Kulha(claw/blade/suction, 36% death, 2 swings, Stronger then evil claws )
88. Teszrandus Clutch + Lava O. = Ars Drakkar Armor(not so great)
89. Teszrandus Clutch + Lava O. = Tearer Jaws (weaker then terror jaws)
90. Teszrandus Clutch + Diamond of Zerox = Teszrandus Rapier(useless)

91. Xarisman + Mithril = Razor Claws(stronger then Evil claws, but only 1 swing, ending up making it weaker)
92. Xarisman + Bromium = Ax-Deth (Stronger then both red mithril and red diamond and easier to get )
93. Xarisman + Diamond of Zerox = Zerox Fists(not so great)
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Night Guardian
Night Guardian

Number of posts : 917
Age : 29
Location : The Town of Roses
I\'m : Unstable
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Character sheet
Creature: 1/4 elf; bitten by vampire
Class: Night wielder
Element: Thunder/Dark

PostSubject: Re: LPIII tips and tricks, spoilers (copy)   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:03 pm

94. Zerox Diamond + Heart of The town = Zerox Armor (very good armor for female chars. ; resistant to water, protects 100% against Sunburn and Paralysis).
95. Zerox Diamond + Heart of the Town = Overlord Cutlass (superb weapon with side-effects 100% Death and Paralysis!)
96. Zerox Diamond + Astrobalt = Constellation (Very good armor, 8 resistances and 85% protection against 7 conditions)
97. Zerox Diamond + Bromium = Dark Chainmail (see above)
98. Zerox Diamond + Lycose Pearl = Constellation (see above)
99. Zerox Diamond + Lava Obsidianite = Red Diamond Axe (superb axe with side-effect 47% Sunburn)
100. Zerox Diamond + Zerox Diamond = Zerox Fists
101. Zerox Diamond + Mithril = Murder Axe

[xARx] ALCHEMY RECIPES {Pyromancer & InFlames}

Ancient Sand + Larch Needle = Fairy Herb +5MP +5MD
Ancient Sand + Grey Leaves=Nenula's Powder

Angel Nut + Larch Needle = Trout-30%HP 6%MP Anti Poison (this recipe makes 6xTrout)
Angel Nut + Dandelion Bloom = Tonic Stone +1HP +1MP +2AT +1DF +1MD +1SP
Angel Nut + Indinera Conker= Persilea +9MD

Dabaki Pepper + Indinera Conker = Medicate
Dabaki Pepper + Foxglove Bulb = Boka Boka Root +9DF

Dandelion Bloom + Zapoo Diamond = Yveen's Nectar - 100%HP/MP Revive and anti tek on one party member
Dandelion Bloom + Spider Horn = Medicate - Anti-Tek
Dandelion Bloom + Fruit Of Mist = Flower of Aquapanga-100% HP/MP
Dandelion Bloom + Dragon Mushroom=Milk of the brave +4df
Dandelion Bloom + Dabaki Pepper=Fruit of Mist

Dragon Mushroom + Pamella Peach = Apricot-100%HP,50%MP,Poisons
Dragon Mushroom + O'Donnell Skull= Royal Pirahna- 90%HP,Death, other bad status ailments (seems to make more then 1 pirahna)
Dragon Mushroom + Solstice Acorn = Crystall Ball -Casts Water Cone
Dragon Mushroom + Dragon Mushroom = Tonic Stone +1HP +1MP +2AT +1DF +1MD +1SP

Foxglove Bulb + Pamela Peach = Ananas - +120HP
Foxglove Bulb + Indinera Conker = Coconut - +250HP
Foxglove Bulb + Tyrean Tulip=Tonic Tea- 40%HP+25
Foxglove Bulb + Dabaki Pepper=Talysma Roots +4MP

Fruit of Mist + Ancient Sand = Phenomena roots +11MP
Fruit of Mist + Ocean Conch = Autora Tear -1HP +10MP -1AT +10MD

Grey Leaves + Larch Needle = Mayuka's Winter - +50% MP All
Grey Leaves + Spider Horn = Mayuka's Winter - +50% MP All
Grey Leaves + Zapoo Diamond = Yveen's Tear-(all)80%HP
Grey Leaves + O'Donnel Skull=Cat Berry +8SP
Grey Leaves + Foxglove Bulb=Brosaline Petals

Indinera Conker + Spider Horn = Orange
Indinera Conker + Indinera Conker = Pet Food - 100%HP to any pet
Indinera Conker + Tyrean Tulip = Tonic Tea
Indinera Conker + Dabaki Pepper=Necrotear-100%HP,Death

Larch Needle + Indinera Conker = Solstice Acorn - Ingredient
Larch Needle + Dandelion Bloom = Indinera Conker - Ingredient
Larch Needle + Dabaki pepper= Trout-30%HP 6%MP Anti Poison

