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 Old Castle maps by Lonyo + Walkthrought by Dexter_Boy_Genius

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PostSubject: Old Castle maps by Lonyo + Walkthrought by Dexter_Boy_Genius   Thu Aug 16, 2007 11:24 am

These short directions to the Morph-Demon are for anyone who, like me, didn't understand the maps or are just lazy. I hope my first walkthrough will be appreciated.

----Castle Forest----
Recomended Party: Random, Sarah, Luciana, Anyone (Preferably Luba)
Sarah is a must character here. If you get her to high enough speed she will drain the mana of the Hell Murderers in a single turn with Nymph's Para and they won't Eradicate you (status-change, next turn the cursed chara's health and mana are reduced to 1 and 0). Luciana is usefull all-around, but her best use is the beacon spell - set Anchor #1 to the HQ entrance and you get a 15-mana-cost full healing and saving basically everywhere. Then, better get a mass spellcaster, since you will encounter large groups of monsters.


Hell Murderer: The worst of 'em all. Strong. Fast. Casts Eradicate. They will come in groups of 4 or 5. They can be shocked. The best you can do is:
Random - Pinnacle Bolt (shock)
Sarah - Nymph's Para or you can risk and use Angel Slaughter for shock
Luci - Carnivour Water for Shock or Harp of Holyness for 999 dam.
Luba - Saint Trondor or Enmba if you have it
Hell Murderers have around 3500 HP. They give 298 EXP and 120 PP each.

Spirit of the Wood: No tricks here, smash it with dual wielders, or use fire. Should be dead in a round or two. About 2500 HP.Each one gives 155 EXP and drops a Solistice Acorn (Ingredient).

Gloor: They are slow, but high defense and they can cast Eye of the Cyclone which drains mana. However they have around 1000 HP so it's easy to kill them in a single round. Can also be numbed. Give 121 EXP and 0 PP each.
Random - Any mass damage spell
Sarah - Angel Slaughter or Van Fang's Hell (if you have it)
Luci - Saito Mage or Lava Wall if you don't have it
Luba - Saint Trondor or Enmba if you have it

Royal Succubus: I present you the most annoying enemy in the game! When you can, avoid them at any cost, because when they engage you in fight, all of your charas remove their equipment. I haven't tried bringing Nash to see if he removes his one though. They are easy however - a single skill with the Blade attribute from Random killed her. But when they come in group with other monsters - BAD. They like to cast Brain Destruction (Ouch!) and Magicka Leech. The annoying is that you have to reequip all your charas after the battle. Gives 118 EXP and 80 PP each.

That's with the forest monsters. Remember to dodge where you can, but if you have to fight - remember - do not save your MP, cast the most devastating spells, even Wrath of Flames when needed, because you have Luci with the Beacon spell and you can just set Anchor #2 as your current place, use Anchor #1, heal, save at HQ, go back to Anchor #2. Also most (if not all) monsters are very weak to elemental spells.

----From the Entrance to the Castle----
Here Lonyo's maps would help greatly.
Since (hopefully) you looted the forest early in the game (even if you didn't the best you can get here is Dragon Mushrooms, I think 2 or 3)
we just need to get to the castle ASAP dodging the hordes of enemies.
From the entrance go north to the next screen. Here, save first then dodge the Royal Succubus and go north again to the next screen. Here continiue straight north to the next screen. Here go north again and take the eastern north path to the next screen, which is guarded by 4 Hell Murderers. Kill them and on the next screen take the split east and be prepared to dodge like crazy. If you don't want to though, you can fight - 3 groups of 8 Gloors each, so it's easy. Past them, go north to the next screen and the castle.

----The Castle----
First you notice there are two entrances - guarded and free. The next thing you notice is that you can enter the castle only with The Rocking LP1 Team - Random, Sarah, Luci and Coryool. But that's ONLY until you enter the castle - once in you can Beacon out of it and change party.

Recomended Party: Random, Luci, Coryool, the guy to whom you taught Heavenmore Bomb (in my case Zoo)
Now Random, it's clear, Luci for the Beacon spell, and here comes the (not so) big secret - without Coryool you can't beat the boss, I'll cover this later, but you MUST add Coryool before the boss fight, and he is helpful throughout the castle too and Heavenmore Bomb works wonders for the boss, Chaos Eye.


Bad news. Monsters respawn, so try not to fight too many of 'em.

