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 nearly unbeatable

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PostSubject: nearly unbeatable   Thu Aug 16, 2007 2:01 pm

once you become archmage in the magic guild
you are able to buy ocean loves from the dark suited
guy sitting on a chair at the left side of the magic guild
for 29000 gold
i always carry at least 12 to 15 with me.
being equipped with them,
i dare any big boss to fight me,
because only very bad luck can beat me
here is how i fight.
first you have to have coryool in your party,
because of his high hp, and hardly ever takes damage
from magic attacks
and being the slowest, always is last having his turn.
who else is in your party does not matter.
here is how i fight:
your first three members just doing there normal things,
protecting, attacking whatever.
but coryool must from the very first turn
cast ocean love.
what ever happens to your party members,
you start with full health the next round.
repeat, repeat etc. and you will be sucessful.
should be any change coryool gets killed,
on the next turn have everybody cast ocean love,
unless your party is wiped out at the next turn,
you should have at least one member
.who is successful with the ocean love casting
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nearly unbeatable
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