Nenula's Powder + Dabaki Pepper = Gloomy Mushroom +10HP +10AT -20MD

O Donnel Skull + Spider Horn = Necrotear - +100%HP Revive one dead party member
O Donnel Skull + Dandelion Bloom = Phoenix Feather - 25%HP Revive one party member
O Donnel Skull + Fruit of Mist = Necroleech-(all)100%HP,Death
O Donnel Skull + Ancient Sand=Zombie eye +30HP -5MP -15AT +10DF
O Donnel Skull + Grey Leaves = Bromium

Ocean Conch + Solstice Acorn = Coconut-250HP
Ocean Conch + Pamela Peach = Yveen's Nectar-100%HP/MP,Anti Tek,Revive
Ocean Conch + Foxglove Bulb = Ocean Love 100%HP/MP, all,Cancels Death
Ocean Conch + Grey Leaves = Marlin Egg +1HP +1MP +1AT +1DF +1MD +1SP
Ocean Conch + Dragon Mushroom=Mithril

Pamela Peach + Larch Needle = MP Replenish - +15MP
Pamela Peach + Solstice Acorn = Moon Fish - +5MP
Pamela Peach + Spider Horn = Orange
Pamela Peach + Fruit of Mist = Yveen's Tear-(all)80%HP

Solstice Acorn + O Donnel Skull = Antidote - Anti-Poison
Solstice Acorn + Dandelion Bloom = Coconut - +250HP
Solstice Acorn + Nenula's powder=Ananas-120HP
Solstice Acorn + Angel Nut= War of the Worst - (3 uses)casts Angel Slaughter

Spider Horn + Dabaki Pepper = Necroleech - +100%HP Revive all dead chars
Spider Horn + Pamela Peach = Antidote - Anti-Poison
Spider Horn + Solstice Acorn = Medicate - Anti-Tek
Spider Horn + Dragon Mushroom = Pet Food - 100%HP to a pet
Spider Horn + Nenula's Powder=Krieger Horn +4MD

Tyrean Dried Tulip + Larch Needle = Paprika Balm - Cures Sunburn
Tyrean Dried Tulip + Dragon Mushroom = Cocconut - +250HP

Zapoo Diamond + Nenula's Powder= Diamond of Zerox
Zapoo Diamond + Tyrean Tulip = Lycose Pearl
Zapoo Diamond + Larch Needle = Ancient Sand
Zapoo Diamond + Solstice Acorn = Ancient Sand
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PostSubject: Re: LPIII tips and tricks, spoilers (copy)   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:04 pm

*** Slightly Spoilerish ***

- Go to Batabog's Forest (where he breaks the rock)
- Put Sandy in your team

- Walk around until you find a Megadolon

- Have Sandy cast "Double XP" every first round

- The Megadolon can be mind-blown, paralyzed, confused and Death-ed;
Death is easiest, but when you're higher levels, a team with all double-strike weapons (e.g. Sarah Mind Killer+Fatalis Javelin = very effective combo) will probably kill the beast in 2-3 rounds anyway.

- At a certain point, Sandy learns "Double XP All", this is when you can make everyone in your group level up very fast, with nearly 3000(!) XP from each fight... I don't think there's ANY fight, maybe except one or two boss fights, in LPIII which gives you anywhere near that XP.
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Number of posts : 917
Age : 29
Location : The Town of Roses
I\'m : Unstable
Registration date : 2007-08-15

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Class: Night wielder
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PostSubject: Re: LPIII tips and tricks, spoilers (copy)   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:04 pm

*** SPOILER ***

Second warning. The fight against Evalyn is very tough, in fact I think it's one of the toughest fights in the entire game. So try to do it all by yourself, the satisfaction will be much greater.

If you're tearing your hair out after being bested for the x-100th time, I hope the next paragraphs will help, where I outline a strategy for beating Evalyn. My Sarah was at level 47 and heavily boosted with "rare ingredients". In fact, before you fight Evalyn, try to increase Sarah's Defense & HitPoints with the ingredients you still have. There are alchemy recipes on this website that teach you how you can make some ingredients yourself with alchemy.

Remember, you have no equipment AT ALL, so a straight-on attack will not do a lot of harm, not even after 2x Slash Up. Also remember, it will probably take A LOT of tries to defeat her! But, you only get one shot at defeating her!

So the very first thing you should definitely do: GO SAVE IN YOUR HQ!!! Then if you loose you can reload that save and try again.

Also, Evalyn summons five (I think) "flowers" to fight at her side.

Ignore the flowers! You cannot kill them in one round anyway, whatever you do, since they have >999 HP. You might be tempted to use the Box of Moanings or Box of Hell, but it requires a LOT of luck to kill all the flowers on the first turn. The flowers don't do a lot of damage anyway, especially not after you put up some defensive barriers. This strategy practically requires an item called Heart of Benevolence, your best friend during this fight. Also, Sarah should be able to cast Angel Wars. (note: I am not aware if the spell Hungry Pixies is of any use in this fight, since I never got my Slayers levelled up enough in order to obtain it).

Besides, you have more important things to do, being: RAISE YOUR SPEED!

