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 Special Items List

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PostSubject: Special Items List   Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:47 am

thanks to tiniponi for this list Very Happy

1.Box of Moanings-Fairy town,when teleported in the area with the Fairy
salt,go south.You only get one chance to do this.
2.Arkus ring-Tangar caves. First get the Frozen key,as you enter the
last cave that leads to the savepoint, instead of taking 2-3 steps up
and going left (to get to the exit) go directly left at the first path
you see,follow it and get the key from the last chest you see just
before reaching the big room with the waterfall in.Now for the ring
itself go down the long vine after the waterfalls and follow the
tunnel,the ring is in the first red chest you encounter.
3.Fairy Love-buy from Mirlina's Bazar at Sankt
4.Wail Pod-buy from Mirlina's Bazar at Sankt (there are some scattered
in the maps too)
5.Holy pendant-Tangar caves
6.Isold pendant-Sankt inn,room next to Luci's during lion crisis
7.Jewel of Ices-Evil Tower,room next to that with stupid slave girl that
doesn't want to be saved.
8.Georgi ring-Tangar mt,in cave over Aethyne (the sitting nymph that
offers you a fight)
9.July's blood-Tangar mt,area of inn (not save point, the inn before
10.Mind Bios Jaws-Pit of fire (the "real pit")
11.MindBios Head-as above
12.Vaporeon shield-Baretta
13.Evil ring-Baretta
15.Tyrine shield-Baretta
16.Tyrine helmet-Baretta
17.Tyrano nails-Sankt,door in room with animal fights (I think you can
get in after finishing the Evil Tower quest)
18.Lord Benedict's Glass-Baretta
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Special Items List
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