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 LaxTeam Character book and saves

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PostSubject: LaxTeam Character book and saves   Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:57 pm

Posted by Mike-Snake: LT_playbook_and_save_collection..rar.html

The file contains a book which has a description of all the characters you can choose in the game.
Every character file has:
1The name/class of the character and the maximum level reached.
2The attributes the character has(HP,MP,At,Df,Md,Sp).
3The items the character can use.
4The spells the character has.
5Short review of the character.

There's also a collection of saves with ALL the heroes from the game at all possible stages of the game.
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PostSubject: Re: LaxTeam Character book and saves   Thu Jun 27, 2013 8:01 pm

file does not exist
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PostSubject: Re: LaxTeam Character book and saves   Sun Jun 30, 2013 9:52 am

is there any saved games after the nasty titan ?
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PostSubject: Re: LaxTeam Character book and saves   Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:13 pm

Taken from :

Quote :
thanks to Feanor

Okay, I'll make a walkthrough right now, but first some notes:
A: You only have to worry about being in the same row/column as the monster in the area with the triggering doors, the other rooms it doesn't matter. (I think: didn't for me) Also, he can kill you through walls. Twisted Evil
B: Move very quickly, you can't afford a mistake, especially in the room with the triggering doors. He seems to move slower and stupider in the other rooms, don't know why.
C: With all the triggers, you want the least movement possible. Shifting columns takes time you don't have, so when moving past doors choose the best column/row that takes you past the next trigger so you can turn, activate it, and run straight through the door with the least wasted time.

Okay, the walkthrough:
First of all, before triggering the monster clean out the back room and save there. Then, trigger the glass cage. Run down, out of the room, keeping to the left as you do. he will follow you to the next area, but he should be on the right column, keeping you safe.

Run down. When you come to about the point where the corrider widens into three units wide, move one column to teh right, as the monster will move to the left-most column, killing you if you don't move. When you are next to the trigger, turn, activate it, then run like hell through the door. The monster will have to blow through it, keeping him from kill you. Run around to the right of the broken glass container, then quickly back to I believe the middle column (the one where you can run straight past the door trigger through the door). Run down, triggering the door as you pass, and go through it, to right below the the trigger below the door (you should be standing at its left-bottom corner, giving you a straight shot to the final trigger.)

Again, run to the last trigger, turn to trigger it, then run through the now open door. Then, run down down down, till you have to go left. Go left, then down. Not sure which column you want here, I think it to the right though. Doesn't make too much difference. Note here that the monster may shoot you (it did for me). This is irrelevant: it takes several seconds after being shot to die, and in this time moving to the next area will clear the problem. Probably a bug, but I don't know if its possible otherwise.

Finally, go down, opening the door, follow the passage down, right, down, left, then up to the blades you should have found earlier. make sure you don't move too fast, otherwise you might lose the monster. Whatever happens, lure him into the room, move behind the blades so he moves into them, and boom! He's gone. This also, quite convienently, opens up a hole you can jump into to get to the next place you need to be.

Hope this helps.


f you can't escape the giant the proper way then you can sort of exploit the bug in the game at this point.
Basically just keep running south; the giant will appear right behind you every time you enter a new room. Just go down to the area with the blades and then get him to follow you.
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PostSubject: Re: LaxTeam Character book and saves   

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LaxTeam Character book and saves
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