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 Walkthru Pyramid (by Mellowkat)

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PostSubject: Walkthru Pyramid (by Mellowkat)   Fri Oct 10, 2008 2:04 pm

This is my first walkthrough so some feedback would be appreciated. Please use this sparingly cause its more fun to find things on your own. Its only the pyramid level and I know that first level is fairly basic but more are coming Smile This is more for those who dont want to miss anything. Enjoy! If you have found something that I have missed please let me know.

Pyramid walkthrough

1. Watch the conversation. Introducing Djarma and Kratin. They are here to try and find the order that has been plaguing the land and to break the curse that is on Kratin. Look in your inventory and open up Djarmaís bag. Hello Timbany the monkey. He will join your party. Also use the XP Egg. Enter the pyramid. Ignore the corridor to the right it leads to monsters that are too strong for you yet. Head up and you will see three looters that will confront you. They do not want you to get any gold and will fight you. They are weak so wipe them out.

2. Head north and you will meet your first monster the lamias. You should be able to fight them with ease as Djarma states. These monsters donít respawn when you leave the room and you should try to kill them all to level up. Open the chest to the top right of the room and get the magicka potion.

3. Head down the left corridor. Follow that corridor to the end and kill the lamias. Head back to the fork and go down. Follow the path all the way around and kill all the lamias. Here you will meet Nereid. Be warned she can inflict poison and cold on you. Open the chest to the lower left and get the Life potion.

4. Go back to the main room and take the right corridor. Kill the lamias and open the chest to the upper right and get an ademia powder. This adds +5 permanent RS which is resistance. Itís up to you who you put it on but the order from lowest to highest resistance is Timbany, Djarma then Kratin. Duck around the wall and you will see a green plant in the floor. Pick it to get a Sajcdil apple (+6 permanent HP). Open the chest next to the plant to get another revive potion. Open the chest to the lower right of the room to get 797 gold. Ignore the Corridor to the right as it will lead to a demon that is too strong to beat yet. Head south.

5. Ignore the path to the left it doesnít lead to anywhere. Keep following the path around. Kill the lamia and the Nereid. Head down to the bottom right and look south and get the life potion. Head back to the main room and go up the stairs.

6. Head up and youíll see a blue flame. It will give your team lightning speed for a fight. Head to the bottom right and open the chest and get an aldai ring. This ring decreases strength and resistance but boosts the other stats. Note the stairs with the enchanted flames in front of them. We will get back to them later. In the main room, go down to the small room with a chest and some water. Open the chest to get a crystal crown which can be worn by djarma. Go back into the main room.

7. Head down the left corridor. Kill the monsters that you encounter. Go down and open the chest to get 985 gold. Go left and open the chest to get a life apple (+1 permanent HP). Go down the stairs.

8. In this room you will see a fairy that will tell you to go away because you are a fairy killer. She says this even if you havenít killed any yet. Open the two top chests to get a talys root (+6 permanent MP) and a crystal pear (+5 permanent HP). Open the lower chest to get the Dajímel saber. This saber is good for Kratin. Go back upstairs.

9. Head north and open the chest to get holy water. Head right and take the lower right corridor first. Kill all the monsters. Then go back and take the upper right corridor. You will see a cage and if you press it there will be a conversation to debate whether they will go in or not. If you do you will be confronted by a dragon that is very much out of your league. You will be given the opportunity to run. If you fight this dragon you will be slaughtered and a game over screen will show. Normally Yveen will intervene and send you back to a spawn point and take 10% of your gold for her efforts.

10. Keep following the corridor along. Open the chest in the upper right of the room to get a healing potion. Ignore all the torches they donít do anything. Go down and enter the next room. Kill all the monsters. Open the top two chests to get 2 hydra tears (+1 permanent MP). Open the Chest in the middle of the room to get the sun Dazzlers spell for Djarma. Open the 6 chests to get lots of gold. Go to the bottom right room and open the chest to get another XP egg. Go back into the previous room and go down the stairs to the left side. Follow the corridor and you will end up in this room with a man in it. Talk to him and he will open up the next floor for you by removing the flames. Open the box in front of him and he will tell you that they are his. Get Timbany to steal them and you will get holy water, aquapanga flower and a sajcdil apple and extra XP for Timbany for doing the act.

11. Go back to the stairs that have been unblocked and you will see that they are guarded by three guardians. They are fairly easy to beat if you have been leveling up but they can deal some impressive damage if you are not careful. Go up the stairs and kill the monsters in front of you. Go up until the room spreads out. Do not panic about the big thing in front of you it is just a statue and you donít have to kill it. Go to the left and you will see a potion on one of the red motifs on the wall get Timbany to climb up and get it. This will give you a hydra tear and extra XP for Timbany for the act. Head right and you will see two characters. A conversation will follow and it is decided to attack them. A longish conversation follows and they decide that these were not the order that they were looking for. Kratin despairs that he is not going to break his curse. Djarma decides they can look in the treasure room, where the golden statue is guarding but they have to break the seal. Before you do that go to the right and rummage the cupboard to get a healing reagent. Open the gold chest to get a counter scimitar. This is good for Djarmas second hand.

12. Go down the stairs into a pitch black cave. Go to the rock you can barely make out in front of you and you can just see something hanging on it push it to get a lamp to turn on. Kill the lamentons with Djarmas sun dazzler spell. Get the bottles below the table to get some power peppers (+1 permanent strength). Also get the bottles next to the rocks to the top to get some hero cream. The bottle to the bottom and the right of the cave are mountain balm. You cannot keep following the path as Djarma doesnít want rocks falling on his head. Head back upstairs.

13. Go back to the start of the pyramid and go down the corridor I said to ignore for now. You will find yourself in a cave. Kill the lamias. In front of you there are 3 holes. Check them. The middle one has a king tigo in it that is easily killed. It gives you 2x tigo reagent and tigo powder. Now save before you go on. You will meet a whole bunch of Lamentons that can be quite difficult. Just use Djarmas sun dazzler spell and it should wipe the lot of them out!! You will see some more holes in the ground. Click the one next to the bush and you will find another king tigo. It will give a Cycca leaf and a power diadema. Thatís it for this cave. HINT this is the only place where monsters respawn after leaving the room. You can level up further in this room.

14. Now head outside to pick up some nicknacks. The top right statue you first see has a magicka potion. Go down the stairs and you will see a pig of luck. Grab it! Go down again. On the left the third tree down has pirates dust. On the right the rock has an Sajcdil apple.

15. Now you are ready to fight the demon that I said to avoid earlier. Very Important make sure you have full mp and hp and save before this match as it may take a few goís. You may want to get the speed bonus from the blue flame upstairs. Kratin was the only one that could fight him for me. The other two were wiped out in the first hit. The equipment I had on him was Dajímel saber, crusader shield, Power diadema, and aldai ring. Just attack him donít use any spells. Go down the stairs. The jar has 2x sajcdil apples and a red pimento (2+ permanent speed). The chest has 7x gaia dust (2+ permanent resistance), xp egg, and 2x power salt (2+ permanent strength).

16. Now that you have cleaned out the pyramid go back up to the statue, break the seal and you will be confronted by the guardian. Defend for all of them and Djarma will speak a foreign language to say that he is a descendant of the rulers of the land and the guardian will let them in. watch the cut scene and thatís the pyramid level done!

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PostSubject: Re: Walkthru Pyramid (by Mellowkat)   Fri Oct 10, 2008 4:35 pm

Cool top ^^ - (I learnt this from your replying to my top 5 games)

Nicely done. Keep up the good, neat job.
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Walkthru Pyramid (by Mellowkat)
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