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 cheap necrotears

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PostSubject: cheap necrotears   Thu Aug 16, 2007 1:54 pm

necrotears are very helpfull in the early days of the game,
before you are able to get pink apricots and ocean loves.
you can get 99 necrotears on the very first day
for the cheap cost of 29 cent each.
after you finished your business in the castle,
you go to the shop "101 ingredients" located at number 39.
there you buy 99 o'donnel skulls,
and 99 spider horns.
instead of lugging the ingredients back to the magic guild
you can finish your business right there.
near the entrance stands a guy and if you talk to him,
he will for the price of 1000 gold let you mix your ingredients.
away you go mixing
allways first the o'donnel skulls and than the spider horns.
result necrotears.
don't do it the other way round,
because then you get potatos.
necrotears will be very usefull to you
when you have to fight strong monsters
because if one or more of your group dies
necrotears will bring him or her back to life
fully healed.

and now for something different.
you need money when you start the game
well now you got 99 necrotears
at a price of 29 gold
go and sell them for 125 gold
9500 gold profit for 20 minutes work.
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cheap necrotears
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