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 Laxius Power II Coryool: Lucios Lezzi

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PostSubject: Laxius Power II Coryool: Lucios Lezzi   Fri Oct 25, 2013 8:32 pm

Hi there. Smile Anyway, I'm having trouble with beating Coryool's Destiny in Laxius Power II, and I've been trying to get help on beating it. ...Or rather, I'm having trouble with even getting started. You see, I'm on the Destiny's first fight, Lucios Lezzi, and, regardless of what I do, he keeps whipping me around like a ragdoll. My Coryool is at Level 29, and wearing the Drunkard Hat and Precision RingI found, in addition to everything else he has on, and as for healing items, I have a Tonic Tea and an Apricot in my inventory. I also deal out 85-95 damage to Lezzi on normal hits, and over 200 on criticals. Oh, and Coryool's HP's 556.

None of that matters. With a normal hit, Lezzi does anywhere from over 180 to over 200 damage. Now, I'm used to damage counts that high in Laxius Power, but the difference is that I've always had a healer before; not so here. So, while I'm dealing crap damage to him, he's beating the stuffing out of me. And it doesn't help that, if he gets a critical, he can KO Coryool in one blow. Of course, I do defend when Lezzi's Powering up, and that helps, but it's far from enough.

The point of all this is, I don't know how to beat Lezzi. Which is a shame, because I've beaten all three other Destinies, and I really do want to beat this one, so that I can carry my Save over to LPIII. But, I just don't really know what to do here. So, if anyone can help out, give me advice, it would be much appreciated. Smile

EDIT: So, I was actually able to beat Lezzi by now, but only out of pure dumb luck. Now, I'm on the third Master, Mako, and I'm convinced that pure dumb luck is the only way I can possibly beat this guy too. The only healing item I have on me right now is a Royal Nem, and while it does help, it still doesn't help all that much. Is there some sort of general strategy for beating Mako, or will I have to wait until the odds miraculously shift in my favor?
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PostSubject: Re: Laxius Power II Coryool: Lucios Lezzi   Mon Aug 18, 2014 1:07 pm

Maybe just wait for a miracle. I don't know how you do it on level 29 but it's a very low level. I did it with my savefile on level 35-40 and I was in need of luck too. Just wait for a miracle I think... Sorry.
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PostSubject: Re: Laxius Power II Coryool: Lucios Lezzi   Tue Oct 20, 2015 11:49 pm

well, if even level 35 is dumb luck... I think this part isn't possible for my level 30...
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PostSubject: Re: Laxius Power II Coryool: Lucios Lezzi   

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Laxius Power II Coryool: Lucios Lezzi
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