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 Solution to the music extractor

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PostSubject: Solution to the music extractor   Thu Aug 16, 2007 1:48 pm


1. In order for music to be played ,it seems, the music files have to be in the same folder as LPIII. The music files are not there.(hidden in a seperate folder)

2. The extractor has to be in the same file as the music files, otherwise it will not be able to find them.

3. In order for LPIII to play the files, they need to be in wav format. When you find them, you see that they are in mp3 format.(The supposed extractor really just converts the mp3 files to wav format and then implements them into the game if problems 1 and 2 are solved)

Short solution:

Go to "My Computer".

Find and open the folder that contains "LPIII".

Click the "Tools" option in the top left toolbar.

Move the mouse down to and click folder options.

Click the "view" tab.

Click the circle next to Show hidden files and folders.

Look back in your LPIII folder and find a folder called "Music".

Copy everything that is in this file to your LPIII folder.

Now that problems 1, 2 and 3 are solved, (music files, extractor, and LPIII are in the same folder) the music will now be converted to wav format and implemented into the game after you run the extractor.
Just select the main LPIII folder, go to it's properties, check "hidden", then select apply, then uncheck "hidden" and click OK
It is simply like this...

The extra folders are sort of "faded". Right click on Music, and under Properties, check the hidden to become unhidden. The folder for Music will sort of look "solid". After clicking the Extractor, there is (in my case) some French words popping up; but the music in the game works fine.
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Solution to the music extractor
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