1. Cast Slash Up to raise your speed. That's right, in order to put up a more effective fight, you should cast Slash Up the very first round, so that you can perform your next action *before* Evalyn can. Evalyn will cast the same spell on the first round.

Remember that, whenever your HP falls below 250, HEAL, preferably with Royal Piranhas or Apricots, which heal you entirely, and which heal side effects as well (silence etc.). Evalyn will usually do between 80 and 600 (3x Razor Sun!) damage, and Sarah 'only' has about 600+ HP. So 3-4 direct attacks from Evalyn will probably kill you. Also, her Razor Sun does between 200 and 600 damage if you don't take precautions (which we will). Finally, she has Nymph's Para, which Sarah is pretty weak against. When you fall prey to Sleep/Numb effects, all you can do is PRAY that you will survive in order to heal in time.

2. Careful! This entire strategy hinges on this step, which is: USE the item "Heart of Benevolence", which cast some kind of Shield. Most notably, it protects against Fire and Laser, which Razor Sun lowers.

3. When Evalyn casts Razor Sun and you have enough HP to surive a couple more attacks, use the Heart of Benevolence again. Remember, each Razor Sun lowers your Fire/Laser resistance, which make you not only more vulnerable against Razor Sun itself, but also against her Green Laser, and I think the "flower"'s Ostarlow spell.

Remember: if you can possibly risk using the Heart of Benevolence after receiving a Razor sun, DO IT! If you can't, heal up and do it as soon as you can, since a second Razor Sun with your resistance down will hurt for about 400HP, a third about 600 HP.

4. When you have a moment of relief (for example Evalyn casts Green Laser when you've just used the 'Heart' the laser will only do about 80 damage, which means a free round. basically this entire fight is a fight to survive for as many rounds as possible) cast "Shield". 2x Shield should be enough (note: I'm not even 100% sure if Shield helps, but I think it does, and at least for the flowers it does).

5. Now that you are all shielded-up, it's time to start the offense. Hope Evalyn will not Numb/Sleep you and then starts attacking time after time and/or using Razor Sun. Green Laser doesn't do much if your resistance is up. Use the spell Angel Wars to hurt Evalyn and kill the "flowers" in the process. They should die in 2 rounds anyway.

6. Now it's a contest of patience, persistence and survival. Do not be tempted to give Evalyn the "Final Blow", she will probably give it to you instead. Remember to stay safe, use the heart and heal up when necessary, and Angel Wars when you can.

7. At a certain point, Evalyn will start using Elven Wave. This is a good sign: you are almost there but not yet, so remain vigilant! If you're lucky enough not to be killed after one of her Nymph Para's (always the wildcard in this fight), persistently follow the strategy until she is killed. Razor Sun should do about 200 damage, Green Laser 80 and an attack about 120. It's not a problem to survive this, as long as you are not asleep/numb.

Silence isn't that much of a problem, since you have to do a lot of defense anyway and when healing Royal Piranhas or Apricots cure the condition.

8. If you are defeated despite all this advice (and you will, several times, and more, and EVEN more), go and try again. Or level Sarah up some more before confronting Evalyn again (start from your save). And feed her some delicious HP-boosting, Defense boosting and, if you want, Speed-Boosting items.

9. You beat her! Congratulations! You just beat the MOST ANNOYING ENEMY IN THE ENTIRE GAME! But at least you can bask in the glory of overcoming such a hard challenge.

Hopefully these tips were useful for you!

NOTES: Evalyn the cheater

Of course everyone agrees when I say Evalyn is a cheater, but here I will explain how much of a cheater she actually is:

1. She challenges you to a duel when you're 'naked' (no equipment at all). She 'only' has a dress (anyone remember the dresses 'Wicked Dress', 'Black Lady' etc... also 'just' dresses). This is obvious.

I am doing an educated guess and saying that she ALSO has a weapon. I have no proof for this, although proof might be if Shields do not help against her direct attacks because possibly it's a weapon that ignores resistances. (I might be off here. Still, it's a suspicion I have)

2. She summons some kind of flowers. They aren't very strong, but she says she won't attack you the first round so you should take advantage of it. This is misleading, since you just cannot kill the flowers in one round (okay, maybe with box of moanings/hell, with a LOT of luck...) without any kind of dual-strike weapon or spell. Also, the very first spell she casts is Slash Up, which immediately puts you at a disadvantage. The flowers are a distraction so you wouldn't concentrate on your speed&defense as much.

3. If you loose and you talk to her for a second time, she mocks you and says you should not enter the cave naked again. But when she challenges you to the duel, she minimalises the consequences of this. However this dialogue makes clear she is fully aware of the huge disadvantage this gives.

4. After she beats you, she will not offer you a chance for revenge.

Evalyn, already being very strong, tries to put you at a disadvantage with all this kind of trickery. That's why I say she's a cheater. Or at least, a trickster.
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PostSubject: Re: LPIII tips and tricks, spoilers (copy)   

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LPIII tips and tricks, spoilers (copy)
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