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 Getting Out of Underkings Castle by Berrett

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PostSubject: Getting Out of Underkings Castle by Berrett   Thu Aug 16, 2007 1:46 pm

In the throne room, save. Fight Zoo (melee two round did it for me). Go trough the door and fight two angohol. Follow the path south to the stairs, fight and go down. Here are two save points, so save. Fallow the path south (you will have to fight Hellguards) and battle again to take the stairs. Step on pentagram, it teleports you. Go south. On the split – continue south trough the door (there is one beholder wondering here) and go east to two blue carpets.

Take the first one fight and go down. There are lot of beholders here so try to avoid them as much as you can, since you can’t escape this battles. In room with beholders – go east and up – in this room take the stairs (go up and right as you enter – and avoid monsters). Once down the stairs fight again to be able to continue. There are a lot of vampires here – but as you click on them you kill them – or you can just walk by them.

Go south and you will see npc Stanley who offers to tell you Underking’s hideout. Fight to take this door (to the south of npc). Continue south and down the stairs – there is a save point (save if you wish). Take the only corridor that leads out of the room (here you fight some beholders) and follow the path to the locked door (Luciana will open them for you). Go north across the room with glass floor and north again – west – north and Luciana will open locked door again. From there follow north-west path (don’t go on the right). Follow the path to the south (and fight two angohols along the way). Follow the path south (there is a blue carpet), south again (behind the bottles) past the two vampires, then west, then north, west - past the room with white floor – take the north path just on the right of this room – and go all the way north. Now go a little to the west and on this corridor (that goes north-south) - north again. You will end up in corridor that goes (west-east) - go east. Ignore the stairs. Ignore the first south path. Take the last path south – the floor is partially from glass here – then go a little to the west, and north and you will end up on another split. Go north-and all the way west. Go south – a little to the west and take the first south corridor. There is a vampire eating meal here!!! Very Happy You may kill him (that would be ungrateful, since he gave you extra stats before). Continue south and Luciana will open another door. South down the metal corridor (buttons), and Luciana opens the door again. Now follow the path east and north to another split. Go east all the way and you will end up in one of the halls where you started the Underking castle. So now go south, fight again to go trough the door and watch the dialogue. Continue south to the exit. Fight again. South and finally fight Orghandi the Assasin. That’s all.
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Getting Out of Underkings Castle by Berrett
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