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 Secrets by kehaul

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PostSubject: Secrets by kehaul   Thu Aug 16, 2007 12:53 pm

Back by popular demand and brought to you by a generous grant of the list by Hz8.

This covers only the hidden treasures in the game and are most likely the secrets tallied by the game at the end.
They are all listed in Hz8's walkthrough, and this serves more as an area-by-area checklist than anything else.

Added 13-15, 24, 41-43
Should be no change in the final score though, those are just secrets I got but didn't take note of my first time through.

1. In the northeast of town is a way east the secret is found along the mountain there.
2. Southwest of inn in the box.
3. In the tree right by the weapon shop.
4. Pet Area, in the leftmost box.
5. In church, right bookcase.
6. Hole outside your house can be dug by the dog in the south house of town, to get the dog to follow you seems to require that you wait inside the south house for a certain period of time. Nets an item with +50hp to Laura only.

Butterfly Shack(southwest of Frechette in bush):
7. In the right box.
8. Snake, if you touch the one spot that opens to the left.

Path of butterfly:
9. In southeast, take stairs down, go left, and walk to the dead end to the north.
10. At the dead end of the path through the tree clump.
11. On screen two, it's directly north of the cave on the next height increase.

12. In south house with stained glass, bottom right bookcase.
13. Southeast house, check bookcase.
14. Southeast house, check stove.
15. Behind the southeast house is a guy with a minigame. Answer Garnet, Crecius, James and Buckley, Lance Moorwick, Anna Lisa, and then keep debating him.

In the north area after sleeping:
16. There are a bunch of boxes at the entrance, take the left middle one.
17. Towards the top of the screen is a small house, the top right box.
18. In southeast house right box.
19. To the right of the big house is a clump of boxes bottom right box.
20. Same as 19, but the top left box.

Break in to Grum's house
21. In the bush to right of Grum's house.
22. First floor, top right bookshelf.
23. First floor, the one next to the top left box.
24. After finishing area, a person in Frechette near the inn will ask for an escort to Moorwick.

Misty Woods:
25. Go all the way south, then to the east are four bushes, take middle one.
26. Top right, in the pet shop, bookcase by man.
27. Top box in pet house.

Moorwick Temple:
28. In the middle dresser on the left.
29. In middle bookshelf in bottom right corner.
30. In fireplace.

Phoenix pet house: In order to see this house you must have no pet and talk to the guy near inn in first town. Say you're not happy. You may need to wait a bit first though, it’s not immediately available.
31. Right bookshelf.

Dragon Cave:
Save first, then avoid the slow moving dragon and check the top three skulls.
32. skull
33. skull
34. skull

35. In church bottom left bookshelf.
36. West of Zlatko's house in box
37. In Clarysse's house, the one looking for her kid, in box.
38. To the southwest of church, in the enclosed grass area, bush near the top.
39. Towards the right at the end of the alley. The table near the couple.
40. In flowers on east side of church. Third spot from the top.
41. Cat Quest: Talk to kid in the right alley, buy a numb tincture from bottom left shop, but scent, lead cat to boy.
42. Rufus Quest: Talk to mother in bottom house, find kid in north area of “Path of Butterfly”.
43. Teapot quest: Talk to innkeeper about quest, pot is in right area or church, return it to him.
??. Fast Shoes: Not a secret, but you should buy a pair in northeast shop, you will need them

Cave of Mist:
44. From entrance, the skull to the left of the spike traps.
45. In top right of first screen, the skeleton near the box.
46. Third screen, towards bottom is a skull.

Beacon: To the left is a bush with a secret pet.

47. To the north, by the blue healing item, go through wall to the left.
48. After Bellenue joins the party, talk to the old man bottom right.

Under Beacon:
49. From switch room, take left path down. The second indention into the north wall has an item.
50. Near stairs down, in barrel.

Water Temple:
51. In the middle room before the scripted battles, there is an item in the upper left on the pillar.

52. In the inn, you can find an item in the bookshelf. You might need to talk to Jesper in Moorwick first.
53. Go downstairs in the inn, don't sleep, and check the stool.
54. House above weapon shop, by door is a box.
55. In a clump of boxes in northern center area of town.

Zagmar Cave:
56. Top right of cave at end of path.
57. After the cart race, check the skull.
58. After teleporter, the skull in the top-right.
59. After boss, the skull up against the wall. Alternately, it is the skull as far to the left of the screen as you can go.

60. Walk all the way around Nathan's house, at dead end.
61. House by scientist near entrance, in sink.
62. Bottom left house, bookshelf.
63. North of public bath, at the dead end.
64. After getting the lab open, in the leftmost sink.
??. If you complete the maze using harmony pipes there are 3 chests, but they are not hidden and not a secret?

