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 Other Desired Items List

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PostSubject: Other Desired Items List   Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:50 am

Assembled by tiniponi, thanks Very Happy

1.Rune sword-Fairy town,go left between the trees and then south.
2.Omanite robe-Torahl's lair
3.Misty chainmail-Tangarian counter,upper floor
4.Emerald shield-Tangar mt,go up the first ladder,then left and climb
down the long vine.
5.Huge armor-Tangar mt,go up two ladders,left,up one more ladder,take
bridge to the left,then down a ladder and up the next one,take some
steps to the left and climb down the longest of the vines.
6.Saint sword-Ghost town,chest north-west of entrance.
7.Flash ring-Open chest in Tangar Mts.
8.Mandragon hat-Balthus caves,random drop from thaumaturgists(caves'
9.Focus shield-Hydra's cave in rillian mt
10.Orc shield-ET,orc dormitories
11.Elemental staff-ET,room that has two exits leading to necromancer's
room and treasury.
12.Wendala's lust Cut-Sankt fields,house with slow-ticking clock,after
Wendala joins in.
13.Gem ring-Pit of fire,room with mind bios
14.Dark priest rod-Chanterless Underground temple
15.Purple robe-Chanterless church,area past the throne.
16.Palace shield-Merthuns cave -Dorado's chests
17.Lady's bow-Forest maze
18.Fairy lakes tunic-Forest maze
19.Chantefleur hat-Forest maze,in bush that stands between three skeletons.
20.Flare hat-Forest maze
21.Dado axe-Forest maze
22.Sacred staff-Gudar's church,go left next to the boldy man that says
Gudar was a great warrior and down the staircase-opening next to the
statue.Click on the cross-like tomb.
23.Snow robe-There are two in Gudar's church
24.Speed ring-Merthuns cave
25.Spell devotion-Merthuns cave
26.Dark Amulet-Gudar sepultura
27.Fur coat-Tangar caves,chest on the left of the exit to savepoint.
28.Torture sword-from Torturer,saving Sarah.
29.Orc Talisman-ET,orc dormitories.
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Other Desired Items List
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