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 : Sankt Leona and Grandje Proud Walkthrough with Maps Part 1

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PostSubject: : Sankt Leona and Grandje Proud Walkthrough with Maps Part 1   Thu Aug 16, 2007 12:01 pm

You are now in SankT Leona Hills. There is much to do here, so I advise you to follow the order I made things to be sure not to miss anything.
Location A : Road to the SankT Valley where you come from. However, you won’t go through it that often, but you won’t go through it again so often since you will have better time to teleport to the North Tangar Hills.
Location B : You are 10 miles south of SankT Leona. You almost did it !
Location C : You made it, you arrived at SankT Leona. You will not be attacked by monsters while in the streets of SankT Leona.
Location D : SankT Leona Inn
Here you can rest for 750 gp. It will be your rally point while in SankT Leona. There is nothing hidden, but you can explore it for fun. It is truly the biggest inn you have ever been in.
Location E : Yveen’s Perpetuel Chapel
Here you can save, watch proudly at your past or talk about your past
victories by speaking with the priestess. Nothing hidden.
Then you have several choices, but I advise you to follow the one here. First travel west, cross the two bridges of SankT Leona to arrive at
Location F : The School of Transport
Take the left door to find a Shiny Page in the bookcase near the old wizard. Climb then the stairs. You can save by reading the book and then talk to the girl. Here you can set a teleport (18000 gp, very useful) and learn Egress to anyone who can (7300 gp each). Then you can leave.
Come back to Tangar North Hills by teleportation and keep supporting Baretta by buying her the Benedrix (500 Oth).
By the way don’t forget that Coryool should have more than 600 HP to win the arm-wrestling tournament, so watch carefully at his level. He should be ready at level 33. When he will be strong enough, go to beat the guy (1500 Pre), and he will reward you with
the Diamond fists (700 Spe).Teleport back if you have set the GandJe Proud (SankT Leona) teleport. Let’s explore the town a bit more.Location 1 : Yveen’s Perpetuel Chapel
Look at location E above...
Location 2 : Clara’s House
Nothing hidden, but talking to the girl (Clara) starts a small quest that you should get through with no real problem. You will have to escort her old father from the east coast to SankT. The rewards is more consequent than the former quest, so let’s go. Her father leaves in...
Location G (on the big map of Sankt Leona Hills) : Clara’s Father House
Quite a nice house. You will find Fairy Pepper in a crate on the roof.
While taking her father back to SankT, you will be trapped by many Shadow Elf and Sanguine... How strange...Beating them with no real problem with Nymph Para, you will come back to SankT wher you will get the explanation. When back at Clara’s house, after talking to Clara, you will be sent to...
Location 6 : SankT Library
You can explore it and talk to everyone, but there is nothing hidden inside...
Come back to Clara’s House. Talk to Clara (1000 Her) to have all the explanations, and to get the book The Hand and the Crypt (500 Oth). You can now explore the back room, where you will find a Black Stone in a crate hidden bby the wall, below the two other. You can now leave this house, you are done with it.
Location 3 : Marianne’s House
A diamond in a barrel. If you talk to Marianne, you can hire her (for free!!, 1000 Val) as a gem dealer, so that you will have her permanently at your HQ. Given that you cannot hold more than 999 999 gp, diamonds are a good way to keep your money safely. Moreover, you will transfert them easily in the following LPs.
Location 4 : SankT Leona Hospital
Nothing hidden and nothing to do here for now.
Location 5 : House of Administration
Why not visiting it ? But in fact, there is nothing hidden and nothing to do...
Location 7 : Mateo’s House
A forest Marguerites hidden in a pot north. Here you can also enjoy playing piano.Location 8 : Lirico’s Manor
You can enter and talk to everybody, but there is nothing hidden.
Location 9 : The SankT Dragon
Enjoy the traditional Japanese food. Nothing hidden, but the Royal Nem is really delicious...
Location 10 : Bruce’s House
Here lives "The Cortolis". He's wearing a purple robe and is standing in front of a bookcase. Talk to him and that way, you will oficially accept the "Ridding the rats from the old man's warehouse quest" (take a look in your "Quest book" to be sure). You will find the walkthrough for this sidequest at the end of this part.
Location 11 : SankT Leona Inn
Look at location D in the big map...
Location 12 : The Knight’s Essential Tools
Nothing in the first part, and the Saber is really not worthing it...
But you can take the back door, and then you will arrive to the animal arena. It is one of the parallel SankT tournaments. I don’t think you can succeed before visiting the pit of fire, so...
However, an Earth Trout hidden in a barrel north-west and a save point.
Location 13 : Cockatrix Feather’s House
There is nothing hidden in the whole house, but the guy is ready to buy you 6000 gp each Cockatrix Feather you have. Why not ?
Location 14 : Sage’s Tower
Nothing Hidden and nothing to do here yet...
If you are playing with the add-ons, you will find in a teleport point that will teleport to the floor of the tower. Here you can slow or fasten the game speed by standing on the blue or red stairs, and you can also try to catch the changing ball that will details you your Orb score.
