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 People You can invite into your Headquaters

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PostSubject: People You can invite into your Headquaters   Thu Aug 16, 2007 1:56 pm

Here are the ones *currently* in my HQ... but I don't remember where I found most... so for actually FINDING them it might not be very useful... maybe other people can add where they can be found. This is what Wikis are very useful for... hmmm maybe we should have a Laxius Power Wiki?

First Room of HQ
1. Midgo: Wolf, guards HQ entrance

2. Andrew: At HQ entrance

3. Torok: walks around in HQ in the first room.

4. James: walks around in the first room.

5. Theophistelas: stands near the training area

6. Boris: stands at left side of the table in 1st room

7. Saffron: girl that Boris brought with him

8. Blanchard: rescued her from Dark order shrine I think; walks around in 1st room

9. Georgie: stands at top of table, 1st room. Good perception skills.

10. Matthew: story teller, stands at bottom of table in 1st room

Training Area below 1st room
11. Sharaffus: Lizardmen you can recruit... somewhere.

12. Baby Dragon you can pick up somewhere... doesn't say/do anything though.

Top Left room of HQ

No one, unless you count Dave from the Science Institute and the 3 pets you can buy

Sleeping Hall
13. Kerr: doctor you picked up somewhere
14. Constance and Alise: girls you saved, who do maid work in HQ

Beretta's Counter Room

No one, unless you count Vision from Science Institute

Place behind Beretta's Counter Room

15. Genie, who you saved... somewhere. (House of Pain?)

Bottom right room of HQ:
16. Henrik
17. Harold (gambler)
18. Kate (counter with flowers)

Place behind Bottom Right Room
19. Berger: Priest

Room with three splits (stairs)
20. Coline&her 3 kids
21. Lady Darlene (save her in Giant's Tower)
22. Christine (supposedly she can find an item for you...)
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PostSubject: Re: People You can invite into your Headquaters   Wed Dec 26, 2018 10:45 am

there are something missing in this walkthrough

if you get james you cannot get jasp and vice versa

if you get kate in babo komo you cannot get terry 8n palambro
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People You can invite into your Headquaters
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