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 Artifacts List

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PostSubject: Artifacts List   Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:42 am

thanks to tiniponi who posted this at the LPI Forum Very Happy

1.Grokl's amulet-Tangar caves,follow bridge over big waterfall near exit
to save point
2.Tamara ring-beat Tamara
3.Nenuphar ring-forest maze
4.A-maze-ing rapier-forest maze
5.Ajax ring-Torahl's lair
6.Barandos daMuhl-beat Barandos
7.Class cutlass-Tangar Mt savepoint,chest near Lise.You can open it
after reaching Sankt
8.Minotaur antic claws-Orfuls' ship,climb the pole
9.Metallist-Sankt Leona,buy from house near the river after the guards
leave for the evil tower (you must have at least 10.000GP for the sword
to be offered to you)
10.Helmet of Lycose-Evil tower,kill Tezandrus
11.Goldeen bow-???
12.Tantalus krisser-Dropped randomly by Tantalus wardoms (necromancer
room at evil tower) 13.Skull staff-Secret admirer's chest
14.Galleon-Secret admirer's chest
15.Titanix-Granit tower,kill Titanix (you'll know him when you see him!)
16.Firebreath fists-Balthus cave,one of the three chests in a row at the
first room.
17.Rerruren multi bow-Sankt fields,house with slow-ticking clock,after
Wendala joins in.
18.Sword of scrolls-Rillian Mt,lake with sword in the middle,after
beating the metrolian guy
19.Cockatrix Pendant-Baretta
20.Glass rod of Aron-Lone sister islands,behind tree next to zapoo cave.
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Artifacts List
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