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 mad world

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PostSubject: mad world   Fri Feb 27, 2015 6:33 am

As per what I found on the forum:

Mad World - To get into Mad World, first click on the red gem on the table in the Science Institute, then cast Egress to get inside. However, once inside, it doesn't look like the doors function properly, so you can't go in very far. Be sure not to cast Egress when inside, you end up stuck inside a wall.

I addition -> This is what I found :

** Go with Sandy**
She will open the door which is stuck and gives an "Error".

Go east

There is a chest and a cave with a chest containing “Last mirror book”.
The chest in the cave also has a way going downstairs where you can find Dave who gives 55md to party members and special boost to Sandy.

thanks. Very Happy
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mad world
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