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 Coliseum in a Breeze!

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PostSubject: Coliseum in a Breeze!   Thu Aug 16, 2007 1:44 pm

The key to winning the Coliseum numerous times is in just one item....
The Hi-Jacker! Ta-dah! But I think you must do Luciana's 3-Dazer to have it.

My Party: Luciana, Herasia, Baretta, and Sandy.

First of all, equip all your characters with speed enhancing items, and, if you want to kill the opponents faster, mind equipment too. But... Do NOT enhance 1 char's speed (you'll see why), I used Baretta for the non-speed.

Once you start fighting in the Coliseum, just make everyone use the Hi-Jacker, right off the bat. This way, once the three sped-up characters mindblow every opponent, and then the opponents recover, the non-speed character can mindblow most (if not all) of them again!
Here is a list of all (I think) of the Coliseum monsters, categorized into who's mindblow-able, and who's not:


Bado x3 (massive xp, around 2K, wil always mindblow)
Demon Fart x6 (hehe)
Karpan x6 (looks like gnomes, die in just one turn)
Ax-Warrior x5 (slow, die in one turn)
Kryz x1 (looks like a crab, while its in shock, drain some MP if you want)
Savage Lampra x3 (mediocre speed, die in two turns)
Spirit o/ Artefact x3 (mediocre speed)
Centaur x2 (when their mindblowed, just cast Death)
Girl of the Wind x3 (pretty fast, will attack before you, watch out for
melee attack)
Maniac Dwarf x2 (slow, and very weak to Hi-Jacker/Laser)
Varando x2 (not much to look at)
Scaled Raptor x2 (mediocre speed, about 50% chance to mindblow)
Titan Hydra x3 (not as easy to mindblow as others, mediocre speed)

If you face any of these, you might want to reset...

Bzibil x3 (hit twice)
Anti Vecnen x2 fast, casts devastating spells)
Gigano x3 (Mostly attacks or casts Dark Ray)
Renegate Angel x2 (fast, casts devastating spells)
Biukkuikkon x1 (Casts Terafreeze, etc)
Howling Werewolf x3 (Uses Suck Blood, can hit 100-200 HP to them)
Lightning Blade x2 (the name says it all, very fast and very strong)
Grogorlion x2 (Lots of HP, very strong)

~If there is any more monsters, please post them on here~
Death magic- Tarpans, lizards(dun remember the names), the big bad bazibbils, and many more!

Now guys the Biggies( Here's how you can easily make them yours!)

Anti Vincen- They can be numbed and they can be sucked up of all their stats by luba and the heavenmore bomb spell, they can be blown up. I recommen striking them with zoo and rzndom for quick results after you numb or blow or drain them.

The thunder ladies( names not remembered)- Use tamara ring on all and them let Random do the talking.

Bados Bados( real suckers neways)- Use Hi - Jacker twice and strike the rest of the times.
all you need is high speed. all the enemies have <2000 hp i believe, so you can just kill them in 1-2 rounds.

striking amulet, vampire cape, predator gloves are some stuff that give good speed bonuses.

if you can't survive one round from cut-throat, you might want to mass up on the zombie eyes from alchemy, which give +30hp each. the penalties for each one are worth much less than 30hp, IMO.

oh and you can use n-bombs to smash them for 999 i believe.

this is probably bad advice too.
Solo Tournament Tips

- Try to use a First strike and/or double strike weapon if you can find a good one for your character
- It can help to pick armor that protects against fire and perhaps laser
- All in all, speed, damage output and Hit Points are crucial in this tournament
- Probably the very best weapon for a lot of characters in this tournament is the Sword of Scrolls

First opponent:
- he's fast but if you're faster than he shouldn't be too much of a problem, just strike and heal as necessary. Not sure but I believe he is vulnerable to death

Second opponent:
- While he's not *that* difficult, it is important that you have the maximum Hit Points possible after defeating him. Three strategies:
1. Hit him fast and hard and beat him in one round
2. Build up your defenses and/or lower his attack, then heal and once he
misses try to finish him off

Also you can throw an N-Bomb which should kill him immediately

Third opponent:
- She can be a pain in the behind if you're not fast and strong. She has only about 600HP so try to finish here ASAP

Fourth opponent (800 or so HP?):
- See which spells work against him. If you're not fast but you DO have a first-strike weapon, first cast a spell that does good damage (e.g. Baretta's Legend Slayer) and then follow up with a normal attack (e.g. First Hit from Sword of Scrolls)

Fifth opponent (around 900 HP?):
- If you have First Strike weapon, you can try to finish her off in one or two rounds then. You CAN play this strategically by using the Heart of Benevolence (increases protection against fire and laser)
- Better though: this opponent will mind-blow every time when you use the Hi-Jacker! (at least she did when I tried that with V. Helsing)

Sixth and final opponent
First thing to do is heal up if needed because:
- He does 200-300 damage each round
- His critical hits are devastating (600 damage or higher), and increasing defense doesn't seem to work, so try to finish him off as soon as possible with your best attacks. Most characters should be able to do this in two rounds. I think his HP is 1400 or so... even Rosa with her Golomator spell could kill him in 2 rounds!
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Coliseum in a Breeze!
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