Zagmar Lab:

65. In second room, bottom left, along the row of sinks.

Explorer Coat Madness:

I. Shark Encampment: behind trees near Frechette.
66. Near last house in the box clump.
67. After boss, in north box.

II. World Map
68. West of butterfly woods in the forest, on the west middle.
69. North of Zagmar, by cave exit, in bush to left.
70. After the boss fight against the tree, in the immediate forest top right area.
71. Same area as 70, check the tree.
72. On the beach area south of Fey(west of last secret) check bush.
73. The house north of benedict has an item in one of the crates.


?? If you get the teeth for the girl you get a new location, but I've found nothing there.
74. Between the two houses at entrance is a box.
75. Bottom left of town in the box to the edge of map.

Temple:(someone in Fey will mention this place, then you can enter.)
76. Donate the highest amount for a permanent +3 speed.

Giant's Tower:

77. In first room the left pillar.
78. In first room the left-mid pillar.
79. In first room the right-mid pillar.
80. In first room the right pillar.
??. The two exploding chests I have yet to survive.
81. The dead end to the right of the shopkeeper. Not in the same room, but go all the way around.
82. On the next floor up, in the bottom left area there are indentions 1 tile big, its in the right one.
??. There is a chest you need to flip a switch and fog out, in order to get directly north of staircase, but is it a secret? It's easily visible.

Later in the game, some places offer you secret items, but I'm not sure when they first offer them though.
83. Buy something from the item shop in Frechette, then buy the stat item.
84. Speak to the captain in Benedict's inn and you will get a stat boost item.
85. Moorwick item shop, buy an item from the item shop to be offered another item.
86. Benedict, bottom left shop, offers an extra item, but seems to do so randomly, so buy 1 numb tincture, leave shop, and repeat till he offers a new item.
87. The Fey armor shop randomly[1 in 20ish chance] offers a Zerulis armor. You don't actually get the armor unless you have v1.3. This may still give a secret% increase in older versions, but you don't get the armor.
88. Secret shops, sw of zagmar. Buy an item in the armor shop to be offered an oblivion ring.

Exploding chests
??. Frechette, below the weapon shop.
??. Giant's Tower, the floor with all the switches, bottom right area, up the 3 then 1 square pathway.
They require a high hp and defense stat to survive the explosion.
Your best bet is to give Karol a Muscle Glove(+20%hp), give him your best defense equipment, SAVE GAME, then open the chest. Everyone but Karol will probably die, make sure you have revive items before trying.


Lament Temple
89. Right at the entance take the second path left to the end.
90. Top of the screen in the middle
??. Probably not secrets, but after you beat the boss, ignore his chest and grab the two from where you came in first.
This no longer works in v1.3, so you can no longer get both treasure chests. You might have time to get one with great reflexes, but don't lose any sleep over it.

Korka Temple
??. Exploding chest at far right of map.
This pretty much requires a level 50 Frankie with the Muscle Glove(+20%hp) the absolute best defense equipment available(use volcano shield as well) and nets you a blackhole scroll(cast blackhole crush)[instant 999dmg all, 4uses]

Pet Shop
91. Go down a floor, and check the nearby box.
92. Check the not-so nearby box on the same floor.

Evalluween Temple
93. Top left room at the top center by the stained glass

Temple of Sariss
94. Cluster of bookshelves in top left bottom middle
95. Same as above but top right

Infinium Temple
96. After getting all 4 teleport fragments, teleport and check the north wall before the fight.

Ohgma Tample
97. Right at the end of the first room by the red crystal check the circle pot thing.
98. A little later in the game an old man will appear at the entrance of this temple and give you an item.

Bumonn cave (cave south of giant’s tower)
??. There are 3 ocean loves and 8 red apples, no clue if any of it is a secret though.

Yveen’s place(southeast of giant’s tower, behind the crystal)
??. After touching all four statues in the final room, she will give you +100hp all for 10 seconds.

My End Game Totals:
95% secrets (Outdated by an added secret, so 96% maybe?)

Pretty close, just need a few more secrets and one/two last chests.

Contributors List
el_nabot: Found a secret I missed and finally inspired me to finish and post this.
Starblade: 2 secrets plus reminded me about the extra items that shops sell.
Snipingmedic: Told me about the skulls in the cave of mist.

Unfortunately, I lost the most recent contributors before the site went down. If you can remind me I can put you right back in.

For anyone else, contributions are still welcome, and if you want your name here give me a secret not listed yet.

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Secrets by kehaul
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