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 Barettas Artifacts

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PostSubject: Barettas Artifacts   Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:46 am

thanks to tiniponi for making this list Very Happy

Make sure you buy all of Baretta's artifacts:
1) Vaporeon Shield-First time you see her.
2) Evil Ring-After reaching SankT.
3) Benederix & Bread-After SankT inscription (or earlier, I believe).
4) Tyrine Helmet & Shield-After entering the Evil Tower.
5) Lord Benedict's Glass-After killing Tezandrus.
6) 5 Yveen's Nectar&Kiss&Tear-After saving Sarah.
7) Empyrion & Cockatrix Pendant-After saving Guardians.
-If you defeat Vankov, be certain he drops the Vankov Sceptre.
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Barettas Artifacts
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