Location 15 : SankT Leona House
Another SankT Leona typical house. Why is it a typical one ?? No idea. Nothing hidden.Location 16 : Isabella’s Felicity
Nothing hidden. Here you can buy the famous Kaleidos Wall that will allow you to change your background anytime you want. Buy one (650 gp). If you come back after, Isabella will perhaps sell you a new item, the Apricot tree. I advise you not to buy one for now, because it can be hard to keep it alive with the events that are coming...
Location 17 : The King’s Gauntlet
There is nothing hidden, but here you can buy some interesting items, such as the Elstar Robe...
Location 18 : SankT Leona Castle
There are two parts. By entering the left part, you can go in :
- Main Hall, where there is nothing hidden. Only the gardeners.
- Gardens, behind the tree left of the portal is hidden a chest with
Mayuca’s Winter (500 Oth) and a Black Stone. Nothing else but a stubborn guard.
- Great Wall, nothing hidden and moreover you cannot participate to the election of Miss Guardian...
By going in the right part, you will enter the Guard area. Nothing hidden, and you cannot warn them about the Dark cult danger. If only you had met a noble, or a executive...
Location 19 : Guardian’s Headquarter
You cannot enter this Headquarter for the while. You should proove them that you are a true warrior first.
Location 20 : Robert’s House
Robert is a fan of scale modelling. Here, you will learn a bit more about the Minotaur’s threath. Nothing hidden.
Location 21 : SankT Leona Arena
I advise you not to enter here then. You have a lot of side quest to finish, and most of them will disappear as soon as you register. Or at least you can enter, but just do not talk to Carolina at the counter. Nothing hidden.
Location 22 : Trainee Adventurer’s House
To my mind, this guy would like to become an adventurer, but he is still hesitating. He has several kimonos, an impressive sword, many magic-related books. But he still talks about living near the river... What a shame. Anyway, you will find a Cockatrix Feather hidden in one of the pot near the east wall.
Location 23 : SankT Leona House
1238 gp hidden in a barrel north. This man should not be so confident.
Location 24 : House of Alchimy and Rare Ingredients
Nothing hidden. You can buy here the ingredients that still miss you.
Location 25 : Argolithian Fishes
Nothing hidden. However, I advise you to buy at least one Royal Piranha (300 Oth).
Location 26 : Mirlina’s Bazar
The Boabab ring is hidden in a barrel north-east. Some intersting items to buy, such as Zenon Teeth and Claws, Double Fur, the Bear Cape, the Glass of Nectar (300 Oth),
the Wail Pod (800 Spe) and Fairy Love (800 Spe).
Location 27 : Talking to the trees
There is a Guardian here asking you not to walk on the grass of the garden...
Location 28 to 31 are linked to later events, so that you are now done with visiting SankT.
think it is now time to wander a bit around the town. Let’s explore a bit further SankT Hills
Location H : Vankov’s Shrine
Enter this shrine, and solve the ridle to trigger the Vankov’s Shrine sidequest. You will find the walkthrough at the end of this part.
Location I : This elf is organizing travel from Indinera to SankT to win money. However, he won’t bring you to these mythical woods.
Location J : This sign indicates the eastern limit of SankT Hills.
I advise you to explore the remaining locations in the Hills later, since you must be well-trained to defeat the monsters waiting for you here. Now, I will go to Gandje Proud map, so I advise to travel now west of this sign... I will come back later on.
I made the rest after having found Wendala...
Location K : Then, you can (should, must) go to a small house, where there was nothing interesting before... It is in fact Wendala’s house. In a chest, you will find the Rerurren’s Multi-Bow (1000 Art) and Wendala’s Lust-Cut (400 Oth).
Location L : This bush is in fact a spider nest. You have to clean it, but it is quite easy using #Nymph Para.
Location M : Here is a ghost, Pelleas, who fights those that he can’t frighten...
So let’s fight (1000 Fam). Quite long, but no real problem with a good team at level 35...
Location N : This is a thieves’ den... Which means you will have to fight once more. Once you defeated them (1000 Fam), you will find an Orc mace, 5 Beers and a Tonic Tea.
Location O : Nothing hidden. You can rest for the awesome price of 10 000 gp !!! There are some rumors about the fact that sleeping here enhance your Apricot Tree vitality...
Location P : Lone order Temple
A Necrotear is hidden in the north-west pot. Nothing to do here, it is only a teaser. You can also learn a bit more about Wendala’s strange past.
Location Q : Evil Tower
This tower is locked. You will however find an Octrium Hat in chest north of the east border. You can also get Platinum Trident (500 Oth), randomly dropped by Cupidons.
Location R : Athor’s Warehouse
You will find 15 000 gp in an opened chest on your left !! You will also find Athors Co. Sword in a chest on your right. Perhaps you guessed it, Athor is a rich merchant, a really rich one.
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: Sankt Leona and Grandje Proud Walkthrough with Maps Part 1
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