Dead Warlord: These are easy, about 2000 HP, cast Thunder Wall (VERY weak) and attack, low resistance to most elements. Just use mass damage spells, Box of Hell is great, if you don't have it, use Holy or Thunder spells. They come in groups of 4 and 8, and are slow. Dead in a single round. Around 2000 HP, give 141 XP and 90 PP each.

Worm of Hell: If it wasn't the low resistance to various conditions these would be very strong. But since they are: Shockable, Clashable, Numbable, Sleepable, Weakable, Confuseable and sometimes even Deathable (!) this makes them easy. They cast Poison Rain, Phagocytosis and other nasty, stat-and-resist decreasing spells. Around 2700 HP, gives 168 EXP and 0 PP each.

Genghis: These are probably the worst you will encounter here, because they are fast, and cast Metal Slash. The general strategy is to silence them so they don't Metal Slash you and then just finish them off. Not like other monsters though, these are not weak to most elements, but only to Thunder and Ice. About 3800 HP, gives 238 EXP and 98 PP each.

Catarsis Demon: One of the BEST monsters for slayers. It's easy, and respawns. They have lots of HP, but cast only Massive Poison, Magicka Leech and attack, so that makes them very easy. They are weak mostly to attacks, dual-wielders seem a good wiping force. Between 5000 and 6000 HP, give 285 XP, 40 PP and LOADS of slayer points.

Nightmare Crusader: Nothing special, he only attacks I think, for about 150 damage. Normal attacks should wipe him out pretty fast. Has about 2500 HP, gives 182 XP and 161 PP.

---On the way to the Ultimate Laxius Power Boss---

If you want, search for loot, I didn't find any though, so we will go straight to the boss.
Outside the castle, wipe out the right door guards (which are 4 Hell Murderers) and enter. Take one of the doors and fight the Catarsis Demon and the two Dead Warlords. Past them in the big room with the 6 Dead Warlords go right until you reach the easternmost wall then go up the coridor where 3 Dead Warlords are patrolling until you see some stais, go up them. Then go a bit east and then down the long corridor, ignore the static monsters to the right, go down into a room with LOTS of Hell Worms. In this room go up then take the western path until you reach a hole. Don't fall in, go north to a static Nightmare Crusader and a Worm of Hell, kill them, go north again, kill the guarding Catarsis Demon.
Now place a beacon with Luci, teleport to HQ (You did put an anchor there, right?), heal up, and if you don't like your party, change it, but keep in mind that Coryool is required, and Heavenmore Bomb is a must. Save in a different slot, teleport in the castle again and enter the hole. Enjoy the short cutscene and then:

---Final Boss---

He is a Morph-Demon, which means he will change shapes (Wow, that was a conclusion!). The first 3 shapes are: Evil Wizard, something else, forgot the name and Electric Drake. They are simple - Random attacks, Luci summons Psyrak or Saito Mage, Heavenmore Bomb etc. Finally when you kill the Electric Drake you will make a comment then you will gain access to some... "special equipment". When the menu is opened, heal up completely and equip the new gear. If you don't wanna searchjust equip the gear that has only "????" in the description. If you want, don't change Random's Ulm Warrior with the new sword, as it attacks once.
Now prepare for...

----Chaos Eyes----

He will cast some powerful spell and ONLY that spell, except when he heals and summons. That spell did about 400 damage to Random, 250 damage to luci, 800 and more (!) to Zoo and even the good ol' Coryool got 400 damage from it. The general strategy is:

Random: Attack all the time
Luci: LotD first, then Saito Mage
Coryool: Use Pink Apricot, EVERY turn
Character*: Heavenmore Bomb first, then if good warrior or Luba attack, if spellcaster spells
*Your character with Heavenmore Bomb

At some point he will summon a minion and recover about 200 HP which just isn't enough and the minion is weak, so consider this a waste of his turn. He can cast this spell multiple times and therefore have multiple minions. With the 991 HP Coryool and the Pink Apricots the battle is quite easy, but for me, Zoo died every turn so I cast Heavenmore Bomb on the 5th or 6th turn. Coryool is really good for the battle, besides before the start he will cast Death and if you don't have Coryool, you die and get the Game Over screen. After you beat Chaos Eyes enjoy the loong cutscene! I hope this walkthrough helped some people to enjoy the very (real) end of the game. This is my first walkthrough, and it's in Grogor 's style. What do you think?
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Old Castle maps by Lonyo + Walkthrought by Dexter_Boy_Genius
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